Grand Theft AUTO 4 (GTA IV): the most complete list of new and old cheat codes (+ pictures)

In order to enter the Cheat code in GTA 4, you must get a mobile phone and go to the dialing mode. Next, you need to dial any of the following numbers. If the code was entered correctly, a new "Cheats" tab will appear under the "Settings" tab. Suitable for both PCs and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. General codes 948-555-0100 - see information about the current song from Radio 482-555-0100 - get full health and weapons 486-555-0150 - Get weapons (knife, Molotov cocktail, gun, rifle, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, RPG ):

486-555-0100 - Get advanced weapons (bits, gun, rifle, MP-10, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, grenades):

362-555-0100 - get full health 267-555-0100 - lower the persecution level 267-555-0150 - to increase the level of persecution 468-555-0100 - change the weather Call Cognoscenti: 227-555-0142

Call Fib Buffalo: 227-555-0100

Call Turismo: 227-555-0147

Call COMET: 227-555-0175

Challenge SuperGT: 227-555-0168

Call NRG-900: 625-555-0100

Sanchez call: 625-555-0150

Challenge Annihilator: 359-555-0100

Challenge JetMax: 938-555-0100

Codes on The Ballad Of Gay Tony Super Strike - 276-555-2666 Burst Sniper Cartridges - 486-555-2526 359-555-7272 - Parachute

938-555-0150 - Floater

625-555-0200 - Akuma.

625-555-3273 - Vader.

272-555-8265 - APC (Tank)

359-555-2899 - Buzzard

227-555-9666 - Bullet GT

Codes on The Lost and Damned Call Innovation - 245-555-0100

Call Hexer - 245-555-0150

Call Hakuchou Custom - 245-555-0199

Call Double T Custom - 245-555-0125

Call Gang Burrito - 826-555-0150

Call SLAMVAN - 826-555-0100

You may be interested in Other materials on GTA 4 which you can find in our archive cheats.

Codes on GTA 4

On this page we listed all cheats for GTA IV. They are not very much, but sometimes they can be very helpful!

Warning! Using cheats can block the receipt of some achive (achievements) of the game: "FINISH HIM", "Cleaned the Mean Streets", "Walk Free", "One Man Army". To get these achievements, you should not be saved after entering cheats and restart the game. If you are preserved after using codes, then the only way to get these achievements is to start a new game.

So, how to enter GTA 4 codes? All codes for GTA 4 are introduced into the mobile phone of our hero. To activate the Chita, open the phone, type the cheat code you need and press the call button. You will hear the activation signal code. After the first password entry, it is saved in the phone and is available there in the "Cheats" menu.

All codes listed below work not only in the PC version of the game, but also on the Xbox 360, and on PS3. If you are not playing not in the original version, but in one of the additions of Episodes from Liberty City, you will also need

Cheats for GTA IV: EFLC

(Cheat codes listed below will also work).

Basic codes on GTA 4

Unfortunately, there is no code on GTA 4 to immortality, on endless cartridges or money, so you will have to use the appropriate cheats on health and on the cartridges. Well, who needs a money code if you have a way to quickly get rid of the police on the tail? 482-555-0100

Code for Health, Weapons and Cartridges


Code for Health and Armor


Reduce wantedness


Increase the level of waning


Change of weather

Codes on GTA 4 on weapons


- Armory set number 1 (bit, gun, rifle, MP-10, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, grenades).


- Armory Set No. 2 (Knife, Molotov Cocktail, Pistol, Rouge, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle, RPG)

Machines for GTA 4

GTA 4 codes

Below are codes for GTA IV to all machines that can be obtained as not quite honest, by. They are not very much, but some of these cars are very difficult to get in the game.

In this part of Grand Theft Auto, there is no code for an aircraft or on a tank, but there is a cheat on a military helicopter, which may well replace it, because it is installed as much as 4 powerful M134 7.62 machine gun. 359-555-0100

Code for helicopter Annihilator


Boat code jetmax


Code for Sport Motorcycle NRG-900


Sanchez motorcycle code


Cheat on the machine special services Fib Buffalo




Code on sports car turismo


Code on Cognoscenti.


SuperGT supercar code

We simplify the legendary game.

