Bronzer (Bronzor) - This is a cosmetic tool with which your face and body will acquire a light uniform tan. Also with the help of the Bronze, you can emphasize the cheekbones, make the features of the face more expressive. How to use this tool to always look perfect?

Why do you need a brizer?

This cosmetics has many tasks with which he brilliantly copes: Bimmer on her face

  • Sculpture of the face. Using the Bronze, you can adjust the oval of faces. Applying it to certain sections, you can make a round face more elongated, and a long oval one is a bit visually rounded.
  • Leveling of the tone of the face and neck, zone decollete and shoulders. If the sunny tan lay on the skin is unevenly, the drive easily fix it.
  • Giving a light "tanned" effect. Even if a deep winter outside the window, you, using the bronzer, will look a little tanned.

IMPORTANT! Correct the shade of the bronzer. It should be for a couple of tones darker than your tone cream or powder or three tones darker than your skin. For light skin, peach, powdered, light beige shades are suitable, and for dark-skinned amber or copper.

Body Body

Bimmer on the bodyBeautifully tanned body, especially open areas in the summer (legs, hands, shoulders, neck, neckline) look essential and attractive. It is not necessary to get such an effect at all to get such an effect or go to the sea. Sun cream, properly chosen to your skin and texture, with a bronzing effect will help you to be tanned even when, outside the window is not sunny weather. The cream has a moisturizing effect, so you can use it in summer heat when the skin needs moisture.

The cream with a bronzing effect for solarium will help your skin more likely to get the desired shade, get a uniform tan.

IMPORTANT! If you have very bright leather, it is better not to use the bronzer for solarium. Such means are attracted by UV rays, and you risk getting a burn, uneven tan, skin irritation.

Bronzer for face

Bimmer on her faceMakeup with the bronzer is most relevant in the summer, when the skin of the face sunburst, becoming darker and the familiar cosmetics used during the rest of the year becomes more brightened than.

The bronzer allows to align the skin tone, emphasize the beauty of the sun, as well as create a temporary effect of tanned skin. It can be used instead of a blush or connect with a powder to make her a little darker.

When it is necessary to use the brizer:

  • Before visiting the beach and solarium to purchase a uniform tan;
  • To obtain a short-term tanning effect, when to get into the solarium or the beach is not possible.

Feature means is that in the skin it does not absorb deeply, while remaining on the surface and is easily removed.

The brutal for a person in different formats is available: Stick, Fluid, Cream or Powder, but we will talk about it below.

How to apply the bronzer?

How to apply bronzer on face

This cosmetics is applied strictly according to the scheme:

  • Cheekbones;
  • Chin under the bottom lip;
  • Oblique lines of the chin;
  • Wings of the nose;
  • Frontal zones (closer to hair).

Two receptions are used to apply tools: "Tanning effect" and "Standard scheme". In the first case, a wide brush is used, which is applied to the cheekbones and the area to which blush is applied, carefully grinding along the cheeks and top of the cheeks.

In the second case, the point drawing of the "bronze" lines on the chests, the wings of the nose, chin, forehead are used. All lines are carefully chosen.

Bronzer and highlight: how to apply?

Apply the bronzer and highlightUnlike Bronze Highlight lighter and easier. His main task is to align the accents in make-up. It clarifies those parts of the person who need to emphasize in makeup and make expressive and attractive. Highlight and Bronzator perfectly "work" in a pair to hide small flaws on the skin of the face and effectively emphasize the merits of your appearance.

Apply Bronzer

  • Apply on the skin a tonal basis or a corrector, we grow well enough.
  • Apply a bit of a little bronze to all the protruding parts: cheekbones, whiskey, nose wings, chin, a little on the neck and zone of neckline.
  • Good growing agent with a tassel.
  • Apply a little means for the same zones.
  • Walk through the processed areas to be sponed to remove excess and soak well the skin.

We inflate highlight

  • Scatterly apply a means to convex sections: bones under the eyes, on the temples, above the eyebrows, in the upper eyelid (under eyebrows), in the inner corner of the eye, on the back of the nose, above the upper lip.
  • Good grow in a highlyer tassel.
  • Go through the treated zones to the sponge, in order to absorb it well into the skin and evenly distribute the highlight.

Bronzer: what to choose?

How to get bronzer

The main criteria in the choice of the Bronzezer is:

  • Skin type (oily, dry, normal, combined);
  • Leather shade (light, porcelain, dark);
  • Purpose (for party, for solarium or beach).
  • Format (stick, fluid, powder, gel, cream).

Type of skin

  • Outlies of oily skin requires no brilliance and shimmer. Matte products are easier and eliminated with natural shine, characteristic of oily skin.
  • Dry skin is suitable for a cream or gel-based agent, containing moisturizing components in the composition.
  • Girls with combination skin it is better to use several funds: for dry and oily skin, depending on which parts are applied by the bronzer.

In color dermis

  • The drive must be for a couple of tones darker skin.
  • The best way to choose the bronzer is to apply on the face and consider it in daytime sunlight, and not with the light of the store lamps.
  • Do not try your hand wrist, because the skin in this zone is usually darker than on the face.

By targets

Different types of brocketsFor the party optimally, to give preference to powdered means. They are easily applied, uniformly chosen. With them, you definitely do not "overdo it." For everyday use, crumbly powdered products are suitable with a matte basis.

For solarium and tanning, cream or gels are needed on the beach.

In format

The easiest way to use the option - powder with a brizer. It is not difficult to use it at all. You just need to apply a brush and grow well. It is more difficult to use sticks and fluids. For proper application, it will be necessary to practice slightly and purchase the skill.

Cream and gels are also easy to use. The main thing is uniform applying to the skin and good decisiveness with a brush.

How can I replace the bronzer?

If the bronzer is over, it can be prepared at home, using natural ingredients. Bimmer at home

You will need:

  • Tablespoon cocoa powder;
  • Two tablespoons of cinnamon in powder;
  • Teaspoon of nutmeg in powder;
  • Several droplets of essential rose oil;
  • A little less tablespoon of food starch.

Mix all the ingredients, put in a small jar and tie to the skin on the skin when you consider it necessary. Such a means will not only make a person more attractive, but also take care of your skin.


Bronzator - easy to use a means of decorative cosmetics with which you will always be spectacular. The main thing is to correctly pick up the desired shade and apply it in accordance with the face form and the recommendations of the makeup artists.

The perfect features of the face, clearly defined lines of cheekbones and noble shimmering otlings - what we used to see from Hollywood stars, but not in real life. Fortunately, the modern cosmetic industry is developing increasingly and rapidly, making innovative products of the visa. In recent years, the Make-UP with elements of stritting and contouring has been gaining all the most popularity. It turns out that it is quite easy to make it, if you know where and how to apply the bronzer and highlight for the face. Tell me below!

The content of the article

  1. What is it needed for
  2. How to prepare the skin before applying
  3. Face Bronzer: What it is, how to use and what to buy
  4. That he can: the challenges of the bronzer
  5. Where and how to apply the bronzer on the face
  6. Basic techniques bronzing
  7. Bronze selection rules: Where to watch when buying
  8. How to apply - step by step
  9. What brush is better to apply
  10. Highlight: Unlimited lighting possibilities
  11. How to Apply: Professional Approach
  12. Highlight and Bronzator Application Schemes: Face and Treasure Rule

What is it needed for

Many girls will surely ask the question: "Why do you need a bronzer?". We tell!

With it, you can easily:

  • Provide a fresh rested form, disguise small defects and imperfections;
  • Perform high-quality neat contouring, emphasizing high cheekbones, adjusting the facial oval or nasal shape;
  • Make spicy accents in make-up.

Of course, it is possible to achieve the designated results only if the cosmetic shade is correctly selected.

Facial Bimmer How to Apply

How to prepare the skin before applying

The key to a successful visa - prepared skin. Below in detail telling which manipulations to do with the face:

  • First of all, it is necessary to get rid of the existing peeling. For these purposes, it is good for classic scrubs and more innovative products, for example, Korean rolling mysteries.
  • The second step is moisturizing. You can use the daily cream or serum activator.
  • As soon as the leaving agent is absorbed, proceed to applying the primer. It is he who provides a smooth uniform coating, masks imperfections (expanded pores, small scars and irregularities, etc.).
  • After the primer there is a tonal coating. Important detail: If there are some serious rashes or redness, they need to be masked with a consistent.

Then there are two strategies of action: if the bronzer is liquid, then it is applied to the powder, if dry is the opposite. This is a fundamental makeup rule: wet textures should not be applied over bulk.

Face Bronzer: What it is, how to use and what to buy

The modern cosmetic industry offers a wide range of diverse brizers, which may vary in the form of release, as well as appointment. According to the functional basis, they can be divided into:

  • Create a visual effect of tanning, contains painting pigments;
  • used before visiting the solarium, activate the absorption of UV rays;
  • Applied in front of the beach, contribute to a deeper and rich color;
  • Do not absorb into the skin, ensuring a short-term tan effect.

As for the form of the issue, liquid, bulk, solid and creamy are distinguished here:

  • powder;
  • cream (may also be gel or emulsion);
  • Fluid;
  • Stick.

