How to answer on congratulations on your birthday

Social networks

With congratulations on social networks there are a lot of problems, since you get them for several dozen and not only from friends, but also from old, long forgotten acquaintances. You will save the multifunctionality of your page, allowing you to answer everyone at once. You can write one beautiful universal message with gratitude and in the column "Who will send", tick those who congratulated you. Words such as "girlfriend, friend, dear, native, beloved", as well as names for obvious reasons it is better not to use.

You can place one overall message or your photo with a cake and candles, signing them accordingly, put Like under each congratulation or save a letter in status. thank

  • Thanks for congratulations on your birthday!
  • Thanks for good words! It's nice that you do not forget.
  • Thank you all for good wishes! I love you all.
  • Thanks to everyone. I am pleased with your congratulations.
  • So pleased that there are so many people in the world who do not forget about me! I am the happiest man in the world!
  • They cannot answer everyone, but I am pleased to be amazed and happy that so many people congratulated me. Thank you, friends, for all gentle and touching words!
  • Now I know that happiness is to get so many congratulations on your birthday! Thank you all huge!

It makes sense to answer personally old relatives with whom you rarely see, as well as people, the connection with whom you would like to restore.

How to answer for congratulations in prose and verse

Relationships between people are built on mutual interest and respect. Each significant event of life accompany pleasant greetings, good wishes from relatives, friends familiar. According to the rules of good colors, it is decided to thank.

Is it necessary to answer a congratulator

Words of gratitude

A polite and tactful person will definitely find words to express appreciation. Sincere response to the wish will show that you appreciate the participation. To avoid excitement that prevents eloquently answer during a festive event, it is better to cook thanks for his gratitude for a birthday or anniversary and learn in advance.

Appreciation can be expressed orally or writing.

It depends on the method that congratulations were received - with a personal meeting, by phone, postcard or via the Internet. The answer must be appropriate. The familiar, too expansive tone of the subordinate is unlikely to like the boss, and the dry duty "Thank you" will offend close, relatives.

Best answers to Congratulations in prose

Answer friends

Speak the words of appreciation from the whole soul. Simple phrases pronounced in penetration, with a smile, emphasize sincerity, will have a positive effect on further relations. The response word for congratulation in prose may contain a well-known quote from a movie or book.

A pleasant impression will leave a pre-thoughtful speech in which fantasy will be manifested.

The most affectionate, emotional response to parents, spouse or beloved person. Words of gratitude can sound short, while not slipping on kisses, hugs. Close friends will understand jokes, humor. Collectors with whom communicate only at work, thank politely, officially. In a small team, where informal relationships, try to express my appreciation to everyone by emphasizing his personal advantages.


Gratitude to relatives

You can answer on the congratulations of loved ones with these words:

  • Thank you, my dear! I love you immensely! The most valuable gifts are attention, support, kind words. They always warm me with their warmth.
  • Thank you from the pure heart for golden words, my relatives! I am very lucky that you have me. Thank you for gave your love, care, a wonderful mood.


Words appreciation for friends

If people with whom you are together for many years have congratulated you, for example, such a speech:

  • Great happiness that I have faithful friends! Thanks for all! Sincere wishes warm my heart. Let everyone come true the most incredible dreams and plans! I really appreciate our friendship, without you I would be sad, lonely.
  • Thank you, my darlings! You always find yourself next to when necessary. We have eaten more than one salty powder. I want to divide these wonderful wishes at all. Let us be waiting for luck, happiness, well-being!

Beloved man

  • Your words turned this day in a double holiday. Thanks for the congratulations, and the fact that there is real love in my life. I really value our relationship. With you, I am always warm and cozy.
  • Thank you, love! The best gift for me is your attention, warm wishes. Thank you for beeing. I love you very much. My heart overwhelms tenderness, appreciation when I think about how great that we are together.


Colleagues and colleagues
  • Thank you for the usual working day you have turned into a real holiday. Our team is my second family. I really appreciate your attention, respect. Thank you for the sea of ​​pleasant emotions, a positive attitude.
  • Warm words touched me to the depths of the soul. I want from all my heart thank for wonderful congratulations. I was lucky that I was working in one team with responsive, friendly people.

