How to clean gold at home: options for quick and efficient cleaning of gold products

Over time, gold products lose shine and acquire a dark shade: it means that the decoration is time to clean. You can contact the jewelry workshop or return the product initial at home. If you decide to cope with your own, tell me how to act and what nuances take into account.

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Weak degree of pollution

(loss of shine, uniform metal darkening)

For daily care of decorations, giving the products of the mirroring and cleansing from small contaminants, polishing is suitable. It eliminates a lightweight raid, consisting of dust, skin and cosmetics. The polishing method is also shown if the darkening product needs to return the initial shade.

Polish jewelry with a soft cloth from microfiber, flannels or suede neat, unidirectional movements, only slightly pressed on the metal. To enhance the effect together with a soft cloth, use the following techniques:

1. Lipstick

Apply lipstick on the fabric or directly on the metal, polish. After the procedure, wash the decoration is not needed.

2. Table vinegar 9%

Sattail the product with vinegar, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse the decoration with water and dry.

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3. Low Sk.

Sutitate the product with juice, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse the decoration with water and dry.

4. Solution from egg protein and beer

For a solution, a protein of one eggs and two teaspoons of beer will be needed. Sut the product with the prepared composition, then rinse the decoration with water and dry.

5. Magnesia, glycerin, ammonia alcohol.

Mix the ingredients in equal proportions, soda the product with the prepared composition, then rinse the decoration with water and dry.

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The average degree of pollution

(raid and solar pollution)

To clean the jewelry with an average (thunder plaque) and a strong (uneven metal hint), soaking in the solution is used for pollution.

The method is also ideal for cleaning decorations with a weak degree of pollution, but a complex design, when there is a need to get rid of the places in hard-to-reach places.

1. Water, liquid soap, ammonia alcohol (10% ammonia solution)

For cooking: Glass Capacity, Measuring Glass, Pipette, Paper Napkin, Soft Fabric

Mix in 200 ml of water temperature 10-15 drops of liquid soap and 5-10 drops of ammonia alcohol. Immerse decorations into a solution for 8-10 hours. After the allotted time, remove the products, rinse with clean water, dry and polish the cloth.

2. Water, salt or sugar

For cooking: Glass Capacity, Measuring Glass, Measuring Spoon, Paper Napkin, Soft Fabric

Pour 150 ml hot water into the container, dissolve 50 g of salt or sugar in it and immerse the gold jewelry. After 8-10 hours, rinse the products with clean water and dried.

3. Water and Food Soda

For cooking: Glass Capacity, Measuring Glass, Measuring Spoon, Paper Napkin, Soft Fabric

Mix the water with food soda in equal proportions to the state of the casis. Gently apply the composition on the product and leave for 2-3 hours. After the allotted time, rinse the decoration with clean water and wipe with a soft cloth. Rub the surface of the product of pasta is not worth - abrasive particles of soda can damage it.

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Strong degree of pollution

(uneven shade due to influence of chemicals: cosmetic, perfume and detergents)

1. Water, hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap

For cooking: Glass Capacity, Measuring Glass, Tea Spoon, Paper Napkin, Soft Fabric

Mix in 200 ml of water two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (concentration of 3%) and a teaspoon of liquid soap. Immerse the golden decoration in the prepared composition for 20 minutes, then rinse and dry.

2. Summer alcohol (10% ammonia solution) and washing powder

For cooking: Glass Capacity, Measuring Glass, Tea and Table Spoon, Paper Napkin, Soft Fabric

The ammonia alcohol can be used in two ways: apply on a cotton disk and wipe it the product or prepare a solution based on it.

To prepare a cleaning solution, it will take 200 ml of hot water, a teaspoon of ammonia alcohol and a dining room washing powder (use children's). Immerse the decorations and leave for 2-3 hours, then rinse them with water and wipe with a cloth.

The ammonia alcohol is also suitable for matte gold products, which are contraindicated by any, including soft abrasives.

How to clean white gold?

White gold has a silver, manganese, palladium and nickel and to get a beautiful shine often covered by Rhodium. Only gentle agents are suitable for cleaning decorations from this metal.

1. The flare is removed by soaking in gentle solutions (soap, salt, sugar, soda).

2. Spots of different shades on the surface of the decoration can not always be whiten at home, to remove them will have to contact the jewelry workshop.

  • - The stains of yellowish colors are formed due to the destruction of the rhodium coating and are eliminated by galvanizing.
  • - Spots of the dark shade are formed under the influence of acids and their vapors. Even neat polishing of white gold ornaments can damage the rhodium coating, and it will have to restore it.
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How to clean gold with stones?

Decorations decorated with inserts, capricious. Minerals differ from each other by physical and chemical properties and require an individual approach. Therefore, for example, brush gold with diamonds or pearls should be different: the choice of an inappropriate way can provoke a change in the shade of the stone, its dullness and destruction.

A rock What can be What to exclude
Brilliant, sapphire rinse in soap solution of room temperature, wipe the ammonic alcohol, soft cloth Avoid heating jewelry with sapphire
Emerald, Ruby, Topaz rinse in clean water, wipe the soft cloth Stroks and other mechanical impacts (including abrasives), heating
Pomegranate, amethyst rinse in a soap solution of room temperature, wipe the soft cloth Stroks and other mechanical exposures (including abrasives), heating, chemicals (acids, alkali)
Aquamarine, Chrysolit Rinse in solution based on ammonic alcohol or washing powder Stroks and other mechanical exposures (including abrasives), heating, chemicals (acids, alkali)
Tourmaline rinse in a soap solution of room temperature, wipe the soft cloth Stroks and other mechanical exposures (including abrasives), heating, chemicals (acids, alkali)
Turquoise, opal Only dry cleaning with soft fabric or suede Any contact with water, blows and other mechanical exposures (including abrasives), heating, chemicals (acids, alkali)
Pearl rinse in clean water, wipe the soft cloth Stroks and other mechanical effects (including abrasives), chemicals (acids, alkali), heating