The choice of cosmetics is a matter of taste, as well as practical skills and skills. If you are new to the Makeup World, stop on the format of powder or poek. They are most convenient to use, will allow the desired results faster.

Bronzator what it is

That he can: the challenges of the bronzer

Above, we have already considered key problems that solves the drive, but in real life there is an opportunity to significantly expand its scope. How else can you use this new-fashioned tool for a commercial?

  • If necessary, it replaces the blush (for example, if they are over, or there is no suitable shade at hand);
  • Its texture is well mixed with powder, which allows you to change and correct it tone. This manipulation is particularly relevant in the summer, when the face sunburst under the action of sunlight and familiar funds are too light.

Thus, it is quite useful in everyday life cosmetic product that solves a variety of tasks.


Where and how to apply the bronzer on the face

Make-up with the use of the Bronze is impossible without a clear understanding of the application scheme. So, it should be located:

  • on the cheeks;
  • under the bottom lip;
  • by slash lines;
  • on the wings of the nose;
  • on certain frontal zones.

Applying it to the specified places, you must thoroughly grow it so that there are no obvious brown spots in the end.

What is the bronzators

Basic techniques bronzing

Of course, the contours of the face of each person are individual and unique, and therefore, when performing Make-Up, it is necessary to take into account the existing geometry. However, the most often professional makeup artists use the following technologies in their work:

  • "The effect of a tan", when the main part is applied with a wide brush to the area of ​​the Rumyanta, and the rest is distributed throughout the perimeter, creating a darker shade.
  • "Averaged scheme" when bronzing implies only point drawing of lines.

Bronze selection rules: Where to watch when buying

The selection of a cosmetic means is always a difficult task, the solution of which takes a lot of strength and energy. What should pay attention to when buying a bronzer? We tell below.

Form release

First, you should be comfortable in working with a bronzing tool, and, secondly, it should be like a skin type. Taking into account this fact, we can allocate the following selection principles:

  • Such owners are recommended to give preference to nutrient creamy textures;
  • Girls with a fatty T-zone are perfectly suitable;
  • Optimal solutions for fatty skin - gel.


When choosing a color, the primary rule applies: the drive must be a couple of tones of darker skin.

  • Caramel color gamut is perfectly suitable for ceraims;
  • Darkovankam should pay attention to the honey and coffee palette;
  • For girls with olive, brown shades with bluish splashes.

Guided by the principles given above, you can choose the perfect cosmetics.

Bimmer for the face what it is

How to apply - step by step

To simplify the Make-UP execution process as much as possible, below give a detailed phased guide:

  1. Prepare the skin (this includes cleansing, moisturizing, tone alignment).
  2. Slide the necessary zones with a brizer.
  3. Carefully grow in the pigment, armed with a good brush.

Your Excellent Hollywood Make-AP is ready!

What brush is better to apply

Two types of brushes are used to create a lightweight tanning effect - Kabuki and contouring brush. The first gently distributes cosmetics without leaving strips and divorces, the second allows you to perform more rigid contouring, drawing strict lines.

how to use a face bronzer

Highlight: Unlimited lighting possibilities

What is a highlyer, how to use it and what is different from the bronzer? This is a unique cosmetic product that allows you to create noble natural highlighting and shine. He is noticeably transforming the face, adding to him notes of tenderness and romanticism.

What can

A distinctive feature is a translucent texture that is saved in such a state even after contact with the skin. That is why it is unlikely to be combined to mask the aesthetic defects and imperfections, however, with it, you can:

  • refresh appearance, hide traces of fatigue;
  • adjust the geometry of the face, giving the volume of lips by emphasizing the shine of the eyes;
  • Arrange spicy seductive accents.

Important: Do not wear a remedy over acne - it will make them even more noticeable.

Where to apply highlight

Several zones are highlighted where the highlighting cosmetics can be applied:

  • eye corners;
  • "Cupidions onions" above the lip;
  • region over cheekbones;
  • Thin edging under eyebrow;
  • Flat surface of the forehead.

The distribution of the product in such a sequence allows you to create a fashionable make-up corresponding to the last trends.

How to use the brocket

Forms of release

As a bronzer, highlighter is produced in four formats:

  • Highlighting the Rumyan - dry texture;
  • Pack - creamy shimmering mass;
  • fluid - nutritional essence, not allowing dry skin;
  • helium concentrate providing reliable fixation.

You can choose cosmetics based on personal preferences and flavors.

How to Apply: Professional Approach

Despite the different functional destination, these products have many similar features. For example, they are used to give a fresh and rested species, correct precursor of accents, architectural modeling. At the same time, the bronzing darkens certain areas of the skin, as if by leading the disadvantages of "in the shadow", and the highlighting, on the contrary, allows for focusing on the advantages. In modern visge, these techniques are used in the complex to achieve more notable results.

How to apply bronzer

Highlight and Bronzator Application Schemes: Face and Treasure Rule

The success of makeup is largely determined by the ability to determine the front type, draw contours and parts according to its features. That is why before starting to directly fulfill the Make-AP, carefully look into your own reflection.


Face form matters

Severe six basic formats:

  • oval - practically does not need to be contouring, it is enough to put a pair of accents, thereby emphasizing the dignity;
  • Ellipse (elongated) - the main emphasis should be done on the forehead and chin to visually reduce the distance between them;
  • Circle - cheekbones are subjected to hard contour;
  • Square - darkened on the sides and lights in the center;
  • a triangle - darkened temporal shares;
  • Textured - bronze and highlighted technology are adjusted for specific features.

In the photo, each form is clearly demonstrated above.

"Troika" from the bronzer: just and understandable

The easiest way to perform a fashionable make-up - draw a figure three as shown in the photo below. The beginning of the picture displays the zone where it is necessary to emphasize the hair growth line, the middle - cheekbones, the end - chin. Just select the designated colors and grow labeled.

how to apply bronzer on face

Video: contouring

To secure all the material considered, we bring to your attention a video lesson, what is needed and how to use the face bronzer

Bronzer is one of the most cool makeup products. And one of the most incomprehensible and undervalued. Together with the makeup artist Lena playing, we understand how to choose it, to apply and what effect you can get.

Usually, Bronzesers are included in the summer collection of makeup, and it confuses somewhat. Why do I need a powder with the effect of a tan, if I have in the summer and so (presumably :) there is a tan? And the rest of the year to use it, it turns out, inappropriate? Well, if there is no such format in the autumn / winter collections? Or you can, but as a sculptor? 🙂

For those who did not understand why, why do you need a bronzer, and did not appreciate what he is cool, we are played by the guide with Lena.

Elena Playd

Makeup artist, author of the blog My Face But Better and our Columnist

"If there is a bronzer, a consillion and bright lipstick in my hiking cosmetics - we can assume that everything you need with me."

What is a bronzer, and why is it needed?

The drive gives the skin with a tinge. But not necessarily such a poorest, as after two weeks in the Turkish beach. It can be a tan ... Gentle, which you get after the summer walk. Consider that the drive replaces it. It removes dullness and creates an impression that you are not sitting at the laptop monitor from 09:00 to 18:00. Is it worth using the bronzer in autumn and winter? Hmm, let me think 🙂

When I say that the bronzer is one of the most universal cosmetics, I'm not kidding. If you correctly select a shade and texture, it is possible a) to master the light daily smokers; b) expand the palette of the Rumen and lipstick; c) learn to do one touch of a tonal cream in winter and summer; d) Strengthen the brightness of freckles or hide pigment spots, because on the background of the bronze they will become less contrasting.


What is the difference between the drive from the sculptor?

The task of the sculptor is to make a face more embossed and bring its shape to oval. It imitates a natural shadow, and for this he must have a dirty gray shade. Therefore, therefore, red-haired cheekbones (when the brinser is applied) they seem so strange and unnatural.

The tan (and the drive) can be golden or chocolate, more yellow or pink - but in any case it is warmer and brighter source skin.

In theory, it is clear, but in practice it happens confusion. Some sculptors have a warm subtock and look like Bronzemen. Separate bronze can imitate the shadow on the dark and warm along the skin (if you are just this, keep in mind). In general, it is better to focus on the color of the tools, and not only on its name.

I have very bright skin, and all the Bronzemen seem to be red. Search further or accept that I do not need it?

Here are options. Firstly, it is possible that your funds still inappropriate shade, or you do not do it there / not that brush. Read this text to the end and check yourself. Secondly, there is a chance - and quite big - that you just do not like warm shades in make-up. Just as some are convinced that it is categorically not red lipstick. Such a purely psychological barrier. When you are ready for the Bronze - he will find you, do not doubt :)

Perhaps a separate case - girls with extremely Light skin. Milky white. If you apply the brutal only on the face, it may seem that your head exists separately from the body. In this case, it is necessary to apply it on the neck, handbrushes, legs - all unacted clothing areas. It seems that it is for a long time and freezing, and it's easier to score at all on the bronzer. Not worth it! Especially since 3-4 extra progress brush is not such a terrible freeze. In addition, it is on girls with such a type - bright skin and iris eye, bronze smokes look awesome. Try using powder with a tanning effect as shadows.

And dark girls need a brizer? What for?