Unpleasant personality

The rules of good tone are prescribed to answer a congratulation even a person to whom you feel a feeling of ill-advantage. Perhaps it will be the first step towards understanding, reconciliation. Receive concisely: "Thank you", "Thank you", "very grateful."

Answers congratulations in verse

In poetic form

If you can rhyme words, you can independently come up with an original response to congratulations. You can express gratitude after the birthday, the anniversary or anniversary of the wedding in verses. They will be appropriate on corporate holidays. Examples of poems for each case are on the Internet.

Option for relatives:

Thank you for these congratulations, for warm words and compliments,

For bright minutes on birthday, beautiful and wonderful moments!

I'm careful and attention, words and congratulations are pleasant!

Let your wishes come back, native people, to you doubly back!

Example for friends:

In response to congratulations, he suddenly came inspiration,

I want to say verses - I appreciate your attention!

Friends, for all thank you, I hug everyone tightly!

I respect you, I love, and I wish you happiness!

Response words beloved person:

For the wishes you thank you

No on this day I am happy!

Bed and Mount I shall with you.

For the fact that you are, fate thank you.

I want the wishes to come true!

Lived together we are with you all my life!

Depart of response messages

In official form
  1. If you could not immediately thank the person in order not to offend, do it a little later, for example, the next day.
  2. On congratulations, answer the same way as it was sent. Registration, text must match the relationship between you and the congratulator.
  3. In the message briefly and meaning their appreciation. Try to answer your friends, relatives who live far away.
  4. Do not allow errors, unnecessary exclamation marks. Write to sleep and unnecessary text will force the recipient to doubt your sincerity.
  5. The standard congratulations should be answered by polite words of gratitude. If a person wrote from the soul, you value them, do not skimp on mutual wishes, compliments.

In a letter

Postcards, telegrams come from afar from older relatives or acquaintances who do not use the Internet. In the professional sphere, you can get congratulations letters related to the appointment of a new position, a reward, anniversary or another important event. They should be answered.

Starting an expression start with respectful appeal to the addressee by name-patronymic.

By email

The answer to the congratulation is permissible to send in a few days. Appreciation can be expressed as standard short words and a message from 2-3 sentences or small verse.

If you cannot find the desired words, send a beautiful picture from the Internet, suitable in meaning.

Through social networks

Universal response

If you have many buddies and acquaintances who massively send congratulations on Vkontakte or in Odnoklassniki, you do not need to answer everything individually. Come up with a universal response with gratitude without specifying names, send it to those who remembered you, with the help of a check mark in the appropriate graph. Save this entry in your status.

Another option - make a beautiful photo on a festive background, put on a page with the words appreciation to friends.

Original ways to express gratitude

  1. Send a voice card to a cellular or landline phone. Please the congratulators on the song instead of words. The message can be written independently or use the mobile operator service.
  2. Video cards send through messengers (Vaiber, Watsap, Skype) and social networks, by email. You can download them for free on YouTube Channel. Choose a postcard with beautiful music suitable poems.
  3. Sweets to tea or a bouquet will be pleased to get a woman together with a thank you note or writing. For delivery, use the courier.
  4. For all day, the congratulator will raise the mood of the call from an unfamiliar person. Ask a friend to convey from you words of appreciation, compliments.
  5. After a large festive celebration, you can order a note in the local newspaper, where words of gratitude will be published.


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Today is another date of your birth. In the Celebration Program, free filmusans, five hundred and eskimo from a good wizard from a blue helicopter and a lot of warm words from close and not very surroundings.

What to say in response to happy birthday congratulations from relatives and friends? How to express your appreciation for the received gifts and good wishes? Not everyone is able to pick up the right words to express their emotions.

What to say in response to happy birthday in prose

So nice in the birthday celebration to hear warm and mental words in your address! The rules of decency require a response from the addressee. Spontaneous monologues rarely manage the perpetrator of the celebration. Oppicaling his feelings and emotions interfere with finding the necessary words to adequately thank the congratulations.

