Ensure right hand: causes and treatment, to which doctor to turn

Ensure right hand: reasons what to do

If the right hand is not, the reasons can be very different. Hand numbers are often associated with the pathology of nerves, vessels, spine. At the same time, the symptom may not be dangerous for the human body. Short-term numbness, especially at night, is often associated with an uncomfortable pose or close clothes. If the hand is rolling constantly - you need to consult a doctor to find the cause.

Treatment of numbers depends on what cause it is caused Treatment of numbers depends on what cause it is caused

Why ears hand

Numbness (paresthesia) is one of the forms of sensitivity disorders. Such a phenomenon is accompanied by tingling, the feeling of crawling goosebumps.

Any part of the body can be no longer, but it is often the upper and lower limbs. On the right hand may arise in different sections:

  • from shoulder to fingertips;
  • from elbow to fingers;
  • Brush (palm or back surface).

Localization depends on the level of damage to the nervous tissue. Often, the symptom occurs only on the one hand. This indicates the relief of the nerves or vessels of the right limb.

Localization of numbness means a lot to determine the cause. Also, you should pay attention to additional symptoms, for example, a hand hurts, swells, cold. It is important and time of symptom - during sleep, in the morning, during the day.

Right hand numbness: Causes

The causes of paresthesia can be different: from temporary factors to serious diseases. It is necessary to determine the cause as soon as possible, since it depends on the tactics of treatment.

Reasons not related to the disease

Short-term right-hand numbness is often not related to a serious illness. The following factors affect the development of symptoms:

  • uncomfortable posture during sleep;
  • Close clothes, squeezing shoulders;
  • monotonous work, including bending and extension of the brush;
  • Long seating at a computer without interruptions.

The right hand is eager more often, as it is leading when performing a different kind of work.

Often, numbness of the right hand occurs in women during pregnancy. This is usually associated with a fluid delay in the body.


A frequent cause of paresthesia is the defeat of the spine - osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia. The reason for the development of symptoms during osteochondrosis is the infringement of peripheral nerves. If the cervical spine is affected, the nerves are infringed, which innervate the upper limbs.

What signs are characteristic of the cervical spine cervical osteochondrosis:

  • Hand numbness (more often on the one hand);
  • pain in the neck;
  • pain in hand;
  • Dizziness, noise in the head.

The disease is more often developing in persons after 40 years. In the development of the disease plays the role of heredity, spinal injury, overload, a sedentary lifestyle.

Channel Channel Syndrome

The most common cause of numbness of the brush of the right hand is a blindfold syndrome, or tunnel syndrome. The development mechanism is to squeeze the middle nerve in the crankpala channel.

The development of the syndrome is influenced by any factors that cause the narrowing of the cuptum canal, the swelling of the tissues or the fluid delay. In the risk area there are people whose profession is related to the performance of monotonous movements of the brush:

  • pianists;
  • painters;
  • seams;
  • joiners;
  • Malariers;
  • Survival.

The disease is often developing in people who spend a lot of time at the computer. It is important not so much the duration of work as the position of the brush.

With a sharp channel syndrome, there is pain in the brush, numbness, hand tingles.

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Ladder muscle syndrome

If the hand ends only on the one hand, it can be caused by the compression of vessels and nerves. This is characteristic of the stair muscle syndrome, in which the subclavian vessels and the branches of the shoulder plexus are squeezed.

The reason may be cervical osteochondrosis, injury or spinal curvature, obesity. When squeezing a subclavian artery and nerves, the following symptoms are developing:

  • numbness of the right hand;
  • Pain in the neck, which gives to the shoulder;
  • isolated pain in hand;
  • Pallor and cooling skin.

Myocardial infarction

In rare cases, numbness of the right hand may be associated with cardiological problems. With myocardial infarction, the pain in the chest can give the right hand. An additional symptom is paresthesia - tingling, a feeling of crawling goosebumps in his right hand.


The loss of sensitivity on one side may indicate the defeat of the brain. In case of violation of the brain circulation, a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) is developing. The main distinguishing feature is that under stroke disorders are preserved for a long time, and with TIA, all changes are reversible.

The stroke may indicate any focal symptoms:

  • Disturbance of the sensitivity of the right or left hand, legs;
  • lack of movements in the limbs;
  • loss of vision;
  • violation of speech;
  • Coordination violation.

The numbness of the right hand does not always indicate a stroke or Tia. But if the impairment of sensitivity remains long, and besides this, other symptoms are bothering - it is better to exclude the brain pathology.

Ensure right hand from the shoulder to the brush: what to do

If the right hand reduces hard and often, you need to consult a doctor. To identify the cause, the doctor will prescribe a survey that may include both laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods. After identifying the underlying disease, suitable treatment is prescribed.