Smooth skin can also be dim and earthy. Make the color of the face a little brighter is never superfluous. And secondly, maybe the tan goes to you, but you always go to a high SPF cream - why not use the drive?

How to pick up a hue?

August - Ideal time to buy a bronzer. Look at the outdoor and back side of the forearm: usually the first to the end of the summer is evenly sunbathe, and the second remains light. Apply a thin layer of the Bronze on the back side and compare with the natural tan. If they almost coincide with a shade - you found suitable.

You can still focus on the color of pigment specks, if you have. Look at their shade. How warm it is? Maybe reddish, reddish, brown? Apply a barrier is optional: melanin is saturated color. Therefore, if you compare, then with an unreasonable drop of a bronze or a shade of powder in the package.

Spring girl is better to apply a brutzer face. There, where the maximum concentration of freckles. If they pale on his background - this is your product.

And - It is important to everyone, and dark, and light, and those who have freckles! - Before making a purchase decision, test (necessarily on the face) 2-3 shade. You can not imagine how stripping can be contrast. It seems that everything seems to be similar, and the effect is from "nn-well, poy-a-a-aluy" and - "Yes! This is it!".

Maybe it's easier to take a palette with three shades, from light to dark?

Not the most practical solution. To use, most likely, you will still be alone. And if the least suitable sector (too pink or shining) will be in the center, you will inevitably get into it to climb a brush. Moreover, the brush is needed big. But about it below.

With shimmer-shimmer-shine or without?

The bronzer with sparkles is more difficult to control: you want to add more color, and you get more sparks. For a party - approx. For applying to the body - yes. But for the business lunch on the terrace, the brutal with a matte or satin finish is better fit.

Powder or cream?

The most universal - powder, but certainly silky in texture. It can also be used for eye makeup.

  • Lena Choice: Easy Bronzing Powder Nars, SEASIDE Tint
  • Sunlit Bronzer, Becca
  • Murumbu Butter, Physicians Formula in the shade "Light Tan"
  • Bronzing Powder Extreme Bronze Radiant, Pupa

But if you are completely novice, take cream. Chances to put a stain on the face will be zero. Light gel textures are never fixed tightly. Loaded - grow in. It seems that all the same Too Much? Rent still.

  • Lena Choice: Bronzing Gel Bronzing Gel, Sensai
  • Liquid Bronzer Laguna, Nars
  • Bronzing Gel for Men Bronzing Gel For Men, Tom Ford

How and where to apply it?

It is difficult to light up through the locking well-) Therefore, so that the bronzer looks natural, it is necessary to apply it generously. You to help - a big brush and determination to apply it to the whole face. Well, almost everything :)

It is necessary to cover all the protruding areas: forehead, whiskey, nose, chin, cheekbones. (NB: Bronzer is not a sculptor, and his place on the cheekbone, and not under the zhulic bone). Do not forget about ears and clavicle.

The movement of the brush can be either S-shaped (do not carry a brush on the cheek, go to the temporal zone and go down to the lower jaw), or you expressively tail up the brush's side parts of the face, as if we remove the hair remnants immediately after the haircut. And do not press the brush: the pile must barely touch the skin. Have you ever touched a "absolutely accidental" tail cat going past on his cat affairs? That's the most sensation.

So what kind of brush still apply?

The natural effect can be achieved only with a large and soft brush (on a flat, coming in a set with a bronzer, it is better not to hope at all).

But not Kabuki: it is easy to edit random spots. To move the movements lightly, without pressure, the brush should have a long handle. I like dofibra and large synthetic brushes.

UPS seems to have caused too much Bronze and my "tan" seems like a pigment spot. What to do?

The same thing that makes a pigment spot: take a brush with the residues of a tonal cream and try to disguise it slightly. Especially carefully (but smooth light movements) pass on the edges of the decisive.

By the way, you can do otherwise: first apply the brutal (Push and more slower), and then - a tone cream. If the tone is not the most dense, the bronzer will still be through it to shine. The most like is natural and naturally.

I lies 5 (7.10) the brutals purchased in forgetting. None categorically suits. Throw out and forget? Or are there any options?

Pouder can be mixed with any leaving or serum, even with body lotion. Just swipe on the surface of the Bronze, and then the same finger jump out the cream and pull in the palms so that they should be mixed. It will be care with tit-effect. (Body cream is applied, of course, on the body :)

Try this trick to repeat with a tonal cream. It turns out a darker shade, and you do not have to buy a separate tone for the summer.

And in the same way you can mix the bronzer with boring lipsticks or blush. It is not excluded that interesting new shades will turn out.

Do you have difficulty using the Bronze? What kind?

See also:

Photo1.There is no such a girl who the tan would not be to face: shining skin with a golden tint and natural makeup will decorate any fair sex representative.

However, trips to the warm edges happen not as often as I would like, and the regular visit to the solarium is not welcomed by doctors and cosmetologists.

Fortunately, an alternative is: a cream for a solarium with a bronzer can literally save the day before the festive event and revive the face pale in the absence of sunny days.

Bimmer and Bronzemen: fundamental differences

Bronzator: What is it? And brizer? Bronzing funds are divided into four categories:

  • Bimmer type & laquo, auto market & raquo, & mdash, emulsions that are intensively affecting the upper layers of epidermis and causing pigmentation in the absence of sun rays.
  • Bimmer for solarium & mdash, tanning activators, reinforcing the effect of ultraviolet lamps. Using them, it is possible for several sessions to turn into a chocolate mulatto.
  • Comprehensive tanning facilities with Bronzators & MDash, Beach cosmetics with UV filter and bronzing components.
  • Bronzebers & MDASH, tinting agents designed for one-time use. These are powders, creams, aerosols that cover the skin with a thin layer of dye and easily washed off with water.

Auto Bank Effect Means

Photo2.The first group brimators act due to the substance that is stimulating the production of melanin.

Most means uses dihydroxyacetone (DGA), which reacts with epidermis proteins with the formation of a dark pigment, as a result of which skin color changes.

DGA acts superficially, not penetrating deep into, so artificial tan is preserved for a short time: the outer layer of the epidermis is constantly updated. The tan can be maintained by applying the emulsion again, once in 3 & minus, 4 days.

There are natural bronzer on the basis of walnut extracts, coffee beans, henna, beta-carotene & mdash, they stimulate the production of melanin from the inside and & laquo, tinted & raquo, the skin is outside.

The accumulative effect of the use of plant agents is enhanced when exposed to sunlight, so it is recommended to be used in combination with sun baths or an active vacation.

Combined tools contain DGA and natural substances & MDASH, in the complex they act intense on the skin. Such developments, as a rule, come from the conveyor of companies specializing in the release of professional cosmetics for a tanning, which is more expensive than popular mass demand bronzers.

Cosmetics for auto markets are produced in different forms:

  • Emulsions (lotions, milk, creams, gels),
  • sprays (fluids, aerosols),
  • Napkins impregnated with the bronzer.

Each form & mdash, its advantages. Thus, lotions and creams are more economical, but in the absence of proper snacks in application can leave stains and divorces on the body. Fluids and aerosols guarantee a smooth tan, but there is enough single bottle of Learning & Mdash, on 5 & minus, 6 times. The napkins are comfortable to take with you on the road, but at home to use them is unprofitable & mdash, the cost of one procedure is several times higher than using a lotion.

Tanning with bronzers: solarium and beach

Photo3.Cosmetics for solarium with a bronzing effect will help not only quickly heat up, but also get a beautiful shade & mdash, tropical chocolate or Mediterranean gold & mdash, as if you were not dangerous by the sea under the palm trees, and not under the light of ultraviolet lamps.

Why do I need a bronzer for the face? The bronzer adjusts the color of the body, levels the overall tone, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protecting it from the drain. Some products contain neutralizers that eliminate the specific smell, which remains on the body after insolation.

Emulsions with a UV filter and bronzer for a natural beach tan have a comprehensive effect: nourish and protect the skin from exposure to radiation and sun rays, accelerate the tan and give the skin a golden hue. From ordinary means, they are distinguished by the presence of the coloring substances (extract from coffee beans, the extract of the walnut, henna shell) and beta carotene.

How to apply the face bronzer

Photo4.If you want to get a quality result & mdash, a resistant and uniform shade & mdash, from the use of cosmetics for auto market, Observe the following rules :

  • Moisturize the skin from the inside: use lotions, drink a lot of fluid, take the necessary vitamins. Cells saturated with moisture, actively produce a pigment, while the sore epithelium is rapidly buried and is listed, as a result of which the tan of & laquo slides & raquo, stains.
  • A week before the first procedure, refuse to use creams and lotions, which contains alpha-acids (AHA): the interaction of these substances from DGA threatens an unpredictable result.
  • Epilation is done for 1 & minus, 2 days before insolation or auto market, so that the skin is smooth during procedure and did not have inflamed foci.
  • New Tool for AvtoGar Test in an inconspicuous place & mdash, make sure that it does not give a red or carrot shade.

On the body of cream-tanger, it is better to apply a special mitten or in latex gloves & mdash if you do not want to get a brown palm and a dark border around the nails.

Before the procedure, take a warm shower, make a peeling with a scrub and dryly wash your towel so that moisture remains on the body. Each unnoticed water drop on the skin will be wrapped with a light spot or an interface against a tan.