The best way out of the situation is to prepare in advance for the reception of festive wishes. Pick up several response phrases from the list below, insert them into the desired location of the solemn regulations. By this, you will not only avoid chasing and confusion, but also please our opponents with an adequate connected speech. The main thing is to say it sincerely, because any false immediately rushes into the eyes. Your speech may sound like this:

  1. My dear! Thank you so much for your attention, for your beautiful gifts and heart congratulations. Your presence in my house (for my table) gives me huge pleasure. After all, the closest and beloved people gathered here. Be always healthy and happy! Rejoin me and on your visits.
  2. I thank all those present. Your warm words are very important to me.
  3. I am a togan (a) with your attention, the warmth you gave me. I am very proud that there are such bright and loving people next to me.
  4. Many thanks for your wonderful congratulations! Today's birthday has become a real holiday for me, and your wishes inspired me, instilled confidence and purposefulness, attached strength and vigor. In response, take the sincere wishes of happiness and good, excellent health and non-presaterable sincere optimism.

What to say to colleagues in response to happy birthday congratulations

In the labor team adopted "Happing" a birthday officer, recalling his professional achievements. No less important communication ties of the culprit of a celebration with other team members. More sociable employees who support informal relationships with colleagues receive the most relaxed friendly congratulations in their address. Their response word is also deprived of strictness and official.

Congratulations on colleagues

Those employees whose relationships with the team do not go beyond the production necessity, can also count on sincere and friendly congratulations, however, most likely they will not be devoid of formality and nomenclature.

Be that as it may, on congratulations from colleagues should be politely and friendly. A response replica may be in verse or in prose. Let me understand the colleagues that appreciate them as colleagues, and value them with attitude towards you.

  1. Dear Colleagues! I was very lucky to be in your cohesive team, working side by side with such open and responsive people. Thank you for congratulations and good wishes. They gave me a minute of sincere joy and positive, instimacy and confidence were instilled in a happy future. Thanks you!
  2. Dear friends, dear comrades! Your congratulations and flattering wishes are very important to me. Thanks to you, I feel in a collective confidently and comfortable, I know that in a difficult hour will always find support in your face. The warm and friendly atmosphere in the team of like-minded people helps to quickly and accurately solve any, even the most complex, production tasks. Thank you for the joint work, for mutual and positive attitude. Be successful in all your affairs and endeavors!
  3. I sincerely thank our whole friendly team for attention to my modest personality! My birthday was a good reason for all of us to collect at the same table and express deep appreciation for each day our joint activities. I appreciate your attitude, rushing the wishes. Thank you all and everyone separately for bright communication, amazing community of interests and high professionalism. Let our labor weekdays will never be boring and monotonous, and the individual contribution of everyone will receive a high financial assessment! Be healthy!

Original response words for congratulations


The top of speaking skills is the original response replica with elements of humor or irony. Not everyone has enough witness to independently make an exclusive text that can cause a smile and raise the mood at others. The original answer may be in verses:

I poured the days empty,

Sad, not easy.

I have not heard speeches,

Having sent me away!

My friends are my dear!

Wishes are yours - not easy!

I will definitely fully

We will celebrate the holiday canceled!

From your fiery speeches

Spark in my chest

Turned into a heat of fire!

Gratitude limit

Would never come!

Waiting for you to visit everything!

Friends are different:

Beautiful, terrible,

Touchy, kind,

Calm and wretched.

But we are looking forward

Other, real!

I'm on this birthday

I wish you luck!

My gratitude you great!

She supports the clouds,

Furious heavenly galaxies sometimes

All this I express you now!

My gratitude does not know the borders,

She is brighter than the most beautiful salary,

Warm than the sun rays over the colors ...

Like strength, let it be with you!

Gratitude my not to measure.

I "Thank you just say!

I'm happiness a little confusion,

I love you, you will rush!

For congratulations dimensionless thanks!

Wishing happiness you and the strength of health.

Believe me, it's all, of course, mutually

After all, I take care of you with respect and love!