Gold products with permanent operation can be black, covered by stains, polluted. The decoration requires careful circulation and caution, so before writing gold at home, it is important to recall the basic rules of cleaning and recommendations of specialists. How to clean gold at home - jeweler tips

Why the gold is polluted

Products are created not from pure metal, since it is too soft and is not intended for regular use. The alloy turns on silver, copper and other impurities. Finished things become not only durable, but also prone to the formation of plaque. Common reasons for which the appearance of gold deteriorates:

  • Skin contact (metal in alloy are oxidized, and the golden object darkens);
  • contacts with creams and other cosmetics, spirits, toilet water;
  • Natural skin isolated (sweat);
  • interaction with chemicals;
  • Dirt, dust, increased humidity, air gas supply.

General Gold Cleaning Rules

All cleaning manipulations will not be fulfilled in vain, if you adhere to general recommendations and avoid annoying errors. Metal contacts should be excluded with certain substances in order to avoid damage.

Tips of professionals

Several secrets that will help to clean gold without harm to jewelry:

  • Capacity should be made of material, unknown to oxidation (glass, plastic). It is better to take deep dishes - it will be easier to put a whole thing in it.
  • During the soaking of gold jewelry in various solutions, it is important that the liquid covers them completely.
  • Cleaning the mechanical method is shown only if the remaining methods turned out to be ineffective.
  • To give the shine, the purified thing of gold is washed under running water, dried and polished with soft fiber cloth.

Basic mistakes

Common errors that allow gold owners:

  • constant wearing of gold without periodic cleaning and daily wipes;
  • performing cleaning and other houses, washing in the bathroom or under the shower, without removing gold;
  • cleaning dry soda, other abrasive substances and aggressive chemicals;
  • poor-quality polished;
  • improper storage of purified jewelry;
  • Insufficiently careful cleansing of hard-to-reach areas.

What substances negatively affect the quality of gold

How to clean gold at home - jeweler tipsIodine and chlorine affects the products of gold. In conditions of high humidity and when heated, their negative impact is enhanced. Such substances are present in seawater, in pools, medicines and household chemicals. It is recommended to remove jewelry when conducting water procedures and bathing to the sea, before applying the cream or lotion on the body.

Gold will deteriorate and loses an attractive appearance under the influence:

  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • sweat and other natural secretions;
  • aggressive chemicals.

Methods for cleansing by soaking in solution

There are several effective methods for cleaning gold: soaking, mechanical impact, the use of chemical compositions and polishing. The first option is the most common, since it does not require high time and effort, while the risk of damage is minimal.


Water is brought to a boil, then a gold object is lowered into it, requiring cleaning. After some time, the dirt will pop up to the surface. The decoration should be reached and wipe the soft tissue napkin so that there are no moisture remains.

Important! This method is not intended to cleanse jewelry with stones, including precious.


There are several applications:

  • With small spots, it is enough to put for 30 minutes into a solution of 250 ml of water and 1 tsp. Summer, then wash and dry.
  • If the thing contaminated strongly and there are solar traces on it, it will help a mixture of 250 ml of water, 1 tbsp. washing powder and 1 tsp ammonia. It is necessary to bring the solution to a boil and lower gold into it. After 3 hours you need to wash the object and dry the tissue napkin.

Hydrogen peroxide

You should take:

  • 4 tbsp. peroxide;
  • 2 tsp liquid soap;
  • 2 tbsp. water.

Substances are mixed in a container, you can additionally add a couple of drops of ammonia. The decoration is descended there for 30 minutes, then washed and dried.

Dishwashing liquid

It is important to take a good quality tool. 1 tsp. The composition is dissolved in 250 ml of water until the formation of foam, then gold is placed there. After a few hours the dirt will disappear. If the flare stayed on things, you can soak it in the solution all night. Inaccessible areas are neatly processed with a soft brush. After all manipulations, the product is washed under the crane and wipes dry soft microfiber.


The solution is prepared from 3 tbsp. Salt salt and 250 ml of warm water. It is necessary to lower the golden decoration into the liquid and withstand about 10-12 hours. Then you should get the object and lose weight with a toothbrush, then rinse.


The effective remedy is prepared as follows: 1 tbsp is dissolved in a glass of water. Soda with a slide. Golden decoration is lowered into the mixture, after a quarter of an hour it will be cleaned of contamination. To accelerate the process, you can warm the solution on the plate for 2-3 minutes.



  1. Mix 1 part of the substance and 6 parts of water;
  2. omit the golden thing into the solution no more than 1 minute;
  3. Wash and dry the microfiber.

Important! The method is not intended for frequent use, otherwise gold can darken.


How to clean gold at home - jeweler tipsTo cleanse the decorations, it is enough to put a toothpaste on the brush and lose a slightly. If the contamination did not disappear, you can dissolve the paste in a small amount of warm water and omit the golden item to the resulting solution for 15 minutes. Dirt should be easy to move away from the surface of the product. It will remain rinse it and wipe dry.


This method is rarely applied due to a sharp smell of onions. It is necessary to squeeze vegetable juice, wet the cotton disk in it and go through the surface of the product. At the end of the procedure, the thing is washed and dried with a soft cloth.


2 tbsp. Sugar should be dissolved in 250 ml of water to the complete disappearance of crystals. Products are soaked for about 6 hours, then rinsed in clean water and dried with a dry soft cloth.

Mechanical cleaning

If there is a long-standing flare on the golden thing, or it has not purified by soaking, you can resort to mechanical exposure. All manipulations should be carried out very carefully, so as not to leave scratches on the decoration.