To which doctor to contact

Which specialist to contact the symptom depends on several factors - additional symptoms, anamnesis of the disease, concomitant pathology.

  • If numbness is the only symptom - to a neuropathologist;
  • in pain in the spine - to a neuropathologist;
  • After the injury to the joint - to the traumatologist;
  • If it is additionally concerned about the pain in the chest, there are heart problems - to a cardiologist.

It is not always easy to determine how profile does not need to appeal to the doctor. If there are doubts or incomprehensible, the symptom of which disease is numbness, it is better to turn to the therapist or a family doctor. The general profile doctor will examine the patient and, if necessary, will send him to the doctor of a narrower profile (neuropathologist, surgeon, cardiologist). If you suspect myocardial infarction or stroke, you need to immediately call ambulance.

If there is reason to suspect a vascular disaster (heart attack, stroke), you should call an ambulance If there is reason to suspect a vascular disaster (heart attack, stroke), you should call an ambulance

How to treat pathology

If the hand does not need to take medicines yourself. Treatment depends on the primary disease, which led to the development of the symptom. It is selected individually, universal medicines for getting rid of paresthesia does not exist.

What can be done at home

You can try to get rid of numbness at home. To do this, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. If numbness arises in connection with professional activities, every hour needs to take a break and knead the hand.
  2. Do not wear close clothes that squeezes the neck or shoulders.
  3. If the right hand is eager in a dream, you need to change the pose. Also help light hand massage.
  4. With frequent numbness, exercises for bending and extension of brushes, elbow and shoulder joint will help.

These recommendations can help if numbness occurs due to the short-term infringement of the nerve or the relief of the vessel.


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Double-hand numb

The greatest number of numbers of the fingertips of the right hand may be accompanied by the following clinical symptoms:

  • feeling of cooling fingers;
  • feeling of burning;
  • feeling of grinding and tingling of the skin;
  • When touching the sensitivity is completely or partially broken.

The fracturing of the fingertips of the right hand is often considered a sign of neurosistial disorders, as a result of osteochondrosis of cervical vertebrae or long hypertension.

The numbness of the brush of the right hand is a frequent sign of osteochondrous changes, indicate the presence of intervertebral hernia, blood supply disorder, squeezing the nerve fibers in specific places of their exit, or to damage the nerves during the deforming arthrosis. Such signs are relevant in violations of metabolic processes, with migraine, with sclerotic changes in vessels. Sometimes the flow may indicate a lack of vitamin and minerals.

The numbness of the nameless finger of the right hand can be caused by the infringement of the nervous root, as a consequence of an uncomfortable position of the brushes during complex scrupulous work, wearing heavy items, uncomfortable postures in a dream. Such a fiction is quickly eliminated with the change of the kind of activity or the awkward position of the upper limb. The function of the numbered finger is restored, which is accompanied by a feeling of heat and inflow of blood.

If the plugness is repeated often and lasts for several minutes in a row, you should consult a doctor, especially if numbness is accompanied by painful syndrome.

The maiden numbness on the right hand, especially combined with a violation of a flexible function, most likely indicates the neuropathology of the elbow nerve. It should be noted that this disease is more common in the right hand, which are more actively using exactly the right hand. However, often the misminity is one of the first signs of a preinstormist state. Therefore, it is not recommended to ignore this symptom.

The thumbnail numbness of the right hand is often combined with the loss of sensitivity of the index and middle fingers. This happens when, with long-term voltage, the tendon swelling occurs. Such swelling, in turn, presses on the nerve passing nearby, which is responsible for the innervation of the palm surface, as well as the large, index and middle finger. Signs of the plot are most clearly expressed at night, or closer to the dawn.

If the thumbs' flipping is observed on the right and left hands at the same time, it may indicate a violation or displacement of the cervical vertebrae. This condition is often complemented by the weakness of affected fingers, rarely painful sensations of the outer shoulder area and forearm.

The numbness of the middle finger right hand is usually associated with the pathologies of the elbow joint: diseases of the traumatic, infectious and trophic nature. Most often it is neuritis, myosites, contractures, bursts, arthritis or osteoarthritis. These diseases are mostly associated with the traumaticization of the elbow area, both due to the sharp and gradual effects of external force on the joint.

The fracture finger of the right hand is often associated with the damage to the nervous shoulder plexuses. Simultaneously with loss of sensitivity, weakness can be seized with a brush, as well as unbearable pain when trying to bend the brush in the joint.

If the index finger is "in the company" with a large or middle fingers, it can be considered a symptom of damage to the spinal column disks, especially the cervical area of ​​the spine and the cervical muscles.