Press the emulsion by massaging movements on the skin quickly and evenly. Legs process up & mdash, from the feet to the thighs, then the buttocks and stomach, hands & mdash, from the brushes to the shoulders, starting from the outside. Lastly, the bronzer is applied on the shoulders and the area of ​​the neckline. In the places of folds, folds, on the elbows, kneels use less emulsion: here the pigment will appear brighter.

Do not dress until the tool is absorbed. Cannot be located, sit down, lean the body to any surfaces for 10 & minus, 30 minutes . Modern fluids and sprays are absorbed almost immediately, and milk and creams & MDASH, before half an hour, you will find accurate information on the label. Note that the Bronzator & MDash is a means that stains the fabric within a few hours after the procedure: try so that the clothes are not too cramped, that is, it did not fit tightly to the skin.

On the face of the auto market to apply evenly & mdash, exactly the same as the usual cosmetics. To avoid the unwanted effect of the mask, before the procedure, processes the nutritional cream of hair growth and eyebrows.

After opening the bottle with the bronzer, it is better to keep in the refrigerator & mdash, so it will retain its properties longer.

Decorative Bronzemen for Face and Body

Photo5.Tint Bronzemen are divided into two types: universal body products and face cosmetics.

  • First include fluids and aerosols, tinting the skin. With their help, you can quickly put in order hands, legs, decolve area and other parts of the body that will be naked, & mdash, but only one evening, to the first water procedure.
  • Facial Bronzemen & Mdash, these make-up tools that allow you to draw a complexion or highlight individual sections. In combination with a highlighter and powder, the brutal will help correct the contours, reduce or emphasize the cheekbones, visually change the form of the forehead and nose, to refood the shortcomings and emphasize attention on the advantages.

How to apply makeup using bronze

PhotoThe bronzing powder for the face should be darker skin & mdash, one or three tones.

On sale there are ready-made palettes for late-skinned girls and dwarfish labeled with appropriate labels. The first is natural chocolate and golden-creamy tones, and the latter can experiment with terracotta and brick shades.

For sculpture in makeup, matte products are used, and for giving the image of glamorous glitter & MDASH, pearl . To use the bronzer is easy, the main thing is & mdash, know how to apply it correctly.

  • Dry bronzer. Prepare your face: Moisten the skin with low-fat cream, put an alignment primer (here we wrote what it is) and / or the tonal base of a warm shade, let's drink. The matte brutzer is applied with a soft brush in those places where you need to emphasize, or, on the contrary, hide the natural bends: the nose, cheekbones, the contours of the forehead and chin, and after carefully chosen so that the borders of the shades from the dark to light can be seen.
  • The cream base is brutalized on top of the moisturizing cream and / or primer in combination with a highlyer. Do not put it with a solid layer & mdash, pay attention to the chests, face contours and individual zones, and & laquo, distressed & raquo, hide the places with a highland.

Combining in make-up Bronzer and Highlight & Mdash, shadowing and highlighting individual sites & MDASH, you can visually change the features of the face and their contours as you wish:

  • narrow or shorten the nose
  • simulate protruding cheeks
  • reduce forehead or, on the contrary, make it convex,
  • reduce cheeks, narrow face
  • give the clarity contour of the face,
  • Raise the corners of the lips up, etc.

What is this bronzer and bronzer and how they correctly use What is this bronzer and bronzer and how they correctly use What is this bronzer and bronzer and how they correctly use

Shimmering Bronzer & Laquo touch & raquo, only cheekbones & mdash, like a blush & mdash, as the last stroke. Do not cover your face completely: excess gloss will spoil the impression of makeup, because For most people, it is associated with glossy skin.

Selecting the bronzer, the features of the epidermis should be taken into account, the tendency to allergic reactions and its color (cold or warm tones). The owner of normal skin can afford any remedy, while the rest must comply with the recommendations.

  • Dry skin is suitable moisturizing and nutritional explosions, stickers and cream powders of bronze shades.
  • And Bumbered for oily skin? If your skin is prone to fatty shine, pay attention to the matting powder-bronze and light gels.
  • & Laquo, problems & raquo, on the face (acne, inflammation, scars) require special care and thorough preparation: you will need a primer, masking disadvantages and fills & MDASH, otherwise the drive will be blown uneven and emphasized the existing defects.

How to choose the correct bronzer

Photo10.When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to its marking. The vial indicates the influence intensity or type of skin for which this means is intended.

If you have a pale leather, start with lightweight auto products: they are less than dyes and DGA. If you are dark from nature or have already managed to darken in the sun, use intensive emulsions.

Some manufacturers indicate a tanning color label & mdash, golden, bronze, chocolate & mdash, you will receive this tint at the end of the procedure.

Explore the composition of the product: The bronzer is dry by the epidermis, so moisturizing and nutrient components must be present in it: shea oil, aloe extract, grape seed oil, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, etc.

  • Floresan. The sunscreen cosmetics of the Russian brand has proven itself: spray-tanker with Shea oil and hyaluronic acid gives a steady shade (golden or bronze), quickly absorbed and easily applied, solid oil & laquo, chocolate & raquo, it smells, is perfectly distributed and, in addition to a flat tan, saturates Skin extra moisture. According to customer reviews, the quality of the bronzers of this brand significantly exceeds their cost (100 & minus, 150 rubles).
  • Photo11.

  • Garnier Ambre Solaire. Spray-Aerosol & Mdash, a real find for those who do not like to dump hands. It can be applied remotely, at any angle, which is especially relevant for back processing. The tone is obtained golden, without yellowness and inclination. The only minus & mdash, rapid flow. Garnier Milk also has also proven itself among auto markets: girls note a resistant effect and natural shade. Price: 400 & Minus, 500 rub.
  • What is this bronzer and bronzer and how they correctly use

  • L & Rsquo, Oreal. The company produces high-quality emulsions and sprays for rapid auto markets. The buyers praise the products of this brand for easy application, smooth natural shade and resistance of the pigment. The average cost of the Bronzators: 500 & Minus, 600 rubles.
  • Photo12.

  • St. Moriz & Mdash, English brand of bronzing means. The assortment has bodies for the body (spray, napkins) and the bronzer with the effect of auto market (spray, lotion, mousse). Those who tried the means of this brand on themselves, praise the quality, intensity of chocolate tanning and lack of & laquo, flaws & raquo, on the skin. The price is a bit bitting & Mdash, 600 & Minus, 700 rubles. For the bottle, but the result is worth it.
  • What is this bronzer and bronzer and how they correctly use

    The range of creams for solarium with the bronzer is very large, and to figure out which one is better, sometimes difficult. What to pay attention to first?

    • Intensity . If you sunbathe not so long ago, give preference to the medium degree of bronzing & mdash, you will get a beautiful color and golden shade without redness and irritation. Powerful bronzers can only be used on dark and well-tanned skin. If you just started visiting the solarium, you will have to refuse & Mdash, it is better to use the tanning activator.
    • Comprehensive action . Modern funds are not limited to bronzing, their formulas include reducing complexes, tonic substances, rejuvenating and anti-cellulite systems. The bronzer can simultaneously perform several tasks: enhance the effect of insolation, improve liquid microcirculation and stimulate metabolic processes.

    Modern developments in the field of cosmetology stepped far forward, and look fresh, rested and tanned & mdash, as if you just returned from vacation & Mdash, you can now go all year round. Use verified tools, follow the rules and recommendations, do not forget to be interested in novelties & mdash, and your skin will always shine!

    Useful video

    How to use the bronzer in the form of a face?


Tanned skin is invariably associated with recreation and high-quality care. The bronzer for the face is a simple and effective way to achieve a soft brown shade even during winter gloomy days.

What is and why do you need a face bronzer

The bronzer or bronzer is a cosmetic containing artificial or natural dyes. They give the skin a healthy tank of tanning, without damaging the epidermis, as when visiting a solarium. At the same time, the drive can also be used as a means for contouring, like a highlight or luminiser.

Girl inflicts bronzer on face
Girl inflicts bronzer on face

In this case, it is customary to apply not to the entire surface of the face, but solely on the depressions to give them dramaticness. The differences between all the brimators applied in the visy are in their form of release.

Types of brockets:

  • Powders . Have a crumbling or pressed structure characteristic of cosmetic dry funds. Recommended for use on the skin, prone to the appearance of oily shine. Often have matting properties, but do not replace a tone cream or a consiler;
  • Gels, creams . In contrast to powdered products, have a liquid or gel structure. Ideal for use on dry or mature skin face, since it allows you to evenly distribute the "tan";
  • The pencils . Comfortable in the contouring of the face and body: they allow you to beautifully allocate certain features, clearly limiting the dimming section. At home, professional products effectively replace even simple brown pencils for eyes or eyebrows.

How to apply bronzer on face

To properly apply the bronzer on the face, you need to carefully prepare the basis. For this, the face will be built and moistened with cream, after that a tone base or cream is applied to it.