Effective multicomponent means helps in cases where all other formulations are powerless. The following components should be mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass:

  • toothpaste;
  • cosmetic vaseline;
  • grated economic soap;
  • chopped chalk;
  • Warm water.
How to clean gold at home - jeweler tips

Ground chalk

The decoration is wiping with a soft cloth or cotton disk to which the mixture is applied. The residues of the composition must be washed off with water, then wipe the thing dry.

Chemical compounds

If there is no time and desire to prepare funds yourself, ready-made professional compositions, designed specifically for cleaning gold will come to the rescue:

  • Adamas (can not clean products with pearls, amber and some precious stones);
  • Alladin (gold jewelry is cleaned during minutes, while the glitter of stones is restored);
  • HG (using a brush and tweezers in the kit is eliminated by black and all kinds of contaminants);
  • Town Talk Brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth (polishing napkins are struggling with pollution and protect products from harmful factors throughout the week after use);
  • Unicum (Cannot be used for painted items).

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning allows you to get rid of all types of pollution on gold products: oils, solid, dust, darkening. This is a fast and effective procedure that will help clean the decorations of various types and forms, including stones and small parts.

Jewelers use ultrasound baths - containers in which the special composition is poured and the contaminated thing from gold is dipped. When the device is turned on, oscillations of a certain range occur, and the dirt settles at the bottom of the dishes. The procedure takes just a few minutes.

Features of cleansing various types of gold

How to clean gold at home - jeweler tipsDifferent types of metal are cleaned in its own way. Due to differences in the compositions of alloys, this or that means can damage the decoration or be absolutely ineffective.


Copper is present in the alloy, so the products acquire a beautiful shade. Such gold can be cleaned at home by all available ways, which cannot be said about white decorations.


Such gold requires accurate circulation and delicate cleaning. You can prepare a solution of 3 g of negated lime, 1 g of soda, a glass of pure water and leave it to be acted for several days. After the specified time, the decorations are lowered into a liquid for 3 hours, then washed and dried.


White gold has a rhodium coating, so such products should be put in order with extreme caution. Several important points:

  • When conducting the procedure, only soft tissues with a small pile should be used. You need to fill the glass with clean water, add a few drops of ammonia to it and omit the decoration of white gold into the container. After 3-5 minutes, the product is worth getting and wipe dry.
  • It is strictly forbidden to apply abrasive materials and pasta. It is recommended to use a mixture of a yolk of one egg 2 tsp. beer. The liquid is applied to the thing from white gold, then it should be carefully lost. Washing under running water and a tissue napkin-dried ornament belated, as before.


Gold with a breakdown below 585 must be carefully cleaned only with the use of a soap solution. The compositions in which ammonia are present are capable of changing the color of the metal, entering it into the reaction. Before cleaning gold of this type, you should think a hundred times, whether it is worth risking, or better contact the professional. How to clean gold at home - jeweler tips

Gold plated products

Many jewelry salons offer decorations made from gold alloy, but with a small deposition - gilding. Such things are easily covered with scratches and cease to glisten, so it is important to choose a delicate, but effective means for cleansing. You can moisten a cotton disk in beer or wine alcohol and gently wipe the product. Then you should rinse the decoration under running water and dry with a clean soft cloth or outdoors.

Cleaning nuances depending on the type of product

Not all things from precious metals can be cleaned at home. This applies to the following products:

  • with a large number of small links;
  • made of low sample gold;
  • with stones (both precious and semi-precious).

Chains, bracelets and other products with small details, links

Decoration with plenty of small parts cannot be cleaned with dirt surface methods. To do this, take a toothpick with a flushing with a rut dipped in alcohol, and go through all units with pollution. To avoid damage, it is better to contact professionals in the jewelry workshop.

With rocks

How to clean gold at home - jeweler tipsSuch products are not recommended to be cleaned with the help of folk remedies, since it is possible to damage the structure of the stone or the place of its attachment. Effective method:

  1. wet a cotton disk with alcohol or gasoline;
  2. process stone and gold;
  3. Wipe with clean cloth and dry.

Jewelry with natural stones (for example, with diamonds) in no case can not dip in the water.


Rings are most often exposed to pollution due to permanent contacts with skin and various organic and inorganic substances. For cleaning products without stones, all households are suitable, including boiling. In order to avoid damage, the decoration with stones is better attributed to the jewelry workshop.


Such decorations should be cleaned as often as possible. It is desirable to wipe the products with a soft cloth once a week, and if there are stains - use home or professional solutions. Earrings with precious or semi-precious stones better entrust the jeweler.


The product is better not to be machined. Soaking in solution is the best method of cleansing the cross. In this case, contraindicated to resort to boiling and using ammonia.

Gold care tips

In order for gold products for a long time to retain the external attractiveness and have not lost their properties, it is worth careful for them:

  • remove decorations in contact with paint and varnish materials, cosmetics, ointments and other compositions containing acids, chlorine, sulfur, mercury, alkali;
  • take a bathroom or shower, play sports, removing all the objects of gold;
  • wipe the thing only with a soft cloth made of natural materials;
  • Do not use when cleaning abrasives, as well as rigid lips;
  • Before cleaning, it is important to wash the product under the crane and dry;
  • prevent the decoration of medical preparations;
  • trust ultrasonic cleaning of gold with stones only by professionals;
  • properly keep gold things in a separate case protecting from the sun and moisture;
  • Do not put items in cardboard (paper), because it contains sulfur;
  • eliminate contamination immediately after their appearance with soap solution;
  • Do not bring decorations to a state when eliminating blackness and other problems are not independently possible.

In order for gold to be contaminated and not black, it is necessary to properly care for the products and store them in a suitable place. However, it is not necessary to worry if stains appeared on the decoration, there are many effective tools that will help delicately clean your favorite earrings or ring. Before cleaning gold at home, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the features of the use of various compositions and nuances of certain alloys.