From the whole soul I tell you thank you,

You like a lighthouse of my justified hopes,

Like the sun ray you shine playfully

And we choose from any ignoramus.

For understanding, thank you for your sensitivity,

For sincerity, I thank you,

For friendship faithful, for the right joke,

Behind the heart is restless, love!

Thanks for the support, for the word in the right moment.

How often it happens when you are just a sinny ...

It is difficult to understand, not everyone is given,

But next to the one who can give his good.

I love everyone, everyone individually and wholesale.

Anyone can come to my house without an invitation for any reason.

I wish you to have everything in life ...

... and pleasant surprises,

And the expected pleasantness!

Or in prose:

  1. Separate thanks to those who called in the morning from 6 to 9. Only thanks to you, I managed to work on time!
  2. All who did not congratulate, keep in mind: I remember about you!
  3. My favorite and close people! This is a great happiness that fate brought us, allowed to communicate and spend time together. This day would be the saddest without you. I will say more: all my life would lose meaning if not you. Thank!

How can I answer on congratulations in the letter

The epistolary genre gradually donates its position. Only the most persistent conservatives will be bought by writing a letter, and then send it via email. Our rapid century does not tolerate verbs. In the messages reduce words and suggestions, in the lexicon there are amicing formulations and definitions.


However, there are situations when the response word for congratulations simply needs to be issued as a letter. The most common option is a congratulation from a business partner. Rules of business etiquette require a written expression of appreciation for the attention manifested. The composition of a letter of thanks must meet the definite rules:

  1. Appeal to the congratulator. It is customary to contact the addressee by name-patronymic or by the name, but to prevent her word "Mr.". In any case, before the recipient's name should be the word "respected".
  2. Thanks for congratulations. Express it in warm and sincere words.
  3. Assessment of the partner's activities regarding you and your business. Let me understand the congratulator that you appreciate his personal attitude towards you.
  4. Confirmation of intentions of further cooperation and the expression of hope for its development. Show partner that are interested in further joint activities.
  5. Response wishes to a partner.
  6. Signature of the sender.

For instance:

Dear I.O.!

Sincerely grateful to you for warm congratulations on the occasion of my birthday. Your friendly support and affiliate participation always helped me in solving the most difficult problems. I hope that our mutually beneficial cooperation will continue to fix and develop. By joint efforts, we will be able to bring it to a new, higher level.

For its part, I wish you good health and ambitious success in your creative activity.

Sincerely, FULL NAME.

How to say Thank you in the status of social networks

The realities of the centuries of technical progress make their own adjustments to the life of modern people. Purchases and sales, education and training, interaction with government agencies and commercial enterprises have moved to the Internet zone.

Thank you for your congratulations

Communication of a significant part of users also occurs in virtual space through social networks and forums. Congratulations of friends and subscribers received through the World Wide Network have long been an integral part of our memorable dates and anniversaries.

The peculiarity of virtual communication is in a large number of potential congratulations that have no chance forget about your anniversary. After all, the helpful resource will always tell me who from his users has become a birthday room. After receiving wishes from their Internet friends, thank them for the attention manifested.

Thanks for congratulations

There are several options for this:

Mass distribution. The technical capabilities of the Internet communities allow for several minutes to send messages to a whole list of subscribers. Make a universal text suitable for all congratulations. Express its appreciation in it:

  • Many thanks for warm congratulations! Your attention is very important for me.
  • Thank you for the wishes! I am very pleased.

Post on your wall. Publish it the day after your birthday. The message will appear in the news feed from your friends. Tell it in the form of a postcard, make up the letter:

  • I am a very happy person, because I have you, the best friends! Thank you for congratulations and warm wishes!
  • I really want all the wishes to come true not only with me, but also you!
  • Each of you are dear to me and love me. Thank you for the warmth and kindness that you gave me today!
  • Thank you for your congratulations! Smiles and my festive mood is exceptionally your merit, my favorite friends!

