Beeline Highway 4 GB: Connect, Disable

463.To date, it is difficult to submit to the use of mobile devices without the Internet. In addition, there are many differences for what access is better. Some people are preferable to use the cable Internet and use the network only through the computer, and others like using the mobile Internet. Of course, the use of a stationary network has its advantages, namely the rate of data exchange and stability of work. But mobile access also has advantages that are to include network access can be anywhere without client binding to the area. In addition, a lot of mobile devices require access to the Internet for normal operation.

Using mobile Internet, clients should select the desired option, with a certain amount of traffic to enter the network. The company Beeline network has many options with different volumes, in addition, it is possible to use one-time services that will work only for a day, and you can use the options with a constant action.

To have stable internet access, it is recommended to use the Beeline Highway 4 GB service. It is quite popular among the entire line. It has in the amount of 4 GB of traffic that can be used throughout the month.

As statistics shows, the volume of 4 GB is enough to view news tapes, mail, the use of social. networks, as well as listening to audio and video view.


Subscribers, before activating the option and enjoy its traffic, you should know all the features of use. Initially, it should be noted that the price of this service is 400 rubles. They are written off every month from the main account. And for such a subscription fee will be accrued 4 GB of traffic for the whole month.

Options is extended in automatic mode. The main condition so that the balance of the required amount of funds for writing on the balance sheet. Replenishment will not happen if the account is exactly 400 rubles, it is necessary at least 1 ruble more.

Features Options:

  1. If the subscriber exits the entire volume of traffic ahead of time, then Internet access will be temporarily stopped. But customers can order an additional service that prolongs traffic. It is called such a "Speed" service.
  2. Any residue of traffic, until the moment of charge does not remain and does not accumulate, it is completely canceled, then a new volume is charged.

For the connection of the service, the subscribers will not pay anything, as well as for turning off the option. You can use the service almost on any tariff plans, you can specify more detail on the company's website or at the mobile operator.

If we talk about the speedy mode of the Internet, then the speed is provided at maximum speeds, but can be changed from a number of factors. For example, for different areas access to the network may be different. Among the main factors that influence the speed is:

  1. The number of people that use the Internet in a certain area.
  2. Locality.
  3. Network coverage.
  4. Climatic conditions.
  5. Mobile device and maintenance type of connection.

In general, the Highway 4 GB service allows you to use the Internet in different networks and at maximum speeds.


In order to use Internet clients, you will need to connect the option from Beeline "Highway 4 GB". To activate, use the methods described below:

  1. Simple inclusion method is the use of a service combination. On the mobile device you need to dial the command *115. *061. #. After turning on the mobile phone, a message will come from a successful connection operator. Connection takes a few minutes from the date of request.
  2. You can also dial a free room. 06740717031 . Thanks to it, the client will be able to call the voice menu and independently, using the instructions and instructions of the robot, activate the service.
  3. If it is impossible to connect the methods described above. For this, customers can allow support service by number 0611 and ask the operator to activate the service. To activate in remote mode, the operator will need to name the passport data of the SIM card owner.
  4. More customers can ask for help in activation from workers from Beeline brand stores. In order for specialists to connect the service, they will also need to present a passport to confirm the person.
  5. One convenient and simple methods is the use of a personal account on the company's website. To enter it, it will be necessary to register, filling a brief form. After that, the device will come to an SMS with a password for the entrance. In the office itself, go through the section with the services and activate the "Highway 4 GB" by clicking on the appropriate button.
  6. Analogue of a personal account is a mobile application. According to the functionality, they are the same, but a mobile application from the company at any time at hand. True, you need the Internet for work.


If there is no need for using options, then customers can quickly and easily deactivate the service. Turning off "Highway 4 GB" from the company Beeline is made by several methods:

  1. The easiest to use the input of the query on the mobile device. To do this, you will need to dial *115. *060. #. After disconnection, a confirmation of the SMS message will come to the phone.
  2. Subscribers can call the voice menu and make deactivation with it. To do this should be dial 0674117410. .
  3. You can also disable yourself through your personal account on the company's website. Disconnection is made by analogy with the connection. If possible, you can disable the service via a mobile application.
  4. If you can not disable yourself, it is possible to ask for help from the telephone operator by phone 0611. Or go to the corporate store in which experts will quickly help solve the problem. For both methods, use a passport. With his data, employees establish the identity of the owner of the SIM card.

Disable service does not take much time, up to 15 minutes.