Greetings, dear guests! What woman does not dream of sparkling gold rings and earrings donated about and without? In my opinion, it is difficult to come up with a better gift, because any ornaments would have been lying in the box, and there is always a place for the new one.

Only about the fact that the yellow metal needs to be careful, for some reason almost everyone forget. So that the material does not lose its shine and always hit the magnificent appearance of it is periodically clean. About how and what to clean gold at home, let's talk in this article.

Causes of contamination

Sources of ugly spots and darkens are:

  • Chemicals - soap, household chemicals, creams: especially this is true for rings;
  • Pereduction allocations are natural for humans, but harm products made of noble metal;
  • Dust and dirt - surround us in everyday life and inevitably turn out to be on all subjects.

Gold is a soft metal that is easily scratched and deformed. Therefore, other materials are added to improving the performance characteristics to the precious. Although the appearance of damage is still inevitable. At first, small shortcomings are not visible to the naked eye, but gradually the grid of scratches is growing, and the decoration because of this fades and loses the gloss.

Methods of cleansing gold

Select the method used for cleaning should be based on, first of all, from the characteristics of the treasure itself: the alloy from which it is done, the presence of a coating, matte or glossy surface, is there any inserts.

There are several options for the return of the former magnificence of the yellow metal.

  1. Attributed to the jewelry workshop - the least labor cost, but at the same time the inadequate option. Regular processing of a large number of objects may pour out in a round sum. However, if the earrings or the ring are very expensive, fragile or you are not sure that you know their composition, then it is still better not to risk and entrust business to the master.
  2. Buy a professional remedy - they are in a large assortment are presented in jewelry stores, you can also search for household chemicals. The form of them is different: creams, pastes, sprays, wet wipes. It is worth being careful when buying, since there are often situations when the product is suitable for one type of jewelry, but is categorically contraindicated for another.
  3. Purchase an ultrasonic cleaner - buying alleviated, but you will have to spend only once, unlike the campaign to the master or buy special means. Note that not all products can be cleaned in this way. Some stones do not endure ultrasound and can crack.
  4. Use the primary means is the cheapest way. In addition, most ingredients for such mixtures can be found at home. Of the minuses will fairly be noted, the predictable result will not always: often have to act at their own risk. Guarantee how the metal will behave from such procedures, no one can, therefore, to choose a recipe is to fit with caution.

Purchase ultrasonic cleaner

In no case wash in one solution of gold and silver value. Otherwise, they will cover it difficult to display a white bloom. To clean the silver jewelry from black and other contaminants, take separate dishes.

Screw tools

This category of techniques is more suitable for gold, the usual 585 or 750 samples, without stones.

Express methods

To quickly bring the appearance of jewels in order, you can use such techniques.

  • Dissolve 1 tsp. Tools for washing dishes in 200 ml of water. In the container bed, the rag and dip the cleaned items. Boil for 10 minutes, rinse and dry. Visually see the action of this method can be on the video.
  • This mixture in the ingredients is more, but it turns out "poorery". Mix 1 cup of warm liquid, 1 tsp. Tools for dishes, 40 g of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp. Summer alcohol. In this composition, immerse the gold for 20 minutes, after which you need to get it, rinse and dry.
  • In the pharmacy or store of goods for photoela buy sodium hyposulfit. With it, you can wash even resistant stains. 1 tbsp. l. Chemical dissolve in a glass of water and put the jewelry there for 20 minutes. Next is required to rinse and dry products.


Long-term found in a specially cooked liquid allows you to remove dirt effectively and without extra effort. All that will be needed is to prepare the composition, put a jewelry there, leave at the specified time, and after rinse and wipe dry. Sometimes it may be necessary to clean the hard-to-reach places with a brush or cotton wand.

We will conduct a simple processing of gold in the soap

When implementing such methods, it is worth using ceramic or glass containers.

Let's call the four most famous and effective solutions.

  • Ammonia and dishwashing agents In one cup, boiling water should be stirred on one teaspoon tools for dishes and ammonia. In the resulting composition, place the treasure and leave for 1-2 hours.
  • Soda and foil At the bottom of the Tara spread foil and put decorations on it. Pour all this soda mixture (1-1.5 art. L. Soda per 1 cup of water) and leave for the night.
  • Salt An ordinary table salt must be dissolved in the liquid (3 tbsp. Per 1 cup). At the same time, it is important to carefully stir the salt crystals, otherwise they can damage the surface. Exposure time - at least 8-10 hours.
  • Sugar 2 tbsp. l. Sugar is required to dissolve in 200 ml of water. It is not less than 3 o'clock to soak the trowel, and with strong pollution you can increase the term up to 8.


No less effective than soaking, but takes more time and effort.

For polishing, powders, soda and any abrasives are not suitable. They irrevocably scratching the surface, and the original glitter becomes it becomes impossible.


You can polish treasure using:

  • A piece of flannels, velvet or felt - True, it will have to work for quite a long time, and it will not be possible to clean the strong contamination, alas, it will not work;
  • Bulbs - Kornemplod Cut in half and slice wipe the decoration before cleanliness;
  • Lipstick - it is advisable to apply a colorless lip. A small amount of lipstick apply on the fabric and soda item;
  • Yellow - he will be able to remove not only unsuccessful pencil strokes with paper, but also fall from jewelry accessories. It is enough to wipe dirty places;
  • vinegar - a napkin in mo in vinegar (5-9%) and process the product;
  • Beer and egg protein is a non-standard, but effective method. Mix 2-3 tbsp. l. Beer with 1 egg squirrel and spread with a vet to the bracelet or earrings and carefully polish;
  • Pastes - it can be prepared from toothpaste, chalk, household soap, grated, vaseline and warm water. All components are mixed in equal parts. Apply a mass on a polished surface and neat movements wipe in one direction. After it is necessary to wipe the thing with alcohol to wash the petroleum.