Cosmetics scheme for contouring
Cosmetics scheme for contouring

Step-by-step instructions with video, how to use the bronzer for the face:

  1. Initially, the bronzer is applied solely for the highest point of the cheekbone. This depression is easy to find, if you stretch the lips with a "tube". In order for the correction to look natural, you need to observe a linear rhythm. In other words, the line of application of the bronze should go parallel to the lines of the cheekbones and the lower jaw. Such a scheme is universal for all forms of skull;
  2. For a harmonious combination, a small amount of corrective product is added to the temporal depression and the lower part of the chin;
  3. The most important and difficult thing is to evenly distribute the drive on the skin. Do not erase, but growing. In order not to make dark "dirty" stains, we recommend working with a wide brush for the Rumyan. The moving movement, on the cheeks and temples you need to move to the hair of the head, and on the chin pulling into the cheek;
  4. Next, the nose is adjusted. This will allow the visual to make it more accurate and narrow (or remove the hubber). To do this, from the beginning of the inner part of the eyebrows, you need to go through the sides of the nose. Touch the backless. On this dimming ends.

Video : how to use the bronzer

In order for the relief to be more expressive, on the middle of the forehead, the back of the nose and eyebrows is applied to a highlight. It will allow highlights of light to emphasize the differences between the cheekbones and cheeks.

Choose the best bronzer: review

In order for you to independently study reviews on this type of proofreaders, we made the top rating, where they were allocated, what the most effective and high-quality bronzer. The review compared not only elite brands, but also cosmetics masters.

Avon Blush Bronze Trio (Avon) It offers three products at once in one. This poke contains powder (it, highlyer), blush and bronzer. An ideal solution for saving space in cosmetic bags, but is distinguished by a bright red sidney.

Avon Blush & Bronze Trio
Avon Blush & Bronze Trio

Bahama Mama from Thebalm (Bahamas Mom) It is characterized by a very dense structure - when applied to the brush it is practically not dust. It has a wonderful shade with cold-color notes. It looks very natural and suits the owners of light skin.

Bahama Mama from Thebalm
Bahama Mama from Thebalm

Dr IRENA Eris Provoke Bronzer (Dr. Irena) - Elite broner of Polish production, but the reviews claim that its quality is not inferior to French analogues. It consists of active moisturizing elements that are not only painted in the natural color of the sun, but also care for her.

Dr IRENA ERIS Provoke Bronzer
Dr IRENA ERIS Provoke Bronzer

Feature of cosmetics firm Judith August Cosmetics. It is that this bronzer can be used for face and body. It contains mineral particles, due to which refers to mineral means.

Effect After using Judith August Cosmetics
Effect After using Judith August Cosmetics

Burberry Warm Glow Bronzer (Burberry) - the bronzing powder of an elite class. Refers to matting agents. Mildly lies and is distinguished by the lack of red subtonum. When applied, the effect of a cold tan is obtained.

In 2014, the company Sisley Paris (Sisley) released a revolutionary bronzing powder - PHYTO-TOUCHE ILLUSION D'ETE . The product consistency is dry, powder itself is very strongly pressed. This guarantees the lack of excess dust when used. It also contains reflective particles.


The company Vivien Sabo has three bronzers, which are worthy of attention. it VIVIENNE SABO ETE EN VILLE , Voyage St.Tropez. и Poudre Bronzante. . It does not contain sparkles or other light scattering components, but is known for a strong bronzing effect. It looks very worthy, despite the relatively low cost.

If you are looking for a bronzer without a Rye, then pay attention to the products Benefit Hoola Bronzer . His description will not cost without providing the composition, because he is one of its kind, unique. It does not contain any shimmer, but is enriched with vitamins and minerals. With an external inspection, some redhead can be revealed, but when applied to a tone cream, this subton completely disappears.

Unlike Benefit, bronzing powder from CATRICE SUN GLOW SHIMMERING BRONZING POWDER Contains sparkles and reflecting particles. Due to the pleasant consistency, it can be applied on the face (cheekbones, chin or whiskey), as well as a zone neckline.

Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder
Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (Chanel) - This is not just a bronzing gel, but rather mousse. Included in the premium class of the bronzer. It is applied with soft movements to all the depressions on the face, it is not necessary to even use brushes or spongats for smooth coating.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

Bronzing powder PUPA (PUP) 4SUN BRONZING POWDER Presented in four shades. Affordable price and a pleasant texture made this tool beloved in many girls. This is an example of inexpensive, but high-quality cosmetics. Unfortunately, the tool casts redness and does not suit the winners of the cold color.

4sun Bronzing Powder.
4sun Bronzing Powder.

Truck Marci CLARINS RADIANCE-PLUS GOLDEN GLOW BOOSTER - This is a liquid matte bronzer for the skin of the face and body. The main differences between the Honey Auto Plant and the Tenting Assignment in the appointment and principle of action. The first tool is intended for a long effect, while powder or gel is used exclusively "for the evening".


A more affordable analogue Claranus is represented by brand Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning (Kanebo Sensei) . It is also not spray, but gel, providing quick gold radiance on the body and face. Replaces not only sunbathing, but also a popular cane tan.

Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning
Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning

In the same series Golden Lotion Lumene Natural Bronze. . It is a high-quality Polish skin moisturizing after a shower, which besides nutrition and moisture also stains the epidermis into a soft bronze tint. In this series there is a gel and spray.

Lumene Natural Bronze.
Lumene Natural Bronze.

Mac Bronzing Powder (MAS) Creates on the face the thinnest translucent pellerine, which highlights the warmth. Even with a solid application, it will not be possible to make a dark spot on the face - the structure of the powder is so thin that even on light skin, the means will fall as much as possible.

Mac Bronzing Powder
Mac Bronzing Powder

Powder Bronzator in Balls "Bronzing Pearls" from Divage Presented by the perfect tinge to obtain a natural tanning effect. Such a "pearl" structure allows not to overdo it using a bronze.

Unusual powder Maybelline Master Sculpt (Maibellin) Allows you to create a covered effect of contouring with a minimum cosmetics. Due to golden sequins, the remedy creates an elegant glow on the cheeks and highlights the cheekbones.


Professional American firm NYX. offers fans matting bronzer Matte Bronzer Poudre. . Dense texture saves product consumption, and water resistant qualities are ideal for use in summer.


Face powder Judith Williams Beauty Queen LEOPARD BRONZER gives the skin soft glow similar to the first spring tan. Consists of two pigments: light and dark. In addition to the bronzing, it also has a matting effect.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre - This is a sparkling powder bronzer from bourgeois. The manufacturer took care of the high quality of cosmetics and beautiful packaging: Stick is divided into 4 parts and resembles a chocolate tile. On the skin except the tanning there are no extra shades (pink or yellow).

Bourjois Delice de Poudre
Bourjois Delice de Poudre

Bronzator Guerlain Terracotta Poudre Bronzate (Gerlend) Also a representative of cosmetics premium segment like Dior or Chanel. It is characterized by a bright dark pigment, so it is applied solely on the skin of a natural beige shade, but not lighter. When used can be slightly pink.

Guerlain Terracotta Poudre Bronzate
Guerlain Terracotta Poudre Bronzate

Max Factor Natural Minerals Bronzer (Max Factor) Not just a bronzing agent, but a full-fledged tone cream with an excellent UV factor. This means that it can be applied to the beach and before going out in the light. Consists of mineral particles of zinc, silicon and other, vitamins and fats. Although it is better not to apply it for solarium. Here will suit more Soleo Face Bronzer (Soleo) .

Max Factor Natural Minerals Bronzer
Max Factor Natural Minerals Bronzer

The company Zhistushi does not produce the bronzer, but it introduced the market for the ideal powder with a shadow effect - Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder . It mildly matures, creating a thin tan effect on the face.

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder
Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder

According to performance bronzing powder Lancome Star Bronzer Magic Bronzing Brush (Lankom) Not too different from the lively. Refers to the original summer products, since known to the waterproof properties.

Lancome Star Bronzer Magic Bronzing Brush
Lancome Star Bronzer Magic Bronzing Brush

Faberlik produces several brockets for the face and body - this Faberlic "Sunny Beach", "Celebration of Color" From the SECRET Story series. According to the properties, they are all similar, differ only in certain subtones.

Faberlic Multicolor Color Celebration
Faberlic Multicolor Color Celebration

When choosing products Seventeen (Sevenin) It is necessary to be attentive, since, the company manufactures the bronzer-powder for the face Face Powder Terracotta. and body. In stock Four shades for different color plants.

The most budget version of all listed is the bronzer from Riv Gosh from the brand. Eva Mosaic Powder Bronzer (Eva) . When applied, cast a bright redhead. Something special in the product is difficult to single out, the composition is classic, with the exception of mineral additives.


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer (Este Launch) It has absorbing properties. Due to this, it is ideal for fatty and combined skin. Mineral particles and natural base provide mild applying and distribution.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer

The natural effect of tanning gives a compact bronzing powder from Eveline Cosmetics Art Professional (Evelin) . It contains magnesium, silicon, zinc and some other mineral components.

Eveline Cosmetics Art Professional
Eveline Cosmetics Art Professional

Glamorous brown shade with a cold subtock will provide a bronzer L'Oreal Glam Bronze (Loreal) . It also contains a highlighter, with which it will turn out to create makeup with their own hands, like models of podiums. For better application, we recommend using a liquid structure in front of a powder cream.