It is necessary to realize that the exact diagnosis and the reasons for the numbness of the fingers of the right hand can only be determined by a specialist. In addition to the diagnosis, the doctor will be able to prescribe a qualified treatment in your case.

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Numbness of the right leg and hands

The simultaneous impression of the entire right side of the body, and, in particular, the right hand and legs, accompanied by a violation of motor coordination and muscle weakness, may be observed in the following pathologies:

  • The initial stage of multiple sclerosis - severe CNS disease, in which the regeneration of some zones of nerve brain tissues into connecting sections is reborn. The disease is manifested by numbness of parts of the body, disorder of visual functions, loss of motor activity. Signs of pathology more often show themselves after 35-45 years;
  • Brain circulation disorder - a sharply appearing weakening of blood circulation in the brain. The condition is accompanied by a pioneering of half the body, a disorder of consciousness, headache. In most cases, circulatory disorder can occur in elderly patients, especially in overweight patients, atherosclerotic changes in a vascular system, increased blood pressure, heart failure. Brain circulation disorder can go into stroke - hemorrhage in brain tissue. Therefore, if the brain circulation is suspected, it is necessary to quickly and quickly appeal to the doctor;
  • The presence of neoplasms in the brain is capable of providing mechanical pressure on nearby tissues and nerve endings, which causes numbers from the tumor side, head pain, and motor coordination difficulties. Additional symptoms of pathology are the increase in intracranial pressure, apathy, loss of appetite, cachexia, etc.

Onmeting the right hand and legs at the same time is a serious signal to the fact that everything is not all right. Contact a good specialist: in such a situation should not lose precious time.

Right hand numb

The loss of the right hand sensitivity in a dream can be associated with an incorrectly selected pillow or an uncomfortable body position in a dream. Often, the right hand is not the fact that a person loves to sleep, putting his hand under his head, either hugging a pillow. In order to get rid of the plugness, it is enough to choose a more physiological pillow or change the habit to lay hands under the head.

However, sometimes the numbness of the fingertips of the right hand at night may indicate hidden pathologies, and even very serious.

The first of the possible causes of loss of sensitivity is to squeezing the nerve fibers with nearby echoes, or spashed muscles or tendons. Such a state may occur in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, with scarpes-syndrome and tunnel neuropathy.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae is characterized by squeezing the nerve endings, their swelling, which is accompanied by the soreness of the muscles of the neck, the shoulder belt and the upper limbs.

Scalen syndrome may be associated with professional activities or with long-term work on the keyboard. Additional factors for the development of this syndrome can be:

  • Diseases of the endocrine system;
  • pronounced hormonal fluctuations (period of pregnancy, climax);
  • excess weight;
  • injury to the upper limb;
  • Inflammatory processes in the articular bag.

If the loss of sensitivity of the right hand or fingers does not disappear for 20-30 minutes, you should certainly visit the doctor, or even call "ambulance". Long flowing can be caused by diseases of the vascular system:

  • Nonspecific aortoarterite;
  • obliterating endarteritic;
  • Atherosclerosis or occlusion of brachycephalus arteries.

If numbness at night bothers you too often, you need to be examined. Therefore, the top decision in this situation will be the consultation of the doctor-neurologist.

Right-hand numbness during pregnancy

Pregnant women, especially in the II and III trimester, often complain about the transit loss of sensitivity of some parts of the body, and in particular, right hand.

The numbness of the right hand during pregnancy is most often due to the pressure on the nerve endings of an excessive fluid accumulating in the tissues. After all, it is no secret to anyone that during pregnancy often there is a swelling of the limbs. Onweed during swelling is characterized by gain at night and almost complete disappearance throughout the day.

In most cases, to solve the problem of improving the limb, special exercises should be carried out to increase blood circulation in their hands.

In principle, there should be no special reasons for concern: the numbness of the hand is not reflected in the development of the future kid or for the course of pregnancy. As a rule, after the birth of a child, all signs of a sensitivity disorder disappear.

However, in order to facilitate its state, remember a few simple rules:

  • Nightwear should be free and do not contain dense gum, pulling hands;
  • During the day, try to load your hands less (especially if you are engaged in knitting on the needles or love to stay at the computer for a long time);
  • If you feel that the brushes are eager, raise your hands up, work with your fingers, energetically move your shoulders. You can simply stretch well, stretching muscles and filling them with energy;
  • In the evening, ask someone from homemade to make you a massage of the brushes and a shoulder belt: it will restore the normal bloodstream in the limbs and will serve as a good pushing prevention.

If numbness does not pass for several minutes, during the nearest visit to the doctor, be sure to tell him about the problem. Perhaps the additional diagnosis of the disease will be required.