After any processing, rinse the jewel, wipe and dry.

Cleaning products with stones

Values ​​having inserts require a special relationship. If the stone is glued, then the immersion and long-term contact with the liquid can lead to the dissolution of glue. Then pebbles just disappear.

You should also know that stones are robbed stones.

  1. Fianits, diamonds, topases, sapphires, chrysolites, grenades, emeralds, rubies and zirkons are solid stones, and they calmly carry cleaning with practically any means.
  2. Corals, pearls, malachite, turquoise, opal - soft breeds that require a reverent relationship. It is unacceptable to use brushes, toothpaste and other similar tools and substances. They also do bad moisture. It is not allowed to rub them by the ammonic alcohol, because due to it, the inserts are muttered. Pearls categorically does not tolerate acid, so there will have to forget about vinegar and lemon.

Нельзя обрабатывать жемчуг в уксусе и лимонной кислоте

Now let's talk more about what recipes and methods are allowed.

The universal composition for any type of material is a warm soap solution. In the case of solid stones, it is allowed to put a soft brush into the course, and for sensitive breeds take a rag.

To care for solid rocks, you can recommend the following method. In ⅓ Glass of water, shake a teaspoon of the ammonia and immerse the accessories there. After a few minutes, the glass should be shaken to remove dirt in hard-to-reach places. After 10 minutes, the treasures need to be removed and rinsed. This technique will help get rid of complex spots.

To eliminate a fatty flight and divorces from diamonds and emeralds, use gasoline. Get labeled rag in fuel and soda stone. You can also enroll with hydrogen peroxide.

Corals, turquoise and solid rocks can be polished with a cotton disk dipped in alcohol.

Remove dirt with white gold jewels

Adding silver, nickel or palladium, as well as coating from the rhodium deprives the gold of a yellow shade. These products require careful processing due to the fact that the layer of birth is very thin and there is always a risk of damaging a spraying. Therefore, it is forbidden to apply mechanical cleaning techniques and very much when polished.

It is not worth an increase in the time of finding the jewel in the cleansing mixture.

Очень аккуратно проводите чистку белого золота

You can recommend such options:

  1. The ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are mixed in proportions 1 to 2. In this cleaner it is necessary to put decorations and leave for 30 minutes. It will only remain richer and wipe.
  2. The composition of the ammonic alcohol and shampoo will be softer. For its preparation, connect in equal amounts of ammonia and water, add a little shampoo to them. Exposure time - 30 minutes.
  3. Well cleans the recipe with sugar already known to us. Recall: 2 tbsp. l. on a glass of liquid. Soak for 8-10 hours.

Cleansing matte gold

The matte effect is achieved at the expense of the special grinding technology. In order not to spoil the surface, carefully choose the methods of exposure.

First of all, it is worth avoiding any abrasives and coarse brushes, that is, all that can scratch metal.

It will help to remove pollution such a bolt: out of water and lime (1 coffee spoon) you need to prepare a liquid paste. Next, you should add a small pinch of salt and half of the coffee spoon of soda. The finished mixture will have to be broken for 3 days.

After this time, plunge the weight of the jewel and wait 4 hours. Then rinse them and blot with a cloth.

Also suitable 25% ammonia solution. It is necessary to put decorations for several hours. Then rinse and wipe your treasures.

Attention! This method is prohibited for objects with inserts.


To register rings, bracelets, earrings and chains and pleased with their own kind, you need to stick to simple rules of operation.

  1. Remove jewelry before dirty work, with contact with household chemicals, sports and cosmetic procedures.
  2. If moisture got into gold, then be sure to wipe it with a cloth.
  3. Clean accessories at least once every 2 months.
  4. Store jewels better away from sunlight in a wooden box with soft walls.


Gold will be real pride, only if it sparkles, and the inserts are beautifully shimmer into the light. The fascinous trinkets are unlikely to cause proper effect and definitely do not add charm.

Therefore, all decorations need regular care. Do not be lazy and pay attention expensive to the heart of things, then your values ​​will gladly wear your descendants.

And how often do you clear your treasures? What method do you use?

Sooner or later, the time comes when the darkened and sweat decorations of gold cease to reasse the eyes. I would like to put the products in order, return the attractiveness to them and even without unnecessary financial investments. Below we describe Lifehaki, which will help to clean the gold at home With the help of remedies, without giving it in other people's hands.

Golden decorations

Most frequent reasons why gold chops or black :

  • Share of gold In the decoration: when sampled 585 and below the product will be darken faster;
  • New decoration and dark the upper polishing layer applied by the manufacturer for a better commodity type - the problem is temporary and disappear as this layer is abrasing;
  • Conditions wearing : Impact of aggressive media, mercury, iodine, pollution.

In any case, if Gold products handicrafts , they can and need to be cleaned.

More time and attention will be needed if the decoration has a complex design or completed with inlay

What to clean gold: effective ways

Never hurts to know how Quickly clean gold at home . For example, in case, if it is literally a few minutes, and the only suitable steam of the steam or suspension looks, to gently say, is not uncomfortable. At home there will always be suitable Gold cleaning agents - Do not lose time and return the attractiveness to your decorations.


Gold cleaning at home by ammonic alcohol Or ammonia - the easiest way to get rid of the clove of precious metals and stains on jewelry. To effectively clean gold from black, you need to make a solution of water and ammonia With the addition of shampoo. Recommended Proportions On a small container with warm water: 0.5 h. l. ammonia and 1 tsp. Shampoo. In the resulting solution, completely lower the cleaning cleaning and mix, after detachment of the dirt, how to rinse gold in running water.

Gold rings in ammonium solution

Thus, it is possible Soak gold And with some stones: ammonia solution perfectly removes pollution and oxides from hard-to-reach places. For drying, it is enough to lay decorations on a paper napkin or towel.