Response comment. Does a friend posted congratulations on his birthday on your wall? Leave a comment on him with gratitude for the attention manifested:

  • Thank you, I'm madly pleasant.
  • Thank you for congratulations and good wishes.
  • Huge thanks, even if you are fine.
  • Thank you, love you very much!

Complete the words with a suitable emoticon. He graphically transfer the feelings and emotions that have experienced.

Thanks to your friends in your own words.

When it comes to close friends, the official speeches are not acceptable. The more stateness and improvisation, the better. Try to pick up the most warm and mental words to express the whole depth of your senses. Suppose unobtrusive tactile contact. Light arms and patches on the shoulder will create an intimate related atmosphere at the festive table. A happy smile and joy in the eyes are able to say no words about the feelings experienced by the culprit of the celebration towards people honored by his friendly feast.

Good thank you will also do not interfere. Thank guests for gifts. As a rule, close friends are very carefully suited to their choice.

Let me understand that I am very glad to meet. If the company gathered is not very high, try to highlight each guest. Insert some personal information and information known only to your narrow circle into the response word.

  1. My dear friends! Thank you for warm and sincere congratulations. Your good wishes touched me to the depths of the soul. I feel great joy and pride for the fact that there are real friends in my life who are so appreciated and love me. You can always count on my help and support in any situation.
  2. Thank you, my favorite and indispensable friends, for your friendship. You, as if sun rays, light my life, make it bright and cheerful. Whatever happens, you are always there, my support, support and vest, in which you can cry when it becomes completely unbearable. I love you very much and I wish only the best!
  3. Dear friends! My birthday gathered all of us at one table. Thank you for not forgotten, thank you for the festive mood and joy from meeting you. Special thanks for the best gifts and friendly wishes. Let them run back to you!
  4. Our friendship is tested by time, complex tests and limitless joy. You have always been around, took part of my burden on our shoulders, sincerely shared the happiest moments with me. You, favorite friends, have become an integral part of my life. Thank you for being there, for being sitting at my table today and mark the next milestone of my life path. I want the term of our faithful friendship to coincide with the duration of our earthly life. Always be healthy and happy!

Thanks in the pictures

Can't pick up suitable words to express gratitude for congratulations on birthday? Send the congratulators a beautiful picture filled with deep meaning. Now on the Internet there is no shortage of such illustrations.

picture - thanks for congratulations

Thanks in the pictures

Thank you with love

many thanks

Cardiac thanks

Thanks for congratulations to guests from the jubilee

Female anniversary - a special celebration. On the one hand, this is a joyful holiday, symbolizing the achievement of a sense of a certain status and position. At the same time, any anniversary for fine and sensitive female nature is an indicator of age, which is quite painful theme for most representatives of the "weak" floor. Knowledge of this psychological subtlety will help correctly make a congratulatory speech and, accordingly, get an adequate response from the jubileis.

Women in their nature are more impressionable than men. The "aggravating circumstances" in the form of the coming anniversary date contribute to an even greater emotional burden on the birthday room. In such difficult conditions, it is almost impossible to compile a hosted answer to the congratulations to the expression. The oversight of feelings always has a negative effect on eloquence. Prepare a replica in advance or select options from the options proposed.

  1. Dear my guests! Thank you so much for honoring your presence is a festive event. Today's date is very symbolic for me, and I am very pleased to divide it with you. Your good smiles made my holiday especially spiritual and sincere. Every of you I want to thank for the warmth, originality and penetration of wishes. I really want each of them to come true. I raise this glass for you and I wish all the disadvantaged health for many years, inexhaustible family well-being and the most devoted friends. Let your life adorn the same responsive and pleasant people as those that came to my celebration!
  2. Everyone who is next to me is this special moment, I want to say a lot thank you! It is with you, the most expensive and close people, I wanted to mark my anniversary. Your bright congratulations and touching wishes cause the most colorful emotions in my heart. Thanks for the wonderful gifts, warm words and a fun holiday atmosphere!
  3. I sincerely want to thank my wonderful guests for the joy delivered to their presence on my anniversary, for pleasant moments, wonderful gifts and warm wishes. Today evening will be the most vivid memories in the series of holidays. Our joint celebration with a cheerful feast has become the best gift for me. After all, there are relatives close and loved by me, friends, colleagues, all those I sincerely wish good and well-being!