Hand numbness

Hand numbness It is observed in the damage to the peripheral nerves, nerve plexuses and roots, some other neurological diseases, injuries, vascular diseases. It occurs constantly or worries periodically, combined with pain syndrome, paresthesia, weakness, muscle atrophy. The etiology of numbness is determined taking into account the history of the general and neurological inspection, EFI, radiography, MRI, CT, laboratory tests. Treatment includes painkillers, medicines for improving blood circulation and reduce muscle tone, vitamin preparations, physiotherapy.

Why ears hand

Physiological reasons

A short-term numbness immediately after awakening is provoked by the compression of vessels and nerves due to an uncomfortable hand position. Accompanied by tingling, "running of goosebumps", "disadvantage" of the limbs. There arises from people who put the hand under the body either under the pillow, throw the finiteness of the head. Disappears a few minutes after changing the position of the body.


Hand numbness is determined in neurites of infectious etiology, neurops due to the compression of the nerve trunks of bone expansions, tumors, inflammatory infiltrates:

  • Rady nerve. Hyptestesia is found on the back of the shoulder, the back surface of the forearm.
  • Elbow nerve. There is a disturbance of sensitivity on the elbow side of the palm.
  • Neckline nerve. The radiation half of the palm suffers.


Characterized by symmetric defeat of the hands. Initially, the process is involved primarily distal limbs, then numbness, paresthesia, other symptoms apply to the proximal direction. Polyneuropathy occurs with alcoholism, severe somatic diseases, oncological processes, some infections, vibration diseases, exogenous intoxications. Sometimes develop during pregnancy.


The defeat of the upper beam of the shoulder nervous plexus is manifested by numbness of the outdoor side of the forearm and shoulder, the lower beam - the hypsheat of the inner side of the shoulder, forearm, brushes. Combined with the weakness of the muscles of the same localization. With the total involvement of the shoulder plexus, the decrease or loss of sensitivity is detected both on the outer and the inner side of the hand. The reason for the development of shoulder plexitis becomes:

  • Generic injuries With the formation of obstetric paralysis.
  • Traumatic damage : Disk shoulder, fracture of the clavicle, damage to the ligament apparatus of the shoulder joint.
  • Grinding shoulder plexus : aneurysm, hematoma, cervical edge, neoplasm.
  • Infectious diseases : Herpes, Cytomegaly, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Syphilis.
  • Dysmetabolic disorders : diabetes mellitus, gout, disproteinemia, metabolic diseases.
  • Non-hydrogen damage When operations and manipulations.
Hand numbness

Hand numbness

Ladder muscle syndrome

Scalen Syndrome arises as a result of the compression of the branches of the shoulder plexus, connectible arteries and veins by the staircase muscles. A characteristic feature of pathology is the sudden appearance of symptoms. The pain in the neck, hand, the head is complemented by the weakness of the muscles, the paresthesia, the pallor of the skin of the hand, weakening or the absence of the pulse. The area of ​​numbness is determined by the involvement of certain branches of the plexus.

The most common cause of the staircase syndrome is cervical osteochondrosis. The compression of the muscles is also developing when curvatched the spine, after injuries, against the background of congenital anomalies, weightlifting, a significant weight gain.

Root syndrome

The numbness of the hand develops when squeezing, traumatic damage, inflammation of spinal roots at the level of the lower cervical and upper chest vertebrae. The reasons are osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, spondylosis. The symptom can be detected at the injuries of the spinal column, spondyloliste, osteomyelitis of vertebrae, spinal meningitis. Sometimes the root syndrome is formed against the background of neurine roots, tumors of the spinal cord. Topic depends on the affected root:

  • C5 - numbness on the outer side of the shoulder;
  • C6 - the sensitivity of the outer surface of the forearm is disturbed;
  • C7 - the rear surface of the shoulder and forearm;
  • C8 - hyptestesia on the inner surface of the forearm;
  • T1-T2 - perhaps the brush is possible.


Dystrophic changes in the spinal cord are accompanied by sensitivity disorders below the level of damage. The degree of change depends on the volume of lesion. Hyptestesia or loss of hand sensitivity caused by myelopathies of the next origin:

  • Spondylogenic and discogenous: Osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spondyltrosis, invaluctive spondylolisthesis, disk protrusion, intervertebral hernia
  • Ischemic: Transient disorders of the spinal circulation, spinal stroke.
  • Post traumatic : concussion, spinal cord bruise, fractures with spinal cord damage, other vertebral-spinal injuries.
  • Carcinomatous : paranelastical processes in lymphogranulomatosis, leukemia, lung cancer, other oncological processes.
  • Infectious : neurospide, neurosofilis, Lyme disease.
  • Others : Toxic, radiation (on the background of radiation therapy), metabolic (with endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders).