It is hard and hurt with this, but the cult gta 4, who gave us the spirit of American dreams and Nostalgia on Danil Bagrov, was 12 years old this year. Despite age, gamers about the game did not forget - a thousand people stably played in one Steam version of the PC.

We invite you to remember the codes on GTA 4: both the simplest and most interesting. Download codes for GTA 4 on the PC do not need to enter them a fairly correct combination of numbers in the phone. Yes, it is - in this part it is necessary to open the menu of your mobile phone, dial the numbers and activate the call.

Cheat codes on weapons and endless cartridges

Codes on weapons and endless cartridges are one of the most popular cheats in all series games. In GTA 4 without them, too, did not cost.

486-555-0150 - Get the first set of weapons. It includes a knife, Molotov cocktail, gun, gun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, RPG.

486-555-0100 - Get an advanced set of weapons. It includes bits, gun, rifle, MP-10, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, grenades.

486-555-2526. - discontinuous sniper ammunition. Available only with The Ballad Of Gay Tony's mod.

276-555-2666. - Superdar. Available only with The Ballad Of Gay Tony's mod.

359-555-7272. - Get a parachute. Available only with The Ballad Of Gay Tony's mod.

Unfortunately, this is all cheat codes on GTA weapons 4. ways to get endless cartridges, cause bombardment or use another code on weapons in GTA 4.

Immortality and endless health

Another myth. Yes, there are codes for health in GTA 4, but there are no cheats for immortality.

482-555-0100 - Restores the glasses of the life of the main character to the maximum. Of course, if you enter it too often, it may come out for the code for infinite health.

362-555-0100 - Gives the main hero armor.

Cheat code for money in GTA 4

Again disappointment. All means of NIKO will have to earn independently. Codes for money in GTA 4 - myth. But it does not prevent you from hacking game files using old-kind artmoney. Yes, this is not the code is not infinite money, but in the absence of Chita will completely come down.

Code from the police

And here - please. Cheats from the police in the game are, and sometimes they really need to take advantage.

267-555-0100 - Code from the attention of the police. Reduces the level of persecution.

267-555-0150 - increases the level of persecution.

Machines, Tank and Technology

Here the choice is much more - in the usual version of the game there are 10 codes for transport.

227-555-0142. - Calls on Cognoscenti

227-555-0147 - Calling Turismo

227-555-0100 - Calls on Fib Buffalo

227-555-0175 - Calls COMET.

227-555-0168 - Calls upon Super GT

625-555-0100 - calls NRG-900

625-555-0150 - Calls on Sanchez

359-555-0100 - calls the AnniLator helicopter

938-555-0100 - Calls the jetmax boat

These are all codes for cars in GTA 4. True, Supplements make additional cheats on cars .

272-555-8265 - Encourage APC. Of course, this is not a famous code on the tank in San Andreas, but local BMP is also a solid combat unit

227-555-9666 - Calls upon Bullet GT

245-555-0125 - Calls by a motorcycle Double T Custom

826-555-0150 - Calls upon Gang Burrito

826-555-0100 - Calls upon Slamvan

245-555-0199 - Calls on Hakuchou Custom

245-555-0150 - Calls on Hexer

245-555-0100 - Calls on innovation

Codes on GTA 4 on Xbox and PS3

Console versions of the game came half a year earlier, but cheats for Xbox and PS3 are introduced and acts like a PC version. Thanks to the backward compatibility, the codes on GTA 4 on the Xbox 360 and One are also the same - you also open the phone and enter the desired numbers in the menu. The same is true for codes on GTA 4 on PS3 and PS4.

What is the harm of cheats?

All these codes can seriously simplify the game, but their use entails unpleasant consequences: after activation of some cheats, the achievements associated with them will be blocked.

Using 482-555-0100 and 362-555-0100 Disables Cleaned The Mean Streets, Walk Free and One Man Army; 486-555-0100 and 486-555-0150 Disconnect only Cleaned the Mean Streets; 267-555-0100 and 359 -555-0100 Block Walk Free, One Man Army; 938-555-0100 Turns off Getting Walk Free. ***

Use or no codes - a personal choice of each player. But you see, it is much more interesting to first pass the game yourself, and then you have to have fun and experiment with cheats.

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