My guests have gathered a lot of anniversary.

And I will express all thanks again.

Let it be a road with light life for you,

Accompany you and good, and love!

Thanks for your, friends, wishes.

Thank you very much that with me now.

Let all your plans come true, the desire,

Energy, forces will be an eternal stock!

Thank you, guests, I will say in the anniversary,

For meeting his surroundings of friends.

Thank you for being with me.

I don't need a gift in my life.

Mount and joy I share with you,

For you, I thank my fate.

For wishes I will say: "Thank you!"

No in the anniversary of a man happy.

I wish you all the wishes come true

And next to me you were all my life!

Thank you, my guests are expensive,

For all these wonderful moments!

Thank you for the toasts crowning,

For good words and compliments!

Thank you for your congratulations,

I love my family and all friends!

You are the best, without doubt,

Thank you for come to the anniversary!

As a jubilee, I tell you thanks

So pleased that everyone could come,

Thank you Guests, expensive,

That the time was able to find for me.

Nice all of you here today see

I really respect you, appreciate

I hope you will appreciate my holiday,

Hope you enjoy the menu!

A selection of poems in gratitude for congratulations to friends

Touching poem - the best answer to congratulations from friends. It can be included both orally and in a written response word. Scroll to the poetic lines with a colorful picture and direct e-mail congratulations or through social networking messengers.

poems with the words thanks

Thank you with all my heart for congratulations,

For all good words and compliments,

What bright colors brought in my birthday

And gave me wonderful moments!

Thank you, relatives, for attention,

For not standing aside!

Let all kind words and wishes

To you, dear, return doubly!

Thank you very much for congratulations,

What remember you about my birthday,

For all those words that they have not forgotten,

That you all attentive me surrounded.

For all essems, gifts, bouquets,

For the songs that there were lutes for me.

For what you are in my day you are near.

Thank! I don't need a holiday!

My friends, far and not very,

By the names you all do not count.

I will say today again: I love you very much ...

By adding only: thanks what you are!

For good and congratulations

What sounded from the soul,

I want to say thank you

Oya your good.

And all that wished

I will send you in response.

I am glad to be your warm,

Your sincere words.

Thanks friends! You are with me in happiness, in Mount,

I wish you all the same friends,

After all, you think the sea seems to me

Annoying worries and other problems!

When you come, I am glad immensely,

When you call - on the heart of the comfort.

Without your support, I could probably not

Let you only have the successes and joy waiting!

Thank you for congratulations on my holiday,

For your cheerful, cheerful, joyful mood,

For that energy that you handed me,

For those words that I have said from all my heart!

I hope I, when my day will come again,

You all decide to congratulate everything again!

We will be sincerely happy if our recommendations will help with the organization of your solemn event. Use them, let the holiday be fun and cozy to all guests.

Author of the article: Baklanova Irina Vladimirovna.

Author: Oleg Maltsev

Thanks for congratulations on your birthday - examples and options how can I answer

Summary of article:

Take wishes on birthday - always nice. But sometimes you do not know what to answer, you are lost, it is an awkward pause. Thanks for congratulations on your birthday can be expressed differently, below we describe the examples of how to do it.

Thanks for greetings happy birthday

How to answer on congratulations on your birthday?

This is a talent, be able to express response, when you congratulate you. After all, people want to see how important their attention and efforts for you. Here are some options:

  • Thank you for your attention. Your smiles and instructions will always live in my heart and help me;
  • Thank you, I'm driven by your attention, the light that you brought me and glad to see you near;
  • How great that you do not forget me, because it is always nice to get greetings from such wonderful people;
  • I, in turn, I want to say thank you are near. Be too healthy and happy;
  • Today I remembered everything - relatives and friends, friends and colleagues, the day really managed and brought a lot of joy;
  • Your wishes are amazing what they sound sincere. From the heart, thank you, let them fulfill your dreams, and the closest will be happy and healthy!;
  • I do not have enough words in response to express your admiration for you and everything that happens today.