L'Oreal Glam Bronze
L'Oreal Glam Bronze

Bronzator Essence Bronzing Compact Powder (Essence) This is a simple matting compact powder. It falls on the face to the smooth layer, but is characterized by a dense structure - it can be noticeable on the skin.


Fully mineral bronzer for skin face presented in the line Mary Kay (Mary Kay) . Mary products consists exclusively of hypoallergenic natural components, the poet is suitable for all girls.

From Israel you can order even more natural brinzer - it ED Hardy Reality Star . This is a whole complex consisting of natural dyes - these are plants extracts and mineral connections.

ED Hardy Reality Star
ED Hardy Reality Star

Oriflame (Oriflame) He offers to buy a stychat-bronzer "Golden Aura" from the line of Jiordan Gold. This is the best tool for pale leather. Of course, it is not a full-fledged replacement by the sunshine, but will help to give the epidermis of a healthy and bright shade.

In addition to standard components, the bronzer in powder Bell Bronze Sun Powder Contains panthenol. Excellent interacts with problematic and oily skin, during applying lies with a smooth haze, not spots.

Bell Bronze Sun Powder
Bell Bronze Sun Powder

Bronzer Belita-Vitex Powder-Bronze Luxury It is distinguished by a successful combination of low prices and high quality. This Belarusian cosmetics is famous for its naturalness and hypoallergenia.

Bronzer, bronzing powder, Bronzant is all the names of the same indispensable means! If you had doubts about his account and the lot of questions about how to apply the bronzer, let's deal with it!

What is the bronzer and what is it needed for what

The main function of the bronzing powder follows from its name - give the skin the effect of a healthy bronze tan. In addition, the face bronzer will help you to align the skin tone, give the face a light sculpture, add shine, if the composition of the product contains flickering microparticles.

With a properly selected product shade, your skin will look healthy and tanned, such as if you just returned with a good holiday on the beach!

How to choose a bronzer

  • To look natural, choose a product for 2-3 tones darker and the warmer of your natural skin color;
  • Girls with light skin should avoid red underground in the product, especially if you are the owner of porcelain skin, since when it is applied, you will get an obvious rim instead of a tanning effect. At the same time, brick colors are well idle on dark skin;
  • You can get two tools that will change each other depending on the time of year: brighter, honeycomb for winter-spring and more rich brown for summer autumn;
  • If you still have not guess with the color of the Bronze, do not worry! You can safely remove unnecessary contrast and dilute the color with a light or transparent powder.

How to apply the bronzer depending on his type

The main zones where it is necessary to apply the bronzer, are the same for any type of product - these are parts of the person who sunbathe first, namely the most protruding areas: forehead, cheekbones, nose, chin, ears. In order for makeup to look harmoniously, do not forget that in addition to the face, the body always sunbathes, so it will be relevant to extend the makeup to the neck and neckline.
The main zones where it is necessary to apply the bronzer, are the same for any type of product - these are parts of the person who sunbathe first, namely the most protruding areas: forehead, cheekbones, nose, chin, ears. In order for makeup to look harmoniously, do not forget that in addition to the face, the body always sunbathes, so it will be relevant to extend the makeup to the neck and neckline.

Among the makeup artists there are two options for applying the Bronze:

  • Means to apply before Sculpturing powder . Thus, the contouring seems to fit into the already given outlines;
  • Means are applied after using sculpture. Thus, the bronzing powder helps smoothly growing contouring and complete the image.

A similar situation with the procedure for applying the Rumyan.

You can decide on how to make it right for you.

Emphasize the top of the top of the top and the lower cellar contour. This will help harmonize the image and create a database for eye makeup.

The main scheme of the application of the Bronze is presented in this video lesson:

Makeup lesson with a detailed explanation of the rules, how to apply the bronzer, Elena Crygina in the video below (the topic of interest from 9:10):

The drive can be:

  • By texture: cream, dry (extruded and crumbly);
  • Finishly: matte or with the addition of brilliant particles.

From the texture directly depends on how to properly apply a bronzer and which brush. Let's look at every kind in more detail.

Cream bronzents

This type of product requires careful and rapidly decisive, as the cream textures have an enclosure property. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute the bronzer on the face faster than he will have time to grab on the skin, otherwise torn edges will spoil your makeup.
This type of product requires careful and rapidly decisive, as the cream textures have an enclosure property. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute the bronzer on the face faster than he will have time to grab on the skin, otherwise torn edges will spoil your makeup.

Make it easily and simply with a wet sponge for makeup or tightly packed with a synthetic brush.

A successful option for beginners will be liquid bronzer FREE SOUL LIQUID BRONZER from Kiko Milano. .


What is the bronzer and what is it needed for what

Looks like its properties for cream funds, but more dense by its structure and are molded in the form of a stick. This is a convenient travel version of the product, as it does not take up a lot of space in the cosmetic bag and is sometimes produced in the form of a pair of a bronger highlighter, which is also very convenient. Bright Idea Illuminating Stick from NYX. In shades of 9-12 will help you in creating a lung and universal Summer Makeup .

Dry Bronze Puddles

Perhaps the most common version of the Bronze. Bronzing powders are applied using a special big brush most convenient forms for you. Details about makeup brushes We told in the article "Makeup Brushes: their types, appointment and care."
Perhaps the most common version of the Bronze. Bronzing powders are applied using a special big brush most convenient forms for you. Details about makeup brushes We told in the article "Makeup Brushes: their types, appointment and care."

Before applying the bruter on the face, it is worthwhile to shock the product typed on the brush or slightly drive it into the back of the palm. It will help you avoid ugly spots on the skin from excess pigment. To make the transition soft and unobtrusive to apply the bronzing powder better with light movements slightly touching the skin, so you can lay the product to the required density.

Budgean finds are Bronze Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15 from WET-N-WILD . Especially popular among beauty bloggers E739 Ticket to Brazil .

You can easily limit ourselves to everyday summer make-up or with a shortage of time only by means for eyebrows, ink, tonal fluid, bronzer and lipstick. Even with a minimum of funds, you will look fresh and elegant. An example of this is the following video and our selection photo:

Bronzator in detail: What is it for what purposes it is used, what brush is applied, how to apply on face and body?


  • What is a bronzer or bronzer?
  • What do you need a bronzer?
  • How to pick up a bronzer to your skin type?
  • Which tassel and where to apply a highlighter and the bronzer on the face: scheme, application technique, tips
  • How to properly paint with a bronzer, how to apply the bronzer on a round, square, triangular, oval, elongated face, cheekbones?
  • Bimmer on the body, or several tips, how to visually increase or decrease body parts
  • What can replace the bronzer in makeup?
  • Video: Contouring for beginners Favorite Bronze

The bronzer or the bronzer is the secret of each well-kept girl, but the newcomers, it is he who causes a lot of questions that it is important to know not to get to be accepted. In this article we will tell you in detail about the brinser and all of its subtleties!

What is a bronzer or bronzer?

Before touching the topic how to apply the bronzer, you should understand what it is, in what cases it is not appropriate, etc. So, the bronzer, more often referred to as Russian girls as a bronzer - an effective cosmetics responsible for a number of questions:

  • Adds the skin of the face and body the effect of light tan;
  • Models face, chest, clavicle and even slightly legs and press.

Thanks to the bronzer, your face and body will be corrected, as if after Photoshop. At the same time it will be delicious to look with any angle. Also, the bronzer is able to hide scars, stains, scratches and other skin defects located in a minimum number. It does not replace the tonal foundations, but it can be their lightweight option.

Tints of brinsers
Tints of brinsers

By structure, the brutzer happens:

  • Crumbly;
  • Pressed compact;
  • Creamy.

According to the characteristics, the drive is divided into:

  • Pearl, with shine microparticles;
  • Matte.

What do you need a bronzer?

If you have a question - for what you need a bronzer and whether it is needed at all, then you have never been looking at yourself in my life in a mirror after your bronze magic and the magic of the Bronze took place. The right question is how to apply the bronzer? And about its presence in cosmetic bags of a well-groomed woman, even a speech cannot be - he should always be present and at the same time not one.

The first thing to be oriented is the goal of the bronzer.

Contouring from several types of bronzer
Contouring from several types of bronzer
  • for instance , matte bronzer is good for every day for day makeup in office , study and for friendly meetings. The best option will be a compact bronzer in the form of powder, which can always be taken with you and use at a convenient time to fix the makeup.
  • For solemn cases per party , walk on the yacht or hike in a restaurant - Stay on crumbly versions with pearl particles, reflective light and adding a form of feminine and radiance.
  • On the beach, to the pool, on a bright photo session and the summer burning party is best to apply Creamy bruter with shining microparticles.

How to pick up a bronzer to your skin type?

Ssed up funny photo with ridiculous makeup with brimators and highlights. Beauty Bloggers Mop Ting True that contouring in the style of Kim Kardashian in the past and in fashion again naturalness. At the same time, they declare this information, being with a makeup of light contouring.