In particularly difficult cases, the use of ammonia with increased concentration, without diluting with water

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide - also effective and affordable Gold cleaning fluid . With small contaminants, it is enough to wipe the decorations moistened in a rag moistened. In other cases, a more aggressive method is recommended:

  1. Make a solution: 1 cup of warm water, 30 mg of hydrogen peroxide (3%), 1 tsp. Summer alcohol, a small amount of liquid soap (on the eye).
  2. Stir the components carefully.
  3. Immerse in the container with a solution of gold products and leave for 3-5 hours.
  4. Rinse decorations with ordinary water, dry on the napkin.


Clean the Gold Chain, Bracelet or Ring It is possible with the help of an ordinary white 9% or apple vinegar, with the addition of soda or lemon. Should consider that vinegar can clean Only yellow and red gold, For white, matte or stoned, such a way is unacceptable.

To clean the gold can be used toothbrush

In some cases, it is enough just to dunk the products in vinegar for 10-15 minutes, after which it is necessary to rinse with water, in others you will need to go through the surface with a toothbrush.


Soda will help Clear gold from dirt But with complex stains, it does not always cope. Most often for cleaning, boiling applied with soda:

  1. At the bottom of a small capacity with water to lower Foil. , lay gold on it.
  2. Heat the water and add the soda to 1 tbsp. Water 1 tbsp. soda.
  3. Boil a few minutes.
  4. Clean the brush.
  5. Sighten the usual water and dry.

Soda is not used to clean decorations with inserts : It can cause sweeping of stones, and a soda solution can remain in the hard-to-reach places of fasteners with a whiten flare.


Salt, as a rule, is used as adding to cleaning solutions with vinegar or soda. Due to the fact that salt is a strong abrasive, we do not recommend mechanical cleaning of soft gold products.

Lemon acid

For dissolving plaque You can clean gold in citric acid :

  • in boiling water divide citric acid;
  • Lower the product into the solution for 5-6 minutes;
  • Rinse and dry decorations.


Clean the darkened gold at home You can even with the help of the most ordinary toothpaste. Soft brushes evenly distribute the paste on the surface of the decoration and remove the contamination with neat movements.

Clear gold can be dental

Important: The paste should be only white, without additives and bleaching properties, better gel. It is impossible to use tooth powder!

Paste GOI

Paste GOI

This is special Gold cleaning composition From pollution and giving it a brilliance developed by the State Optical Institute. There are 4 types of paste, choose a specific option on the basis of the expected result:

  • №1, №2 - polishing to a mirror effect;
  • Number 3 - cleaning of medium difficulty to smooth matte shine;
  • №4 - coarse cleaning with surface grinding and scratch removal.

Method of use - like a toothpaste. Paste GOI not used for white gold .

Gold cleaning with stones: Jeweler Tips

There is a fundamental difference in cleaning a smooth ring or a complex jewelry inlaid by stones. To effectively Clean the golden product with stones at home It is recommended to take advantage of the methods of cleaning with ammonia alcohol described above, puzzle, liquid soap. As a rule, without using a soft brush to clean the hard-to-reach places can not do.

Gold cleaning with stones

In the case of cleaning such decorations, it is necessary to take care of not only the state of gold, but also inserts of the decoration. With regard to various types of precious stones, jewelers recommend using different means:

  • Ring with topaz Or any other gold jewelry with this stone will shine after soaking for 20 minutes in the water from a pair of dishes diluted in it;
  • For cleaning decorations with chrysolite, acids cannot be used;
  • Earrings with stones type of emerald, ruby ​​or sapphire are perfectly cleaned in warm soapy water - hot water for these stones is contraindicated;
  • Cleaning gold products with fianits It is performed using ammonic alcohol, toothpaste without abrasives or any washing powder.

How to clean white gold

To clean the jewelry of white gold, which is an alloy of a precious metallol with copper, palladium or nickel, are not suitable for all classical methods - in particular, any vinegar is contraindicated.

White gold cleaning

White gold can be purified by soap solution, ammonia, liquid detergents, pasta or food soda solution

White gold with inlay can not be boiled : High temperatures will weaken and even deforms stones fixtures. For glued stones, cleaning with immersion in aqueous solutions does not apply. White gold with diamonds cleared Without contact with stones: Just wipe them with a soft cloth - often this is enough to return the glitter. If the gloss is not returned, apply the standard cleaning of the toothpaste described above, after which you wipe the product dry.

How to clean gildo

Use some aggressive tools and abrasive cleaning in this case, of course, it is impossible - there is a risk of damaging the slim layer of gilding. It is better to clean the gilded chain , bracelet or ring in the following way:

  1. Prepare the solution: 1 l warm water, 1 tsp. Soap chips, 5-6 drops of ammonia alcohol.
  2. Soak the decorations for half an hour - they must be completely immersed in the solution.
  3. Rinse in running water, dry on a napkin or towel.
  4. Polish a suede cloth.

Cleaning medical gold

Medical gold is a brass alloy, silver, copper, titanium and zinc, but directly gold in it may be absent at all: alloy and so has a noble "golden" shine. Products from medical gold are durable, are not subject to external mechanical effects, due to special polishing and spraying technology, they are practically not darker, they do not lose shine, do not change the color.

  1. If necessary, the following methods are used to clean such bijouteries from pollution:
  2. Rinse in solution (0.5 glasses of water 2 drops of shampoo or liquid soap) and clean the product with a soft brush.
  3. To remove dust, wipe the product moistened in the beer with a cotton swab, wash with water after that it is not necessary.
  4. Wipe the decoration with table vinegar, and then rinse in running water.