Other nervous diseases

Numbness and tingling is the most common variant of the aura in migraine. Start in the tips of the fingers, spread over the entire hand, half of the neck. Then disappear disappear, the headache is replaced. Numbness, tingling, the burning sensation in sensenestopathies is distinguished by a significant variety of localization, a combination with others, often by complaints. The sensations of migratory, periodic or constant can be distributed to various areas of the body, including on hand.

Defeat vessels

Such a disease is manifested by numbness, weakness, pain in the hands arising from the inflammatory lesion of the aorta and large arteries. Depending on the localization of inflammation, one or both limbs may be affected. With an external inspection, weakening is detected or the absence of pulsation, hand broadcast. Infanted, dizziness, violations, heart problems are possible.

Unlike other obradizing diseases of the vessels, the vessels of not only the lower, but also the upper extremities may be affected by refriterating Trombalgite. Pains, numbness in the brushes and forearms, pale, the cyanoticity of the distal limbs, the absence of the pulse, the formation of painful nodules on the fingers, trophic disorders is noted.

Other reasons

List of other diseases that may be accompanied by numbers, includes:


The etiology of numbers is set by a neurologist. With vascular pathology, consultation of a vascular surgeon is required. The specialist studies anamnesis of the disease, assesses the state of the limb, the pulse on the arteries, reveals swelling, signs of inflammation, other changes. Neurological inspection provides for the study of sensitivity, reflexes, muscle strength. According to the results are assigned:

  • Electrophysiological research . ENG, EMG, the caused potentials are carried out to differentiate the damage to the nerves, muscles and the structures of the CNS, clarification of localization, the degree of damage to the nervous barrel.
  • Radiography . It is performed during injuries, suspicion of snuff compression by bone expansions, neoplasms. Visualizes fractures, dislocation, osteophytes, bone deformations.
  • Vascular studies . Informative in the syndrome of the staircase muscle, the diseases of Oaksu, which bombarded Trombalitiite. To determine the localization and severity of occlusion, Vascular Weszov, angiography, aurantography can be carried out.
  • Other visualization techniques . Computer and magnetic resonance tomography are manufactured for diseases and traumatic damage. Appointed with ambiguous results of basic research, planning surgical interventions.
  • Lab tests . Recommended to confirm the infectious and dysmetabolic genesis of polyneuropathies, diagnosis of the disease to such.



Help at the pre-hospital stage

In case of numbness due to neurological diseases, it is necessary to eliminate the load provoking the strengthening of symptoms, regularly take breaks for resting hands. In case of traumatic damage, a victim's limb segment should be fixed or to put the victim of the spinal injury on the shield, to give an anesthetic. The growing edema, intense pains aligning the finiteness, are a reason for immediate contact with a specialist.

Conservative therapy

The treatment of neurological causes of numbers of numbers includes the following directions:

  • Anesthesia . Preparations from the NSAID group are used, with severe pains, they perform a blockade with anesthetic or anesthetic mixture and a corticosteroidal preparation.
  • Normalization of muscle tone . To reduce the muscle tone, the elimination of spasms is effective tolperizone, metallicconitine hydrojanid, ballopen.
  • Improving blood circulation . To improve blood supply, stimulation of venous outflows are recommended pentoxifillain, eufillin, timer.

Patients are prescribed vitamins of group B, diuretic tools to eliminate swelling. According to the testimony, the treatment plan is complemented by chondroprotectors. In chronic pains, antidepressants may be required. The list of non-drug methods includes ultrafonophoresis, UHF, hydrochief, therapeutic dirt, appliques of ozokerite and paraffin. An important role is distinguished by massage, LFC, manual therapy, reflexotherapy.

In case of disease, Yaksu recommended immunosuppressors, antiagregants, anticoagulants. Cascade plasma filtration, lymphocytaferesis, plasmapheresis are carried out. When Trombang Bang, antispasmodics, NSAIDs, tools for improving the rheological properties of blood, activate the local exchange is used. Give the direction on the lubl, hyperbaric oxygenation, hemosorption.


Tactics of surgical intervention is determined by the nature of pathology provoked by numbers. Neuralgia due to the grinding of the nerve of the tumor, scars, fibrous or bone growths are considered as the testimony for neurolism, tumor removal or decompression intervention.

During the pathologies of the spine, dischactomy, scoliosis correction, operations for eliminating the stenosis of the spinal canal and the instability of the spinal column are used. The elimination of the causes of the arms of shoulder plexitis is produced by removing cervical ribs, excision of tumors and aneurysms, correction of the position of fragments during fractures.

When a person sits for a long time or lies in an inconvenient position, he is experiencing a certain discomfort. The vessels are clarified, blood supply and nutrition of nerve endings are disturbed. The limbs check and lose sensitivity, and when trying to get up, tingling arises. To get rid of the unpleasant sensations, it is enough to lose a challenge hand or leg, to look like, make several gymnastic exercises.