Be sincere, turning to friends. If now there is no mood answer, wait for the right moment and thank.

You can send, for example, as an answer, this video:

Say "Thank you" on a personal page on social network

Today, almost everyone congratulate each other through the Internet. Of course it is better to come to personally or at least call, but sometimes there is no such possibility. Then people send postcards on the Internet and it is also advisable to answer.

This can be done in the status or on the "wall" of your page:

  1. My friends are the best, I want, so that you have everything well: Dreams came true, close did not hurt. Thank you for the wishes!;
  2. I will rush every one of you, thanks for the kindness and heat that you brought today;
  3. I am sure that all your wishes will come true;
  4. Your attention is very touching, it's great that there are such solar people near;
  5. I love you, in fact I am very lucky and around always caring friends!;
  6. I am pleased to get so many gifts, but they are not the main thing. The main thing - you, my friends!;
  7. This day will remember me with your smiles and a good mood;
  8. Thank you for warming me on these cold days with warm wishes.

You can also leave on your page for friends the appropriate picture. Suitable easy to find on the Internet or draw yourself.

Girlfriend thanks for congratulations

Answers in verse

Great, if you come up with a couple of quadruple and give them to friends:

Thank you for your attention,

It is nice to get

All your kind desires

I will try to embody.

In response, I wish you doubly:

Warm sun rays,

Health for children and friends,

Come to us more often.

And above you let the rainbow shine,

And it does not touch the longing and sadness.

Good that you are and we are together

Well, that came to congratulate.

The river pours congratulations,

Without them, my holiday is empty.

We will meet a birthday together,

I am waiting for everyone to visit the way.

Similar merry poems will delight close attention and give them a little good mood in response.

Girl ripped by guests at the holiday

Gratitude in your own words: Original examples with humor

Of course, poems are great, but not all of them are given. Then speak from the soul, sincerely, in your own words with humor and joke. The main thing is that people see that they are heard:

  • Special thanks to those who called at 6 am, thanks to you I was not late for work!
  • All who did not congratulate, I remember about you!
  • Thank you of your parents that I gave me so many friends;
  • Indispensable mine, relatives! How good that you are near, that we know each other and can spend together time. This day would be sad without you, I will say more, this life would not be so bright if not you. Thank!
  • I love everyone, everyone individually and wholesale. Anyone can come to my house without an invitation for any occasion;
  • Thank you for the immeasurable amount of positive, let each phrase presented to me return;
  • This day has become the brightest and sunny thanks to my friends!

The origin of the word "thank you" is an interesting story. There are several versions as it appeared in Russian. One recognized as official is a reduction from "save God."

Another says that one day Satan was very worried, since Hell empty. And then God answered him: "Do not worry, your world will be filled soon." Satan replied: "Well, save God."

So the word "Thank you" appeared, which began to be considered Satanic, Christians, taking gifts and treatments should say: "Thank you."

Unrestrained cheerful party

What to answer to "Thank you for congratulations"?

Just turn around and leave - impolitely, a person wants to see that he heard and his gratitude was accepted. Therefore, smile and tell me (or write):

  • Have a nice man to congratulate;
  • I am glad (s) give you a little positive;
  • I was only joy;
  • I can do everything for you.

For you - a good person is nice to congratulate!

Most often we answer: "Not for that," but this phrase has become ordinary and no longer suited. If near someone close and you really want him to deliver joy with his congratulations, answer the "Thank you" mentally, show how it was important to congratulate and pay attention.

Right thanks for congratulations on your birthday is the best thing to hear your friend. Try and you make him pleasant in your own words.

Video: How to answer if you congratulate you?

For example, you can send this video as an answer:

Each birthday room is pleased to receive warm wishes in your address. But often an awkward situation arises: how to answer on congratulations on your birthday originally and beautiful. Especially if colleagues congratulate the colleagues from the whole team, or beautiful speeches on the festive feast. Response words on birthday congratulations may be in prose or verses, cool or serious - as you like more. They will definitely help you out at the right moment and help support the relaxed atmosphere of the holiday.

