How to spell the word Corporate: Rule

In this article, we will talk about how the Corporate word is written correctly. You still learn his lexical importance, history of origin. Also see examples of proposals with the word corporate.

Still in the past century, the word appeared in Russian. It is neologism. However, not all schoolchildren know how to write this neologism correctly. Frequently confused vowels a and about.

Interestingly, adults permanently allow annoying mistakes. Further consider how the corporate party is written correctly, which mistakes are allowed when writing it.

IMPORTANT : Word Corporate Means banquets, holidays, buffets that are arranged directly for employees, workers of a particular company or organization. These holidays timed to various celebrations important in the fate of the company, an employee or when this celebration refers to a national holiday.

How Corporate Writing - Writing Rules

According to the rules of Russian grammar Corporate written with two letters Оand one А. For this lexeme, it is impossible to choose verification words. Because the question arises, how to write in the corporate letter, it is just like that, and it should be remembered. No rules for checking the vowels in the word corporate will not work.

Common mistakes in the word Corporate can be:

  • Corporative
  • Corporate
  • Karaparative
  • Karparative
  • Cartorate .

Why are these mistakes arise? There are reasons for it, here are some of them:

  1. Word Karparative Sometimes they write, because in Russian grammar, a combination is often used: Ara . Yes, and the word sounds in this case is plausible.
  2. And some still in the word Koprorrativ add an excessive consonant letter Р. After all, the word came from English, and before English it was Latin. And because it is consonant in it to apply a long sound pp. .

Remember the word corporate written only in this way and in any way differently .

How Corporate Corporate - Examples

Let's look at how to spell Corporate In sentences on examples. But before we find out what part of speech it acts. Corporate is an inanimate noun in male genus. It has a single, elementary form, nominative case. Shock is considered syllable Tiv .

Examples of proposals:

  1. And you know that on the next Sabbath Tatiana Leonidovna organized us corporate.
  2. In honor of a good prize, employees decided to arrange a corporate party.
  3. After the corporate company, our team got closer even more.
  4. Well, what corporate without sweets and cake?

How to spell corporate in spelling

Now consider how to spell Corporate And we will figure it out in spelling.

Corporate ⇒ There are the following vowels in the word: Oh, Oh, A, and . There are four of them four pieces.

  • The emphasis falls on the last syllable, on the vowel И, other syllables with unstressed vowels. Their three.
  • Consonant letters in the word corporate are: six letters: K, r, p, r, t, in . Among them are deaf are: K, P, T - Their three. And ringing is: R, r, in , they are also three.
  • There are two forms of the word: Corporate (the only number) and corporate parties (multiple number). Total in the word corporate - Ten letters .
Grammar lessons: How is the carportwriter or corporate name?
Grammar lessons: How is the carportwriter or corporate name?

How does corporate speakers - synonyms for this word

The following synonyms can be chosen to this noun:

  • Festival, party, celebration
  • Banquet, sitting, booze
  • Holiday, buffet, event
  • Event, gala dinner.

In the end, you can once again remind you how is the corporate party correctly? The word is written only like this: Corporate And nothing else. If doubts arise when writing it, it is best to use the dictionary of Russian grammar. Once again, look there does not hurt there. After all, it's hard to remember the writing of all the vocabulary words.

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How is the word corporate spell?

In Russian Corporate, "means" collective celebration or buffet, which for one reason or another any organization arranges for its employees. " It is believed that this word has a foreign origin. It entered our speech relatively recently - at the beginning of the nineties. Therefore, the question is how the word corporate is written correctly, some people have difficulty. Let's try to answer it: We will define the spelling, value and give examples of use.

Correctly written

According to Russian grammar, this name noun should write with two letters "O" and one "A". And nothing else. Since it is a lexeme, then it is impossible to check it. If you have any difficulties with how to write a corporate or a member correctly, then just remember the first option as correct.

Some people consider the "corporate party" by a derivative of the "Cooperative", but this is a mistake. This lexeme came to us from the English language, where it is used in the phrase "Corporate Party" (corporate party). It is noteworthy that not only the British, but also the Germans with the French speak this word almost the same, with small nuances in reprimand.

What rule

Determine how the Corporate word is written correctly, it can help know the knowledge that it happened from the adjective "corporate", which is derived from the "Corporation" lexeme. With difficulties in writing the third unstressed vowel, this lexema can be checked the letter "A" - corporate.

Often, you can meet other errors in the first three unstressed vowels when instead of "o" can write "a" and vice versa. In Latin, the word "Corporator" (Corporation), meaning "Union", "Community", "Association" is also found. How to write corporate correctly, you must remember.

Examples of offers

As an example, such proposals can be given that will clearly show how to write the word "corporate" without errors:

  • For the new year, the leadership of our company organized a cheerful corporate party with gifts.
  • After the conclusion of a profitable deal, the director arranged a corporate staff with employees.
  • Not a single corporate company is now without good music, dancing and chic feast.

As you can see, it can be easily replaced by the phrase "corporate party" and the meaning of this will not change.

Incorrectly written

Examples of incorrect writing are such words as a carriage, corporation, karaparative, carpores and others. There are several reasons for such errors.

Of the common, you can select the following:

  • If a person in grammar is focused on rumor, it is logical for him that this noun should be written with two first vowels "A". The lettering "Ara" is not rarely used in Russian, so it looks quite believable.
  • In English and Latin languages, the letter "P" often sounds long. Imitating the original source, you can mistakenly write "PP".

Try to learn it and not mistaken.


A corporate party is customary to call a collective celebration, as a rule, organized in honor of some event or dates within one office, organizations, firms, companies. In addition, there are general industry holidays, which can also be attributed to corporate enterprises.

The formation of this culture began in the West in the late 80s of the last century. It is assumed that each organization should have its own value system that needs to be conveyed to employees. Including through corporate parties. To us, this movement came with a small delay, but it was already firmly fixed in domestic office culture.

Synonyms words

As synonyms, the following words can be offered: a celebration, holiday, buffet, banquet, party, etc.


In this article, we dismantled in detail how the corporate party is written, what it matters and what errors should be avoided. We hope that the information prepared by us was useful for you.

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