Beeline "Highway 4 GB": a detailed description, cost, how to connect or disable

Date: October 6, 2017 | Updated: August 23, 2018 | Posted by: moblie-man

In the modern world it is even difficult to imagine the situation in which we remain without permanent Internet access. It is with the help of the World Wide Web today most people mainly conduct communication. We rely on the Internet when it comes to finding all sorts of institutions and firms, building routes, weather checking, etc. That is why the majority of tariff plans used by modern cellular subscribers have in their composition provided by the speeding Internet quotas. However, some of the tariffs do not include them in their composition. And there can help such additional options as the "Highway 4 GB" on the bilene, which we will pay attention to our article below.

Beeline Highway 4 GB: Detailed description

Tariff "Highway 4" on Beeline

This offer is included in the Family of Additional Internet Options from Beeline offering a variety of traffic quotas for use within a month. If you speak directly about "Highway 4", then in its framework there is a completely obvious quota in the amount of 4 gigabytes. And this offer, by the way, can be rightfully called the ideal and most sought-after. This is explained by the fact that 1 gigabyte of traffic with modern consumption of content to most subscribers will not be enough, and already older offer options have a quota of 8 gigabytes, which for many users "Bust". As for 4 gigabytes, it is an absolute ideal that will be enough for measuring and periodic listening to streaming audio, watching videos.

Beeline "Highway 4 GB": a detailed description

The option is offered in two variations:

  • With a monthly subscription fee;
  • With a subscription, written off daily.

The conditions for the provision of different service options look like this:

  • Payment of the proposal activation procedure: absent for both monthly and daily variations options;
  • Subscription fee in the monthly mode: 400 rubles;
  • Subscription fee in everyday mode: 18 rubles;
  • The number of traffic provided: 4 gigabytes in both options services.
Description of the remaining packages of the Highway series: 1 GB., 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 18 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB. and comparing all packages in one pivot table.

How to connect "Highway 4 GB" on Beeline

If you also assume yourself to the number of medium-term users of cellular services, and you are sure that the quota in the amount of 4 gigabytes of traffic will be the perfect choice for you, you must also familiarize yourself with how to connect this option.

To begin with, we offer a list of available Highway 4 connection options with a subscription fee in daily mode:

If you choose a monthly subscription fee, the activation of the service can be performed in such ways:

How to disable the "Highway 4 GB" service on biline

If you suddenly decide to replace the "Highway" with 4 gigabytes of quotas on a more or less large-scale version of the Internet option, and perhaps and at all decide to refuse to further use the offer, you must take a timely task to disabling. This will stop the write-off of the subscription fee.

Subscribers using "Highway 4" with a daily or monthly subscription fee should be used by any of the following deactivation methods:

In addition, the "Highway 4 GB" option can be deactivating any variation in the Personal Account, authorized under the number of your phone on the website or in the application.

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What opportunities "Beeline" offers users within the service of "Highway 4 GB"? How much does it cost? What are the pros and cons? How does it work? Consider these questions.

Highway 4 GB Service Beeline

"Highway 4 GB" - cost and other basic information

Note 1. Price characteristics and even the content of the product can plus a minus differ from one subject of the country to another. For this reason, with the purpose of comparison, we give tariff conditions for two regions (see references below):

Note: We strongly recommend when studying the products of the operator on the site to indicate its settlement. In this case, you can get topical information.


"Highway 4 GB" is a service that is convenient in solving such user tasks as: using search engines, checking email, correspondence in social networks and messengers. In fact, this is an additional mobile web traffic for every day for almost any tariff plan.

Important! Service "Highway 4 GB" costs 203.38 rubles. per month.

Maintenance Features :

  • 4 GB of mobile traffic per month (30 days);
  • high speed;
  • 4G-Internet.

"X4" is included in the Highway Family along with the following products:

Full information is available on the way: - "Individuals" - "Services" - "Mobile Communication and Internet" - a block with the desired product.

Website Beeline. The option of selecting a settlement. Products for individuals. Switch to your personal account. Category "Services". Subcategory "Mobile Communication and Internet"
Block transition to "x4"

Pros and Cons Services


  • low price;
  • Pressure enough for search engines, e-mail, social networks and messengers of traffic;
  • Simple connection and management.


  • Special conditions for the Chukotka AO, Crimea and Sevastopol;
  • incompatibility with other services and options for the Internet;
  • availability not on all tariffs;
  • Inaccessibility service abroad;
  • Some other restrictions (see below).

Pay attention to how your needs in connection with the service opportunities.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tariff and payment

Table 1. Price characteristics.

Option Cost, rub.
Connection 0
Celebration, month (at the prepaid calculation system) 203,38.
Celebrate for T-Fov "All" and "All Inclusive" 203.38 - for the first month

7.11 per day. - from the 31st day

Note: In the Chukchi AO, the Republic of Crimea and G. Sevastopol Web traffic is provided at a price of 10.95 rubles per 1 MB.