How to answer on the happy birthday congratulation in verses is beautiful

Thank you for your congratulations. In response, I wish you joy, good, so that your days in fun, and the party goes around the Handra. Judge you, the success of the unreal, in the life of only devotees of friends. I mean you all without exclude and in your hundredth anniversary.

For wishes in verses and prose, for all happy forecasts, for the choir of happy votes, and the ocean of kind words

I say Thank you - I will be a native, your friends! Let everyone return to you with a hundredfold! You are from me - soul particles!

Thank you for your congratulations Day of my rightful birthday. I have yours as a balm on the heart, in them you can, like in the rays of spring, warm! Thank you for good attention, for sensitivity, for care, understanding. I have yours like water in The desert, in me their wisdom will not cool for a long time!

From the heart I will say Squeezing for a miracle of congratulations, for the warmth and wishes, happiness on your birthday.

In response, I wish you too good and inspiration, only good health, to live without a lobe of regret.

Reply to Congratulations on your birthday in prose (in your own words) beautifully

My dear family and loved ones. Your congratulations on my address are simply amazing. So many warm and gentle words did not have to hear for a long time. I love and appreciate you all, I wish good and world, health and well-being, faith in our own strength and success in all endeavors. Let each of you fulfill cherished dreams and modest desires. I thank the fate for what you are in my life. Thanks a lot.

Words it is difficult to convey everything, what I want to say in response to your wishes. Thank you friends, for your efforts! Thanks for the warmth that appeared from your words in my soul, for a good mood, for the kindness that lives in each of you! Let every good wish bring you happiness, good luck, health and love!

Thank you all for warm words filled with sincerity and kind to me attitude! Thank you all for the gentle words in which joy, love and responsiveness intertwined and became a touching story written by you for me on your birthday!

I want to say thanks, my dear, for the sincere and warm wishes, for your good smiles and the excellent mood that you gave me a birthday. You made this holiday unforgettable and charged me positive for a year ahead. All of what you say comes from a pure heart, therefore, undoubtedly, to come true. In response, take the wishes of happiness, joy, good luck and wealth.

Response words on birthday congratulation - cool poems

All of you, friends, thank you speak, for congratulations and words cool. Today I really love today: you managed to attach wings. All the best to you, the fulfillment of dreams, wealth and success of unreal, good friends, so that you can always help you, if Needed, capital.

Thanks to everyone for congratulations, in the next my birthday! You are worthy of applause wishing-compliments!

I promise to the holiday to do and kayf you and a courage, a pleasant sea of ​​sensations, from you I'm waiting only for invitations!

I want to go to dance of an excess feeling now! I have blood from your wordwork! Thank you! Thank you, my birthday is praise: you have treated you do not incense correctly!

I will remember the whole one-day birthday, gave me love and inspiration today.

Let all the fact that they wish to come true, and your storm in your life, dear, return.

Comic answer on birthday congratulations in prose

Everyone, I congratulated me happy birthday, my low bow and great Gran Mursa. Without your wishes, this day would not be so wonderful. Let each of you come true dreams, are born and matured ideas, turn into reality Napoleonic plans. I love you all wholesale and everyone separately. I am waiting for a visit about and without. My doors are open for you in 24N7. Never forget about it.

Any holiday is just a reason to gather in one place all the most expensive and favorite people. Thank you all for the huge list of good wishes, compliments, accommodations. I promise to work all year to fulfill everything on "excellent"! My heart is full of gratitude for every warm word, said in my address! Be and you are also happy and successful as you wish!

Friends! Honestly, I'm shocked! And even though I am not a star, but shocked specifically from such verbal abundance! How I am grateful for him! The smallest thing remains: your words would go to your ears!

Thank you so much for the fountain of positive emotions and a hurricane of good wishes. Thanks for this very best birthday. I promise to follow all your instructions. I will do everything so that health was hedgehogs, love sulking sincerely and dusty, I give a journey to smile about and without, goal to put high and large-scale goals. After all, with such powerful support to me all on the shoulder.

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