Select the shade of the bronzer only testing on your face
Select the shade of the bronzer only testing on your face

Yes, hard contouring unequivocally has no right to life in everyday life, but irreplaceable in photo shoots, for wedding makeup, etc. But light techniques of the contouring of the nose, cheek, the clavicle and even the volume of the breast nobody will never cancel. It should look so natural that there should be no thoughts about the contouring question. Therefore, it is important to choose a means under your skin type.

So, the most important moments in the selection of the bronzer:

  • For oily skin Exceptionally matte bronze in the form of powder. Oily leather + gel bronzer with glitter is equal to a pan for pancakes;
  • For dry skin Create agents are recommended, since dry will additionally emphasize early wrinkles and put out the mask.
  • For everyday life, matte options are recommended for parties - with pearl microparticles;
  • The bronzer is selected according to the golden rule - 1-2 tons are darker than colors of the face or body. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the skin is most often on the colon - tone is darker face color and vice versa. Therefore, you may need several funds. Remember, the drive adds warm notes, shades, but should not create a mask on the face.

If the drive differs from the skin on 3 tones and more - the effect of an unnatural comical mask is not avoided. At the same time, for the summer, there must be one bronzer, and for the winter another. In the demi-season you can combine funds, even mixing them with each other on the palette.

The first time, choosing the tone of the bronzer, we recommend contacting professional makeup artist. If there is no such possibility - apply a means from the tester to the face and check its ratio with the skin of the face during daylight.

Important: Some Bronzemen have reddish shades, it is a little, so pay attention to the color nuances in the choice.

And the last nuance - all the brimators have warm or cold halftone. Get the product with a subtock with the appropriate skin type, otherwise the visage will look ridiculous. Since most of the brutals with warm subtock, we have compiled a list of cold tone bronzer:

  • Vipera Cashmere Veil 702;
  • Everyday Mineral Winter Bronzer;
  • Lumiere Ambrozja.

And in conclusion in this section, it should be indicated that if you are the owner of a nordic skin type, and all the Bronzers on your face are too dark, we recommend paying attention to the dark shades of powder and the average tone of the tonal foundations may lead to a worthy alternative in short-term stages.

Which tassel and where to apply a highlighter and the bronzer on the face: scheme, application technique, tips

And now, finally, we reached the most interesting - the answer to the question how to apply the bronzer. Unlike gloss on lips and carcasses on eyelashes, work with the bronzer requires the presence of tools, knowledge and practical skills.

The first and the basic rule of excellent makeup is a thorough cleaning and feeding of the skin. If your cream is quite greasy and the rest of the makeup simply slides on it - it means that you have a fatty face in a compact with a bold cream. Leave it overnight, and in the daytime, use fluids or serum. And after they are absorbed, go to a sequential scheme:

  • We will sponge the tonal cream and carefully chosen;
  • Rushes put the bare traces on the apples of cheeks;
  • Open the cream corrector, which is the tone of the darker of your natural face color and apply to the zones: under the scaly, on the whiskey and under the line of the lower jaw. Many inexperienced girls save on the means and instead of the corrector in these zones they apply a bronzer, but the corrector gives one-day, semi-shadow on the shadow, deepening, and the bronzer vividly emphasizes the tanning line. Therefore, if you wish to get a bright, healthy, shining face color with a slight tan, not only the drive is required, but also the corrector;
Drawing the bronzer on cheekbones
Drawing the bronzer on cheekbones
  • Now we need a round brush with a pile of dofiber and careful decisive with a good (perfect daylight) lighting;
  • Check if all the lines are carefully growing and only then proceed to the next step;
Application of the bronzer on the bottom of the chin line
Application of the bronzer on the bottom of the chin line
  • Now it's time to Highlyater: I applied to the upper part of the cheekbone (where the bone is tested), an even line on the back of the nose (not thicker 0.5 cm), and also draw a tick in the middle above the upper lip, and another point in a sneaker between the bottom lip and chin . If you have a bright eye makeup - a little means does not hurt in the inner corner of the eyes, as well as under eyebrows (which will additionally emphasize its ideality). Grow in so that there are no clear lines;
Applying a highlyera on cheekbones
Applying a highlyera on cheekbones
  • Check the operation in the mirror - everything is perfect? Go to the next step;
  • To work with the bronzer, we recommend using a large natural brush with a soft pile (if the bronzer is dry) and a wide flat brush with a pile of medium stiffness (if the corner cream). Apply as well as you usually "kisses the sun", that is, draw the letter from the temple to the chin with the middle opposite the ear shell. Connect a slightly line of the forehead, and also pay attention to the lateral parts of the nose;
Application Highlight on the forehead
Application Highlight on the forehead
  • We are growing and correct where necessary and enjoy the shining face!
The result of the work of Bronze
The result of the work of Bronze

In this section, we leave two schemes that are universal and suitable for any type of face.

Bronze and Hailatera Application Scheme
Bronze and Hailatera Application Scheme
Bronze and Hailaitera on Nose
Bronze and Hailaitera on Nose

How to properly paint with a bronzer, how to apply the bronzer on a round, square, triangular, oval, elongated face, cheekbones?

In this part we will tell how to apply the bronzer on different forms of the face. But if you want not only to add tanning notes, but also to adjust the features of the face - do not forget that in this case the bronzer works in a pair with highlights. After all, the bronzer plus a highlighter is a real sculptor who changes the shape of the face, adding refinement and aristocratic profile.

Below you see the schematic application of the Bronze and Hailaitera. White stripes - highlight, chocolate - bruter. Please note that the zones are almost identical to apply a highlyera and the bronzer, but the distribution order is different.

Scheme How to apply the bronzer on a round, square, triangular, oval, elongated face, cheekbones
Scheme How to apply the bronzer on a round, square, triangular, oval, elongated face, cheekbones

Fashion legislature for contouring became Kim Kardashian. Yes, hundreds of celebrities resorted to the contouring to make, but it was Kim that he had changed so strikingly that he made the whole world of makeup about this type of makeup! In addition, in its social networks, she has been shared many times in the secrets of applying the bronzer, Heilatera, corrector and other cosmetics, which we, earthly householders and notions did not have.

For example, we give the photocollage with Kim from 2007 and from 2016, when the contouring became an integral part of the image of Kim. The yellow press was pested by messages about plastics Kim, and she laugh showed makeup in social networks, which makes plastic face without scalpel.

Kim Kardashian with the correction of the bronzer (right) and without it (left)
Kim Kardashian with the correction of the bronzer (right) and without it (left)

For skeptics that consider the strength of the bronzer exaggerated, we have prepared another collage, an ordinary girl with an oval face, but chubby cheeks, without a hint of cheekbones, and besides a wide nose. Note the photo sequence of makeup and ready-made result.

Step by step application of the bronzer and highlight for facial correction
Step by step application of the bronzer and highlight for facial correction

Bimmer on the body, or several tips, how to visually increase or decrease body parts

Let's start this section from the Angel Victoria's Secret. It would seem that the model and so very delicious forms, but take a look at the photo and you will see that the girl's makeup is not only on the face! The neckline line is successfully underlined by the bronzer, visually adding not only size, but also gorgeous outlines.

Angel Victoria's Secret
Angel Victoria's Secret

Do you think this reception is suitable only for shows? Not at all! If you do barely noticeable lines and carefully cut it, you can use every time you wear a decollet.

Contouring Neckline with Bronze
Contouring Neckline with Bronze

And now we will tell how to apply the bronzer on the clavicle so that they are pronounced and feminine. And again we remind that the drive works in a pair with a highlight. Schematic instruction is suitable for everyone.

Circular contouring with Bronze and Highlight
Circular contouring with Bronze and Highlight

And with this trick, you can make your legs visually slimmer and as attractive as possible. Pay attention to the first photo, legs without tan and only with a hint of sports. First, the entire surface of the legs is applied the bronzer (better so that someone helped, since it is almost not realistic to apply evenly), and an even line of a highlighter (can with pearl particles can be carried away with the front and back of the legs).

Couplings with Bronze and Highlight
Couplings with Bronze and Highlight

Planning a photo session in a swimsuit, and the presses are still a dream? Abdominal contouring will give cubes, albeit for a short time.

Abdominal contouring with Bronze and Hailaitera
Abdominal contouring with Bronze and Hailaitera

Apply the brutal as in the photo, we grow carefully, and in the middle of the cubes, add a highlight. The result will please you!

Abdominal contouring with Bronze and Hailaitera
Abdominal contouring with Bronze and Hailaitera

As you can see, the art of makeup applies not only to the face, but also on the body. And if you still do not have a bronzer - urgently solve this emboss and purchase a high-quality tool that can be kept on a body at least 10-12 hours.

What can replace the bronzer in makeup?

The question of how to replace the bronzer in makeup arises from many. It may be a situation that requires urgent measures, and maybe the girls are constrained in the means. But if you decide not to spend money and replace the bronzer with appropriate means, the makeup artists say categorical not. And this is not in favor of cosmetic corporations.

If you are interested in the question of how to apply the bronzer, most likely you need a make not for a few minutes, and obviously not a mask, but a high-quality resistant makeup for at least a few hours, as a maximum of a whole day.