Connection and shutdown

Table 2. Connection and shutdown options "x4". Method

Activation Deactivation
USSD query (combination and call button) * 115 * 061 # * 115 * 000 #
Call to service number 06740717031 0674117410.

To connect "x4" online through personal account , need to:

  • Log in to the site;
  • Select the category "Services" on the main page;
  • Choose a "Mobile and Internet" subcategory;
    Website Beeline. The option of selecting a settlement. Products for individuals. Switch to your personal account. Category "Services". Subcategory "Mobile Communication and Internet"
  • Specify the device type on the new page, the category of the desired service, the payment system and click the "Show all services" button, if necessary, use the search bar (all these actions not Mandatory and need only for the convenience of finding the product);
    Select device, product category, payment system. Search string
  • Click the product name or click the "Connect" button;
    Block transition to "x4"
  • Click on the new page "Connect" button, specify the desired action option and follow the further requirements of the system.
    Connection button

A similar procedure is implied when working with a mobile application.

Note 2. In the absence of a connected basic Internet option, activate it using the USSD command * 110 * 181 # (hereinafter the call button). Only after that it will be possible to use the service. Configure the Internet on your mobile device using the "Help and Support" section on the website (if necessary).

How does it work?

Web traffic is provided at the maximum possible speed monthly.

On prepaid tariffs when 4 gigabytes are spent Additional packages are automatically activated. . If there is not enough funds on the balance sheet, the service operates at speeds up to 64 kbps.

Traffic included in the product, the subscriber receives with such high-speed indicators (depends on the set of factors):

  • 10 - 20 Mbps for 4G (LTE);
  • 3 - 5 Mbps for 3G (LTE);
  • 60 - 100 kbps for 2G (GPRS or EDGE).

Note 3. Upon reaching 100 MB, the client is warned by SMS alert.

Work service


Ways to disable automatic activation of extension packages:

  • Call the number 06747177780;
  • Dial * 115 * 230 # (press the call button).

Note 4. You can control the service and control the residue through your personal account or mobile application. Also, the remaining traffic can be found using the * 102 # command.

Zone of action

The operation of the service applies to the entire territory of the Russian Federation in the network of the Beeline operator (except for Chukotka and Crimea).

Important! In the networks of other operators and in the zone of international roaming, the option does not function.

The default option is within the home region. It is also available and outside the home subject in the Biline Network: the subscriber needs to confirm its use during travel across the Russian Federation - in the WWW browser on the site . Automatic redirection to the specified resource occurs when entering the Internet outside the home network.


Availability and restrictions


  1. Incompatible with other services and options for the Internet. Activation "X" leads to their deactivation.
  2. Available to subscribers (individuality) of the prepaid calculation system.
  3. Unavailable on the tariffs of the line "Untile", "Anline Archive 03.2019", "First Gigi", "Anlim", "Super Anline", "Double Anline", "Family", "Super Family", "Super Family +".

"Highway" not Changes T-Fa parameters.

Important! Web traffic burns during the transition to dr. T-F.

Connecting the option "x" not Activates the possibility of using the Internet for T-Fov "All" line - while traveling to the Russian Federation in the Bilain Network.

Note 5. On the tariff plan "All" no night unlimited.



"Highway 4 GB" is a service to meet ordinary Internet needs. In fact, the product is a small addition to the web package of the tariff plan used by the client. Given the low cost of a proposal, it can be said that it fits all the category of "Bl" subscribers.

Nowadays, mobile Internet is increasingly found on mobile devices. It can be seen not only on smartphones, the number of which grows every day, but also on other devices, such as tablet computers, modems, routers and many others.

How to connect Highway 4GB on biline
How to connect Highway 4GB on biline

The tariff plans and services of mobile operators are also constantly changing, cheaper or increases the permissible traffic volume, but somehow, the Internet becomes more accessible every day, as indicated by the new Option of Highway 4GB from Beeline, which appeared only on June 9, 2015. On how to connect this service, we will tell in our article.

How to connect Highway 4 GB.

So, you are the current subscriber of the Beeline operator, or want them to become and activate themselves the Highway 4GB service. For this, there are the following options:

  1. For existing operator clients, it is possible to activate the tariff using a USSD combination * 115 * 061 # . After it is sent, you need to wait for notifications.
  2. You can also use the Highway connection number 4GB - 06740717031 . It just needs to be called on it.
  3. Use My Beeline Mobile App to activate the desired option directly from your mobile device.
  4. Visit the Personal Cabinet of the Beeline subscriber on the official website of the operator. There you can also make a conceived action.
  5. Contact an operator for help by number 0611. .
  6. If all the ways did not help or you are a subscriber of another company, but decided to use Internet Beeline, then in this case you are best to contact your passport to the nearest operator's office for a new connection or refinement of information on activation of the Highway 4GB service.

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