But sometimes numbness There is no explicit reasons. In such a situation, you should not ignore the problem, as it may indicate the presence of serious diseases and pathologies.

1. Tunnel neuropathy wrist, trap or tunnel syndrome

This is a specific disease that occurs when squeezing the median nerve. He comes from the spine over the shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist to the brush and fingers. At the base of the palm there is a canal that form bones, tendons and ligaments. It and in the usual condition is quite narrow, and with the injuries and inflammation, the swollen fabrics turn the nerve.

This is accompanied by painful sensations, the weakening of the sensitivity of the palm, the wrist and fingers. The exception is only a little finger, which is not associated with the middle nerve. Sometimes even forearm.

Tunnel syndrome is a professional disease of those whose work requires constant voltage bent in the wrists of hands. From him often suffer from people who print a lot.

Tunnel syndrome

To damage the cutting channel, it is enough to spend on a computer for several hours. In an uncomfortable position, the hands are tired, the fabric is injured, the tunnel syndrome begins to develop.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you can use a special keyboard or put soft roller under the brushes.

Sometimes the narrowing of the cutting channel arises against the background of other diseases and states to which:

Causes of tunnel syndrome

Get rid of drone or tunnel syndrome at the initial stage quite simple. There are exercises capable of removing pathology. Sometimes the wrist is superimposed with a tight bandage or a special tire. If a person is experiencing pain, surgery is being done.

Interesting fact!

In men, squeezing the middle nerve is found in 3 cuts less often than women.

2. Lock tunnel syndrome or cubital channel syndrome

Everyone knows how bad feelings occur if the elbow is accidentally hit. The forearm and brush pierces acute, burning pain. This happens if the elbow nerve affects. It begins in the cervical spine and passes through the entire hand to the nameless finger and the little man. In the area of ​​the elbow joint, there is a 4-Milmeter cubital canal. Its narrowing leads to the clamp of the nerve. This is accompanied by the numbness of the forearm, the nameless finger and the maiden.

Syndrome of the cubital canal

Pathology is injured, inflammation, development of tumors. Also, the syndrome of the cubital canal occurs in people who like to put the elbows on the table and rely on them, often bend and extension their hands, sleep in an inconvenient position.

To get rid of the problem, you need to consult a doctor. It will appoint special exercises, physiotherapy procedures, injections. In advanced cases, resort to surgical intervention.

3. Tunnel neuropathy of the Target Nerva or Tarzal Channel Syndrome

The Tibial nerve comes from the popling hole through the shin to the foot and the fingers of the legs. In the ankle is a channel where pinching can occur.

Tarzal Channel Syndrome

When squeezing the nerve, the inner side of the foot is starting, sometimes the heel, with the exception of the maiden, are felt tingling in the ankle area. Sometimes pain occurs.

Here are the main causes of pathology:

Anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapeutic procedures, sometimes operational intervention are applied to treatment.

Causes of the Tarzal Channel Syndrome

Interesting fact!

Most often, the tanzal tunnel syndrome arises between the ages of 40 - 60 years.

4. Lack of vitamin B12

Kobalamin or vitamin B12 is necessary for stable operation of the peripheral nervous system. He is responsible for the formation of myelin shell around the nerve fibers. When it lack in the body, pathological changes begin. As a result, they lose the electrically insulating layer, which prevents the transmission of pulses to the brain.

Manifestations of lack of vitamin B12

With long-term hypovitaminosis B12, a person starts to a completely different sections of the extremities, tingling, light burning, the muscle tone decreases. If you ignore these symptoms, reflexes are lost, movement coordination is disturbed.

For treatment, a course of injections containing cobalamin are usually prescribed. If the body does not absorb vitamin B12, it is necessary to eliminate the causes. Such a problem happens with atrophically gastritis and liver diseases.

5. Sugar diabetes

With increasing glucose levels in patients often, different parts of the body often do. First they suffer from feet and fingers. It makes it difficult to walk, as a person feels poorly, as if fat socks are put on them. As the disease develops, the brushes and fingers on their hands are eaten.

Diabetested numbness

In diabetes, an electrical insulating sheath of nerves is destroyed. Their sensitivity decreases, the impulses enter the brain with a delay. That is why there is numbness, burning, tingling and other unpleasant feelings.


Numbness is one of the main manifestations of diabetes. If this symptom occurs, it is necessary to check the blood sugar content.

6. Spinal hernia

Osteochondrosis and back injuries do not pass without a trace. They lead to a violation of the integrity of one or more fibrous rings. As a result, there is a protrusion ( extrusion ) Disc fragment. The hernia is formed, which squeezes nerve roots.