So, the express agent can become a dark tonal cream, but in contrast to the bronze, it lays it tightly, and during the hot temperature (for example, in summer) it flows. Additionally, it may be dark tones of powder, as well as dry shadows. But here, too, you need to be careful, since if the face is covered by the Spray, the layers of powder and shadows can be rolled, and as a result you will get a mask with whiten shades on the face.

Did you inspire our selection? Then take the brutal, highlighter, brushes, a large mirror and prepare a bright light. Good luck in transformation!

Video: Contouring for beginners Favorite Bronze

Tanned and smooth skin leather in many people are associated with a healthy rested organism, deprived of fatigue and stressful situations that undoubtedly have a negative impact on the appearance. But what to do, if the opportunity to go to the rest or use the solarium is simply missing or contraindicated? Here the development of the cosmetic industry, which is not standing on the spot come to the rescue. Meet: Bronzator (Bronzer) - a tool that will help you make the skin of the face with the effect of "kissing" sun.

What tasks is the brutal?

First of all, it is worth noting that this tool is not created in order to make the skin very darkly in a matter of minutes. The main goal of the bronzer is to emphasize the natural tanned skin color or give it a light natural shade of tan. When using this, it is important to choose the right hue and the form of release, as well as comply with the basic rules of application. Only in this case you will achieve one of the possible effects:

  1. Hide the unhealthy pale face color and skin imperfection: redness, dark circles under the eyes. The face will look much fresh, if you use the drive to tone darker than natural color.
  2. High-quality contouring and correction of flaws of the shape and damn face: nose, oval, cheekbone, chin and others. In order for the sculpture to be successful, use the bronzer about two shades of the natural color of the skin.
  3. On the tanned skin it can be used as a blush, but only in the case of a light daily make-up.
  4. Adjust an unsuitable shade of powder: To do this, mix the bronzer with a powder on a large soft brush.

Types of brockets

The modern market is pissed by many different forms of release of the bronzer. To determine what format is ideal for your person, it is quite difficult, especially if you initially not know about the features and functions of each. You can try to purchase this product of the Namaum, following intuition, but then the risk of choosing one that will not follow all expectations are: not a suitable effect, the inconvenience of application, a bad combination with the skin type.

Since the cosmetic industry offers us a lot of options to choose from, it is necessary to deal with each of them in advance so that in the store to choose the best and appropriate.


The perfect option for the warm season. This drive can be both in a compact compressed version and in the crumbage. Both are perfectly coped with their task in the heat, do not roll and do not spread in the sun, eliminating excessive oily skin. With him you can forget about the inesttic brilliance of the face. Such a means is preferable to use the owners of normal and oily skin.


Bronzers in the format of cream besides decorative properties often have protective - they add vitamins and trace elements that will additionally protect your skin from external negative effects. That is why this type of funds is recommended to choose in the cold season - when frosts are applied tangible damage to the health of the dermis. Especially recommend paying attention to the creamy bronzer of those girls whose skin is distinguished excessive dryness.


The gel texture of the bronzer is perfect for a mature skin - this type of means does not roll and smoothly falls on the necessary parts of the person, not leaving the divorces. The gel bruter can also be applied in winter using both additional protection and for oily, and for dry skin.

Stick (pencil)

The format is convenient to highlight certain clear boundaries, for example, when sculpturing a face or body. The Bronzators in the form of a pencil-stick there is one important nuance: its texture is rather fatty, so on the skin, even a little prone to the brilliance, it will not look at the best way, and at the end of the day rushes. Therefore, we recommend choosing this form of the release of those girls whose skin is dry and gentle, but be careful: causing such a brutal on the face, try not to stretch the skin too much.

With the presence of shimmer

When choosing a bronzer, be careful, considering it by the texture: often this tool is produced with the addition of shimmer - very small sparkles that give additional radiance on the face. This type of product is quite well sufficient for the holiday, a hike to a club or any other way out, but in the day everyday time will look vulgar and too defiantly. Therefore, if you want to use the brutal, as a means for every day, stop your choice on matte monophonic textures.

How to choose the shade of the bronzer?

It is very easy to move in the application of a bronze on the skin on the skin - it is worth only a little to overdo it with that tinge, as the skin becomes a ridiculous orange view that you definitely do not call natural. By choosing too dark tint, it will not come out of his face - so it is worth carefully approaching the possible color variations of this tool.

Remember: Choose the bronzer stands in the shade of two one or two tons Darker of your natural skin, otherwise there is a risk of getting the complexion, absolutely not combined with the color of the rest of the body.

Consider the four main types of skin and the options suitable for them shades of the Bronze:

Bright skin well combined with caramel shades and forest colors;

For owner dark skin It is recommended to use brimators of more bright colors: coffee, copper, bronze, gold;

Rudy pinkish Girls should look at the shades of peach and apricot type;

Skin of dark olive shade Perfectly combined with brown bronze, which are complemented by a lilac subtock.

It is important to consider that to apply the bronzer of any type of types to the skin at least with a small amount of natural sunburn - otherwise there is a possibility that any of the shades will not be very natural. Pale skin is better complemented by powder, blunders or tonal means.

How to apply the bronzer on the face?

Before proceeding with the application of a bronze on the face, you should properly prepare the skin: Clean it, well moisture with a tonic and moisturizing cream, wait until everything is absorbed. After that, apply a tonal basis and, at will, primer. When funds are completely absorbed and dried, you can start applying the "tanning".

Consider the face of the face

Each amateur makeup knows that from what type of form of her face is owned, the technique of applying various cosmetics, including the Bronze. Take a look at the oval of your face and try to accurately determine its form: it will help to apply the tool correctly, winning all the advantages and hiding disadvantages.

Correction Oval face With the help of the Bronze, it is not necessary: ​​its shape is almost perfect. So in this case, we just give the skin of a light tan with a large fluffy brush. We recruit some means on it, shake the surplus and spend easy movements on the chests, chin.

For face elongated form That obviously want to shorten, we use the following technique: we apply the bronzer on the chin and the most upper part of the forehead at the hair growth line. View I translate on the nose and cheekbones using a highlyera.

If your face has Round shape , you will have to work a little more than in previous cases. With the help of a brush, apply a tool on whiskey, cheekbones and a jaw line, then carefully grow in. It is also possible to emphasize the attention at certain points with Highlatera: Apply it on the chin, making face relief, and on the back of the nose.

Square face It is darkened by the bronzer in the following sequence: first we allocate the forehead on the sides at the hair growth line, and then the jaw lines, also at the edges. It is necessary to stew carefully so that the face does not look like a mask.

Adjust Face-heart You can use the selection of the area of ​​the temples and cheekbone. Here again, you can resort to additional help in the form of a highlander: Highlight the forehead, chin and the area under the eyes.

If your face is an unusual textured form and choose its type from the list above does not work, then most likely, the oval of your person is called " Inverted diamond ". To apply for this complex shape, use a simple scheme: "tan" apply to the temporo-zylovy zone, and highlight almost all the forehead, nose and chin.

Troika technique

If the diagram of the application of the bronzer according to the form of the face form seems to you too complex and incomprehensible, then you can drop all these rules and resort to universal - the leading make-up artists of the world are advised. It is called the technique of "Troika" in honor of the means of applying funds. Any girl will be able to master it without exaggeration, the main thing is to follow a simple instruction:

  1. We recruit the suitable bronzer in the shade on one or two tons of darker skin into a large fluffy brush and apply it to the zone at the side of the forehead.

Do not forget about the rule that says: any makeup must begin with the top of the face.

  1. Boldly spend the line under the cheek, creating a so-called arc - the middle part of the improvised "Troika".
  2. From the last point we returned to the hair again, to the hair, withdrawing a line arc around the perimeter of the lower part of the face, making the ledge at the edge of the jaw.
  3. We achieve a tanning uniformity, a little highlighting the back of the nose.
  4. In case the clothes are offended by your neck and zone with the neckline, do not be lazy to walk the bronzing agent and on them, if you do not want to get the effect of mask on your face. Try to make the result as natural as possible so that the parts of the body do not differ from each other in color.
  5. All steps need to carefully grow in so that the boundaries of the transition from a natural shade to the shade of the Bronze should not be seen.
  6. Do not forget that using a face bronzer is necessary in a complex with other cosmetics, otherwise the face may seem flat. Do not be afraid to complement the apples of the cheek with your favorite blunders, and with the help of fashionable Xilatera this season to highlight the top of the cheekbar, a tick above the lip and other parts of the face.

Basic Appliances Application Bronze

In case you do not want to adjust the shape and features of the face, but simply need a light tan effect, then there is a technique that can be called the most simple of all: it does not require exactly the skills of the commercial and takes the minimum time:

  1. Type to a large soft brush tool and shook too much so as not to overdo the color.
  2. Clean the brush around the zone of the Rumyanta.
  3. A little brisker will remain on the brush - distribute these residues all over the face using light circular movements.
  4. Good grow the result so that no clear boundaries remain.
  5. If your neck and neckline are open - do not forget to toned with their tool, in order to avoid the effect of mask on the face. Everything should be harmonious!

In total, one tool selected in the correct shade and format is able to create an excellent tanned shade on your skin - for this, it is only necessary to master several elementary techniques, subject to each girl. Try to practice as much as possible, stuff your hand and use only high-quality products - then a great result will not wait a long time!

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