How to Polish Gold

Polishing decorations of complex design In some cases, it is better to entrust professionals, but with laconic ornaments you can cope with yourself. So golden ring glitter as new Use the following techniques:

  1. Soak the decoration in hot water with shampoo or soap for 7-8 hours, and then polish the soft toothbrush. The method is suitable for shiny gold, and for matte.
  2. Give gloss gold It will help soaking for 10 hours in ammonium solution (25%), which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  3. Polishing gold from scratches It is performed using a cleaning paste for gold products - factory or made independently from a vaseline, loss in white chalk powder, water and soapy chips. Water with a soft toothbrush without pressure.
  4. Apply the goe paste to felt, wipe the product with unidirectional movements without pressure: it will help Return gloss And effectively polishes losses and scratches.

Remember: for polishing it is impossible to use soda and dental powder - abrasive particles of these tools are capable only to aggravate the situation

The cost of home polishing gold jewelry is somewhat lower than professional. But with self-polishing, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the metal: the mattiness, color and quality of gold, the presence of jewelry inserts, black or bought coating.

Decorations made of precious metals have an unpleasant feature - dump and darken. From here there is a natural desire to understand how to clean gold as safe as possible at home to glitter it, like a new one. We will give a number of effective lifehaks that will help solve this problem independently, without resorting to excess waste.

What to clean gold to shine - find out the causes of darkening


Before cleaning gold (chain, cross, earrings, etc.), armed at home all sorts of means, it is necessary to determine the root causes of its darkening.

Metal has a property to darken for a number of the following reasons:

  • The decoration has a trial 585 or lower;
  • There is a darkening of the upper polishing layer in the new product. A similar layer causes a manufacturer in order for the ring or earrings to look better when selling. The trouble is short-term and will soon disappear, because during operation this layer will sweep;
  • Pollution and aggressive substances affect the product.

Be that as it may, blackened decorations need cleaning. It is important to remember that it will be more difficult to clean the enlarged product, and the time will have to spend much more.

Safe and Effective Methods for cleaning gold jewelry to shine

So how to clean your favorite gold jewelry can easily work out at home, and quickly and efficiently, look at the proven methods. With their help, you personally return to the former gloss products.

№1. Paste GOI

The mysterious abbreviation of the goow means nothing but the state optical institution. It was he who developed this effective composition, thanks to which there is a real chance to perfectly clean gold and save this noble metal from pollution. Pasta is presented in 4 species. Which specifically choose - depends on the result that expects.

  • Paste number 1 and number 2 allow you to polish the product to a mirror glitter;
  • Pasta number 3 makes it possible to clean the product to the matte shine;
  • Pasta number 4 is designed for coarse cleaning in order to remove scratches.

Use such a paste by analogy with the dental. But for the processing of products made of white gold, the paste is not suitable.

№2. Peroxide, ammonia alcohol, liquid soap

Very good results gives gold cleaning in this way. Instead of soap, it is permissible to apply with the same success "Fairy" or any other detergent.

So, how to clean gold from dirt using simple components at home:

  1. Prepare the composition: 275 ml. Waters (temperature within 40 degrees), 15 ml. Nasharya, 40 ml. Soaps and 50 ml. peroxide.
  2. Lower your favorite decorations into it. Candle 20 minutes.
  3. When the specified time approaches the end, rinse the products and let them dry. Enjoy the result!

Number 3. Boiling

This method is suitable only when there are no inserts and stones in the products.

  1. Take 250-300 ml. Water and 50 gr. liquid soap. Connect in a saucepan or saucepan.
  2. Place a rag on the bottom of the dishes, and on it - decorations.
  3. Warm Capacity about 12 minutes.
  4. Drain the solution, get jewelry and slip them.

№4. Toothpaste

Toothpaste can also benefit in cleaning decorations. Act strictly according to the instructions.

  1. Take a small plate, apply a paste to it (no more pea), pour some water.
  2. Wake up the components in the foam, cover it all the product. Wrap, massaging with your fingers.
  3. After 3 minutes, you can repeat these actions.
  4. Finally, wash the product and send to dry.

It should be remembered that with poorly fixed stones or in case of landing for glue, this method is not suitable. When wiping the purified product, use a lounge cloth.

№5. Tooth Powder and Vaseline

This option is ideal for products made of matte gold. Before cleaning the gold with this method at home, consider the scheme. Only so you are safe, quickly and efficiently get rid of darkening and all pollution.

Here is the product cleaning algorithm:

  1. Pass the tooth powder to soap with vaseline. Components are taken in the same ratio.
  2. Cover the product and wrap the resulting mass. You will immediately see how you brightened your favorite decoration. The same composition at the same time.
  3. For confidence you can repeat the actions again. After the decoration is rinsed with warm water.

№6. Salt

A simple method that will become a chopstick even with the most complex pollution.

  1. Make a saline solution of 0.25 liters. Heated water and 0.1 kg. Salt.
  2. When crystallines dissolve, plunge the product into the liquid.
  3. Expect about 10-12 hours.
  4. Rinse the enabling decoration, use joy.

№7. Soda

Soda cleans gold products from pollution, but not in all cases with its help it turns out to be cleaned complex stains. Also should not be applied soda if the ring or earrings have inserts. This leads to dulling stones. In addition, soda solution leaves a white plaque in the places of fasteners.

  1. Take a small bowl, eat it bottom of the foil sheet.
  2. Pass soda (1 tbsp. L.) To heated water (0.25 l.).
  3. Boil 5-7 minutes.
  4. Arm yourself with a brush and spend the product.
  5. By analogy with previous methods at the end of cleaning, wash the decoration and let him dry.

№8. Ammonia 10%

Gold cleaning ammonia is popular with those who often conduct the procedure at home. Especially often the ammonia alcohol is used when it is necessary to clean the chain of gold.

When working, it is important to comply with certain rules:

  • Take the container only from glass or plastic. Metal packaging will oxidize, and it is impossible to allow;
  • Use 10% alcohol solution.