Spinal hernia

If this happens in the cervical spine, maybe some one hand, brush, fingers. A person feels a slight tingling and discomfort. With hernia in the lumbar department, there is numbness in the left or right leg.

7. Ishias.

Ishias is a disease caused by squeezing any section of a sedlication nerve. It comes from the lower spine through the thigh and the shin to the foot. This largest nerve is responsible for the movement and sensitivity of the lower extremities.

Numbness and Ishias

If it is injured or thrown into any of the seeded nerve sites, Ishias occurs. The disease is accompanied by painful sensations, onmotion of the leg or foot. Often, tingling arises, a person seems to be that goosebumps on the leg. In serious defeats there are paralysis and paresa.

The main causes of Ishiasis are as follows:

Causes of Ishias


If a sudden strong pain appears during numbness, and Ishias arose due to injury, it is necessary to call ambulance.

8. Scattered sclerosis

This is a disease associated with the failure of the immune system. In patients with multiple sclerosis, an electrically insulating layer of spinal and brain nerve fibers is destroyed.

In the initial stages there is numbness of the limbs. Most often it affects only the right or left side. When multiple sclerosis progresses, paralysis occurs.

Multiple sclerosis

The disease has a chronic course, lasts for many years and is not treated. Patients prescribe drugs that soften the symptoms facilitate the general condition.

9. Stroke

In the stroke, the brain circulation is disturbed, which leads to focal defeats. The sudden muscle weakness, dizziness indicates the approximation of the stroke. The person has no hands and legs, the asymmetry of the face arises, the speech is disturbed.

Most often, only the right or left side of the body suffers from stroke. If a person is trying to raise his hands at the same time, one obeys badly. It is hard for him to speak, thoughts are confused, a disorder of consciousness arises.

Signs of stroke


When at least part of the listed symptoms should urgently cause ambulance.

10. Intracepical tumor

When a person in the brain appears tumor lesions, he often has the limbs. The neoplasms are striking cerebral fabrics, nerves, vessels and other structures. Numbness affects the right or left side of the body.

With brain tumors there are also the following symptoms:

  • headaches having clear localization;
  • superficial and rapid breathing;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • disorientation.

Non-Tumor Tumor


Self-medication will not help in this case. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

11. Singing Lisha

Many believe that the jamming deprived is manifested only by skin rashes. This is not true. The causing virus also affects the intervertebral nerve nodes. As a result, a person has no fingers and hands, brushes, forearms, feet, legs.


First there is numbness, itching of the skin, light tingles are felt. A few days later, where sensitive nerves pass, rash appears. Later bubbles on the skin are filled with liquid. There may be pronounced pain.

Shinglers causes herpes virus, which is also a chickenpox causative agent. Man is sick month or two. Gradually, symptoms pass. But in the absence of professional treatment, severe complications may begin.

Complications with lisp

12. Pregnancy

In women during pregnancy, the limbs often do, fingers. It usually begins at the end of the second trimester. In the morning, the future mother is discomfort, tingling, does not feel hands and legs. Numbness is a consequence of edema, which squeeze the nerves. Sometimes there is a tunnel syndrome.

After childbirth, unpleasant sensations disappear. But when the functions of the kidney of numbness can continue for some time.

Numbness during pregnancy

Other reasons for numbness

There are other diseases and conditions at which there are numbness:

  • When curvatched or the appearance of neoplasms in the spine, vertebrae is shifted. This leads to squeezing nerves. As a result, a person has a hand or foot.
  • If the kidney or thyroid function is violated, swelling occurs. The fabrics squeeze the nerves, which is why fingers, brushes, feet are completely unborn.
  • When the tick bite can be infected with borreliosis. Bacteria affect the nervous system, which leads to loss of sensitivity, reduced motor activity, circulatory disorders. A person has a little limbs, pain arise.
  • In chronic alcoholism, intoxication, inflammation of vessels, lesions of the joints and muscles of various etiologies, numbings are also observed.

Reasons for administration

When does medical care required?

Often, numbness is accompanied by additional symptoms.

Emergency assistance of the doctor is necessary if a person is:

  • Fully and suddenly numb limb;
  • there was a serious cranial injury;
  • unexpectedly sick head;
  • superficial and rapid breathing;
  • confused;
  • it is difficult;
  • sore in the chest;
  • severe weakness;
  • There was a partial or complete paralysis of the limbs.

When to call an ambulance?

Sometimes enough just to visit the doctor.

