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Channel like mom (cabbage cats)

YouTube Channel as a mother is one of the channels that Kanukow's cape creators lead. He is thematic and tells young kids, how to handle dolls. The channel, of course, carries the educational filling and actively gains subscribers, which is currently 1 million people.

This channel is one of many who lead cape creators Caunaoka - a fun School of cabbage cats, English with cabbels cats, like mom, cabbels girls, kapoki children and parents, TV kids, etc.

If you are familiar with the creativity of the Kanuki Kanukowe team, then you probably know that the canal as a mother will also be very interesting, and most importantly - instructive for your baby.

On the channel you will get acquainted with the weight of the video about the baby Bianchi in the show "Hello, Bianca!", Look at the game with Doll Bebitibon Emily, her girlfriend Chichilav and Nanny Valeyi. In addition, you will see the amazing story of Alena and May Little Pony Flarri Harty in the show.

Also on the channel as a mom you will see a lot of songs, a truck Levu and his adventure, begin to learn English. You will entertain Fairy Mimi and Masha Kapuki, you will play with Barbie. It will be very interesting and entertaining.

Visit the channel as mom along with our service, and we will give you together and your child an unforgettable impression. Canal cabbage cats like mom

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