Cleaning scheme:

  1. Prepare a solution from filtered water (0.25 liters), the ammonia (5 ml.) And washing powder without color crystals (1 tbsp.).
  2. Give the mixture to stand. It is important to wait for a complete dissolution of powder.
  3. Leave the product in need of cleaning in the solution for 2.5 hours.
  4. Wash and wipe the decorations.

№9. Ammonia 25%

With this method, it is also very effective, a 25% ammonia solution is needed.

  1. Take the capacity of glass or plastic. Fill with ammonia.
  2. Lower the decorations that need cleaning.
  3. Candle about an hour.
  4. When the allotted time comes to an end, rinse the decorations and wipe them.

№10. Lemon acid

If you wish to know how to clean gold to glisten, take advantage of at home by an ordinary lemon. It will remove the dirt, darkening and falling on the jewelry.

  1. Heat the filtered water, but do not let it boil.
  2. Practice lemon from the calculation: 1 tbsp. l. For 1 cup of water.
  3. Immerse the decorations so that the solution covers them completely.
  4. Candle 2-3 minutes.
  5. After this period, you rinse the decorations and dry them.

№11. Vinegar

9% -Ucus will be found in any kitchen. Apple and apple. It is important to take into account that it is impossible to clean white or inlaid gold like method.

Cleaning occurs as follows:

  1. Take vinegar, soda and lemon juice. The proportions are equal.
  2. In the resulting mixture, soak the decoration in need of cleaning for 15 minutes.
  3. If you need, arm yourself with a brush and read the product without clicking.
  4. After rinsing and dry, use pleasure.

How to clean gold with stones - Jeweler Tips


Cleaning a conventional smooth ring is different from cleaning a ring with a stone. Caring for such decorations, it is important to monitor the state of gold itself and the inserts available. So, what to clean gold with stones at home, yes so that it is glittered, how new?

Stones require different approach and different cleaning methods:

  • If a topaz is inserted in the rings, the product must be soaked in water, dissolving a couple of droplets of any means for washing dishes.
  • When caring for products with chrysolite, do not use acids.
  • If sapphire is inserted into the decoration, use only warm soap water. If water is hot, the product may be spoiled. Also enter with ruby ​​and emerald.
  • Gold with inserts from the fianita can be made to sparkle with the help of the ammonia, toothpaste (necessarily with the absence of abrasives) or a conventional detergent powder.

If there is an inserted stone in the decoration, it is necessary to clean it as indicated above by the method using ammonia. We'll have to resort to the help of a soft brush. Without it not to clean hard-to-reach places.

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How to Clean White Gold (with diamonds and without)


Before cleaning white gold, it is necessary to learn the rules for working with it at home. When it comes to this type of gold, there is a mix of copper, palladium or nickel and precious metallol.

Such jewels also need to be cleaned in compliance with certain requirements:

  1. The use of any type of vinegar in this case is categorically contraindicated.
  2. You can lead to a state of new decorations from white gold with already known assistants: the ammonia, paste or ordinary food soda.
  3. In the presence of inlaid, boiling is categorically contraindicated. At high temperatures, the appearance of deformation in those places where stones are attached.
  4. With inclined stone, it is impossible to immerse the products in the water.
  5. Decoration with diamonds is clean, without affecting the stones themselves. Sometimes it is enough to wipe the product with a piece of soft fabric, and the lost brilliance will return. If suddenly it did not happen, use an ordinary toothbrush.

How to clean medical gold


Here we are talking about alloying such noble materials as brass, silver, zinc and titanium. By the way, the gold itself can not be in the alloy. Such a alloy is characterized by noble "golden" shine and gloss. Products have increased strength, are not exposed to external influences. But how and what to clean such gold at home, because you need to achieve it glitter.


  1. Take 120 ml. Water, enter a couple of drops of liquid soap.
  2. Lower the product into the cooked mixture, wait a few minutes.
  3. Lost decoration with a soft brush.
  4. To remove dust, it is enough to wet the spontaneous beer and handle the decoration. Further rinsing is optional.
  5. It is allowed to use a table vinegar with subsequent washing in water.

How to clean gildo

Gilding is a very thin layer on jewelry. For its cleaning, the use of abrasive agents is strictly prohibited.

It is better to use the following method:

  1. Prepare a mixture consisting of warm water (1 l.), Naidoyar (50 drops) and a predicted soap (1 h.).
  2. Fully immerse your favorite decorations.
  3. Candle 30 minutes.
  4. Well, slip the products and sew on the towel.
  5. Throw a piece of suede for the purpose of polishing.

How to polish gold to glitter


How to clean gold, armed at home all necessary to glitter, we figured out. Now let's talk about giving the decoration of the pristine gloss with polishing.

If the jewelry has a complex design, more correctly and calmer will trust the polishing to specialists. In other cases, you can solve the question by your own.

For this, the following techniques are used:

  1. Heat the water, enter the liquid soap. Place the decoration for 8 hours into the solution. This method will turn out to be cleaned both brilliant and matte gold.
  2. Prepare a solution of ammonia and soak it in it for 10 hours.
  3. Polishing gold in order to get rid of scratches, using cleaning paste. Such a paste you can buy, but you can make yourself. To do this, you will need: Vaseline, white chalk, water and soap chips. At the same time, the chalk must be confused into powder. Polish need a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  4. Goe paste apply to felt fabric and wipe the product. Wipe it easily, not allowing pressure. If you do everything right, the product is blissing, as a new one, and pullouts and scratches pollas.

Important! Do not use the soda and powder for cleaning the teeth. So you will only worsen the problem due to abrasive particles contained in them.

We looked at all possible options than to clean gold. At home, so that it is glittered, use the available means. All manipulations will be able to spend quickly, effectively, and most importantly - cheap. But in the case of self-cleaning and polishing, it is important to take into account all the features of the decoration: the quality of gold, its color, inserts, coating. If you do everything right, get a wonderful result, no worse than professional.

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