It is necessary at the following symptoms:

  • Non-fingers, part of the hand or legs;
  • numbness occurs more often, covers a large area, lasts longer;
  • Repeating actions ( For example, work at a computer ) exacerbate the problem.
Because of what the right hand is not

The reasons for numbness of the right hand can be the most different. Sometimes they are connected with long-term posture in an uncomfortable posture, but also often indicate the development of serious pathologies. That is why it is important when the symptom is manifested, to diagnose, which will help determine the treatment if necessary.


Casual causes

The numbness of the right hand very often occurs due to violation of blood flow or nerve shift. In these cases, as a rule, the symptom manifests itself at night. It may be provoked by an uncomfortable body position, which causes blood and lymphs in the limb. To remove uncomfortable sensations, it is enough to change the pose and stretch your hand. In the dream, the limb can numb from the habit of putting the hand under the head. In this case, you need to change the pillow and try to get rid of the habit.

Other reasons:

  • Uncomfortable posture during work.

  • Wearing uncomfortable bags or suitcases;

  • Professional activity that requires hand holding in a vertical position.

  • Supercooling

  • Physical stress for a long time.


Threatening are symptoms of numbness, if the loss of sensitivity is expressed by special manifestations or is observed in certain parts of the hand. For example, if "goosebumps" arise, this indicates the initial stage of the development of the arthrosis or osteochondrosis of the cervical department. When, against the background of tingling complaints in the right hand, a person begins to talk, you can suspect a stroke approximation. If, during sleep in a comfortable posture, the limb does not make, then this indicates the wrong operation of any internal organs.

Ears brush or fingers

The numbness of the brush or fingers often occurs against the background of strong stress or long neuropsychic tension. In this case, after removing the external stimuli and stabilization of the nervous state, the symptom disappears.

Also, the symptom may indicate the various pathology of the cardiovascular or nervous system. With a frequent repetition, it is necessary to check the condition of the brain vessels. Be sure to make people suffering from hypertension or hypercholesterolemia. In this case, the symptom gives a circulatory disorder in the brain, which is very dangerous.

In addition, the reasons for numbness of brushes and fingers often become:

  • An elbow or shoulder injuries. In most cases, an additional feature is swelling.

  • The cervical osteochondrosis or hernia in the disks of the spine. Diseases cause infringement of nerve fibers that lead to their right hand.

If the individual fingers of the right hand are eaten, then the reasons may be the following:

  • Misina numbness with high probability indicates the approach of the heart attack or stroke. Another frequent reason is the neuropathy of the elbow joint. In addition, a nonmet a little finger can at the staircase or a small breast muscle.

  • The numbness of the nameless finger, which is observed simultaneously with similar feelings in the Mizinz, indicates a possible pinching of the nerve in the elbow joint. The danger is that if this symptom is caused by a long position in an uncomfortable posture, the process of pinching muscles may begin. It is important to monitor the regular change of the position of the hands and removing the load on the brush.

  • The middle finger numbness indicates that there may be pathology in the elbow joint. If you need more pain in the elbow, it must be consulted with the doctor.

  • The numbness of the index finger in the form of "goosebumps" is most likely due to the development of cervical or thoracic osteochondrosis. Additional symptoms in this case are fast fatigue with minimal physical exertion, the occurrence of frequent dizziness and sharp drops of blood pressure. If the index finger is eagerly in combination with weak pain in brush bending, and it also occurs difficulties when trying to capture the object with your fingers, then this is a sign of pathology in the shoulder.

  • The numbness of the thumb, usually, testifies to pinching the middle nerve in the wrist. The cause of the symptom, as a rule, is the long load of the ray-tank joint. With a frequent manifestation, it is better to consult with a specialist to avoid the development of muscle atrophy.

Night-hand and foot

A serious symptom indicating the development of dangerous pathologies is the appearance of a feeling of numbness in his right hand and leg. Very often, such a manifestation is accompanied by a violation of coordination of movements and the occurrence of weakness in the whole body.

The symptom may be precursor:

  • Development of multiple sclerosis. This is a severe CNS disease, which causes the rebirth of certain zones of nerve brain tissues. Without treatment, there are disorders of visual function and problems with motor activity.

  • Disorders of cerebral circulation. This disorder increases the risks of the stroke.

  • Neoplasm in the brain. Additional features are strong headaches and deterioration of coordination.

All of the listed pathologies bear a threat to life, so if you have an onmation in your right hand and leg, you should simultaneously have to undergo a survey in a medical facility. A positive forecast is possible only when conducting timely treatment on the basis of a properly delivered diagnosis.

In order to get rid of the right hand from numbness, it is necessary to establish the causes of the symptom. It should be understood that it is necessary to treat a pathology that provokes the occurrence of uncomfortable sensations. This is possible only after the survey. Regardless of the reasons, for the prevention of numbness of the right hand, it is necessary to do the morning exercise, monitor meals and abandon the bad habits.

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